Chapter 3

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Ahsoka's POV

Pure silence. No white noise, no vague sounds, but silence. For me, however, this silence was as loud as a seismic charge. I wanted to getup, I needed to get up, and I tried to get up but it seemed impossible. I was too dizzy and too confused to even think about using the force. Lifting objects doesn't help when you don't know which way is up. That's not good enough. I pushed my mind to think faster, and my muscles to work harder. I pushed and pushed until I noticed whatever was on top of me had been lifted. I slowly got up and limped to the side. I fell to the ground and so did whatever was on top of. This shook the pod with great force. I didn't know if it was me or not but I lunged forward, and the pod felt like it was moving. Silence, turned into the sound of rocks being crushed, and metal scraping on metal. I definitely knew it wasn't me. I looked up and saw a tangled mess of white, black, and most importantly red. The Clones. I had completely forgot that I wasn't alone. However no it liked I was. But one was alive before I blacked out, what could have happened. I tried to remember. I woke up for a little and…

"Axe! Axe! Can you hear me!" His body had definitely been burned. The force of the wheel must have broken his arms. He's lucky they weren't torn off. Why is he pulling him out of the chair, he should have stayed in his seat until we crashed. It all happened so fast. We crashed and I think his head crunched in his helmet. Axe got a big piece of glass in his chest. If he wasn't dead before he was definitely dead now... so loud and so quiet. Darkness.

I didn't even get to know them. I mean I had seem them at the mess and in the halls, but surviving death together, is always the best way to meet someone new…. provided you do survive. I took their tags and clipped them to my belt; their brothers will at least remember them on Coruscant. I slowly got out of the wreckage and made my distance from the ship. I couldn't get as far as I would have like though. The blood that was dripping down my head must have stopped, but my spinning surroundings, definitely told me I had lost a lot more than I would have liked. I check out wherever I am. It looks like, a crater, but there is no way the pod made it. Great, now I have to get myself out of the crater and find some civilization. Fun. I start to make my way to other side of the pod, and notice more wreckage, that doesn't look like it came from the ship. But my vision isn't letting me get a good look at it. It looks like metal, and fire, and… flesh.

I dart over to see if that flesh was still attached to a functioning body. I reach the site and collapse to my knees. I crawl over towards what appears to be a human. Looks like the remains of speeder bike weren't the only things that got him.

"Hello," No response, "Hello, c'mon wake up." I tried snapping in his face, and he stirred a bit, but not enough to be helpful. At least he was alive. I knew what I was about to do was probably going to drain me even more, but we had to get out of this crater. And sitting still was never really my style anyway. I focused every ounce of my mind to move the speeder off him.


I cringed at the noise, my lekku were still pretty sensitive. However, this worked better than I did at waking him.

"Ahh! Wha- What the- where's the- AGHH!" He could barely make a full sentence.

"Calm down," I said, "Don't strain yourself, you look pretty beat up. My name's Ahsoka Tano, I'm a Jedi. Who are you?"

"Uh… I- I'm Kaleb, Kaleb Tavers. Aren't you a little young to be a Jedi?" He smirked a little.

"Would you believe it if I told you I get that all the time." I said grinning back.

"Yes, yes I would." We both laughed a little. His dark blue eyes were like the waters in Naboo, pure, clean and deep. There was a slightest piece of peace and chaos living just behind them, but neither of them had full control. "Not to ruin the moment or anything, but are you gonna stare at me all night, or are we going to get out of here."

"Right," I quickly snapped out of my quiet revelry and helped him up. I could tell his leg was most likely broken, but it would heal.

"Did you come with anyone else?" He asked. I just showed him the tags on my belt, "Oh, well we better get out of here. My buddy up there is bound to have friends around somewhere. Thanks by the way for hitting him with your pod. Extra style points for that." He gave a friendly smile.

"Well, I try." I said back and with that, we set to out of the crater. Much falling and cursing finally produced at least one of us getting out of the crater. More scrambling and there was two of us at the rim. Good work for 15 minutes. I saw a row of lights, about 5 Klicks to the South. "Is that where you live?

"Yep, we should make it back by morning if we start right now." He said visibly tired from the crater, "No need to sound corny, but a journey of a thousand steps and so on and so forth."

I nodded and we took that first step

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