The usual crossfire between the star destroyers was always the same. A dazzling display some could call art. It always started out as an equal distribution of red and blue, until blue overpowered red. It always ended as a bright explosion, because art is an explosion [1]. Even if they had to retreat, blue would always overpower red and the explosions would ensue. This was why the togrutan padawan that stood on the bridge of the Liberty, found it odd that this time red was more abundant. This time all the blue blaster fire was snuffled out of the battle. And this time, she was worried, not because they were losing. No, after being with her master for long enough that losing was a part of war. She was worried because what came next was...


The entire ship shook and the sound of metal warping and cracking echoed through each corridor, until it was impossible for the eerie sound not to be heard.

"Commander!" yelled Admiral Yularen, "we must retreat the ship is falling apart."

Ahsoka quickly gained her sense and with a sharp nod, she and Admiral Yularen exited the bridge.

"What's the status?" she asked.

"We've lost all forward propulsion. All hangars are completely blocked by debris; no one can get in or out. We had to jettison all hyperspace rings so that our fighters had a chance to get away. The Reliance and the Reverence, are both heavily damaged, but are trying to leave the system in one piece. I've ordered all troops to make their way to the escape pods. Maybe they can get aboard either one of the other ships." The situation wasn't looking too good, but there was still hope and that's all they need right.

"We've got them on the run sir." Said a battle droid

"Good, destroy any escape pods that try to leave the ships, I want no one to leave this system alive." General Grievous watched the battle with a sort of sick happiness. They would all die under his hand, every single last one of them.

As Ahsoka and Yularen reached the pods, there were about five left. Everyone left was divided up, so that Ahsoka only had two other clones in her pod. They would be the last pods to be ejected off the ship. Ahsoka's comm went off, but with the explosions still rocking the ship, and the remaining fire fight still going on she could barely hear her master.

"Ahsoka are you… we are… back…..will try to….. so you…. Make sure….will try….can't…busy…you soon"

"Master, I can't hear you. Try to speak up." But it was too late, Anakin had cut the transmission. Ahsoka's pod had just been jettisoned. One of the clones tried to steer the pod toward the fleeing ships, but they were going so fast. With their backs turned on the enemy, they never expected what happened next.


The pod next to them blew up and it shook their pod. Ahsoka saw some bodies floating out in space. She muttered quietly to herself, sorry that she could have done nothing. Red blasts came whizzing by her pod.

"Get us out of here axe!" the other clone yelled.

"I'm trying, but some of the controls are malfunctioning"

"Great," Ahsoka thought. "We get stuck with the broken pod."

He tried turning to the left, but one of engines got shot, and it sent them hurtling down towards the planet. The clone at the helm, Axe, was thrown back after being electrocuted by panel. Our pod span faster and faster until everything was a blur. Ahsoka could barely make out the other clone, he just looked like a giant white blob. The dizziness was starting to get to Ahsoka and she stopped trying to hold her balance. She let go and her head hit the back of the wall. She could feel the hot, sticky blood oozing down her lekku. The sound of the alarm and a dying clone ringed in her ears. Her last sight was the maroon planet below her and the she hoped that maybe a miracle would happen.

[1] See if you can guess where that comes from. ;)

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