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Gwendolyn lay in her bed, struggling against her binds furiously. It wasn't so she could escape. It was so she could scratch her damn legs! The one thing about medbotts, they were incredibly effective at repairing damaged flesh and tissue, but they itched worse than ants all over her body.

Gwendolyn had had a lot of time to think even past the itching as she waited for Kevin to return. To think about what Kevin had said. To think about why she had been so foolish to run off after him in the first place. Her mind felt like it had been running circles around him of late.

As a child, Kevin had been little more than a deranged, psychopathic bully with super powers and very little in the way of imagination. Very little in the way of anything except brute force. Sending him to the Null Void had been a relief.

Gwendolyn had to pause at that thought. Kevin had only been 11 years old when he had been exposed to the energy of the Omnitrix. A certifiable juvenile delinquent to be sure, but still just a punk kid who had suddenly found himself trapped in the body of a demon. Gwendolyn found herself wondering just how she might react to someone like Kevin now. She was older to be sure, wiser. She could never see herself condemning someone like Devlin to that kind of harsh environment.

Only her mind wouldn't allow her to focus on Devlin. It kept coming back to Kevin. There was something about him that scared her, but not in the usual way. She had faced evil plenty of times, with plenty of different faces. She had been scared before, everyone in her line of work had been. Even Ben, no matter how much he might try to deny it.

But with Kevin, it was different. There was something about him that sat in her. Something, like almost from another life.

Her musings were interrupted as the door to her room was opened. She was neither surprised nor displeased to see Kevin enter the room. She tried not to react in any visible way to his approach as he sat down at her bedside.

He never said anything. He simply removed her bandages, patiently taking his time. Gwendolyn couldn't be sure but for an instant, she thought Kevin might be sniffing at the air around her.

'Why not?' She thought to herself. 'If he's got super speed, strength and a half dozen others, why not enhanced senses too?'

Gwendolyn didn't respond to his attentions, instead she tried focusing on her wound, which seemed all but completely healed. Barely an open mark on her flesh, she felt her cheeks fluster with warmth as Kevin's fingers danced about her abdomen, inspecting her exposed skin.

The soft feel of his hands upon her caused her heart to race. She guessed Kevin knew that as he looked up directly into her eyes. There was neither dominance nor cruelty, only a kind of daring. He knew what he was doing and the effect it was having on her and he wanted to see what she would do in response.

She said nothing. She tensed against her bindings though was unsurprised when they held.

Kevin's hands seemed to massage over her stomach for a few seconds longer before they left, leaving Gwendolyn's skin wanting for the touch. Reaching to the side of her bed where a tray with medical supplies lay, Kevin grabbed a fresh strip of bandages and proceeded to redress her wounds.

He took his time, his fingers clearly not afraid to brush against her skin whenever the opportunity arose. She still didn't object or approve in any audible tone. She merely lifted herself off the bed as far as she could so as allow him to pass the medical tape around her stomach.

He wrapped just enough around her to cover what was left of the wound. When he was done, he placed the bandages to the side.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" The casual, otherwise polite nature of the inquiry caught her somewhat off guard. Though she was hardly in a position to refuse, she felt the request was sincere none the less.

"What?" She didn't want to be alone right now. She didn't want him to leave.

"Why do you choose to wear your hair in such an uncomplimentary fashion?"

"I'm sorry?" Gwendolyn hadn't even given her ponytail a second thought. What should that have to do with anything?

"Your hair."

Gwendolyn shrugged. "I suppose because it works. It keeps it out of my face."

"But it is not attractive." Kevin rose up slightly and reached for behind her head, but she held back, at first. Kevin simply stopped, waiting, until finally she acceded, leaning forward so that he could undo her ponytail.

He gently lowered her hair down by her neck. She had to admit, it did feel slightly better to not have it tied back like it normally was.

He played with it slightly, holding it back out of her face while still letting it hand down, drawing her so that she was directly face to face with him.

His eyes, every time they looked into her own, it was electric. He seemed larger than life, entrancing. She could hear herself breathing and tried to bring calm to her mind as she had in her meditations, even as he retrieved a small mirror no doubt used as part of a field kit for dressing ones own wounds.

"See?" Kevin held the mirror, speaking softly. "Much better. Please remember."

He let her lean back as he placed the mirror aside before turning back to her.

"Thank you for letting me approach to dress your wounds." He spoke softly yet confidently. "I desire to see you again before you have gone."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Kevin did not answer. He simply leaned in once more and took her lips into his own.

Gwendolyn struggled at her straps. She felt the uncontrollable desire to grab him, throw him to the ground and pounce atop him. She felt out of control. Nothing made sense to her when she kissed him.

She was so caught up in the moment that she never even noticed a green sweet smelling fume exhaled from Kevin's mouth and nose until it was too late and she was unconscious again.

Kevin looked down on the sleeping beauty before him. Up until this moment, there was no part of any action he had taken that had given him pause. Now, there was no turning back.

Gwendolyn let out a soft moan as she rose awake, trying to stretch out her muscles. She felt great. She had no idea how long she had been asleep but she could tell that she needed it. She forced her arms and legs out as wide as she could before her eyes suddenly shot open at the realization.

She was free! Her arms and legs, even her power-dampening helmet was gone. She summoned her charms and cape to her with a thought and was instantly redressed in her outfit of power.

Something wasn't right. She had obviously been left to help herself out. But if she had been rescued, where was her mysterious benefactor? And if she was being released, what for?

She calmed her mind and reached out with her senses into her surroundings as she had before. Still at the labs in Los Soledad, and definitely not alone.

Kevin sat at his personal computer, going over the information in front of him. He had paid good money for this intel and was beginning to believe it yet another in a series of wasteful expenses.

Then, something caught his eye. Nothing definitive, but a lead worth investigating later to be sure.

His nose alerted him to close the screen just in time as a personal portal opened, revealing his 'house guest', fully adorned in her ruins and cape, she was ready for battle.

For a long moment, the two eyed each other. He knew that she would not act first.

She was truly magnificent. Confident, proud, powerful, though in this particular instance her body language spoke of a degree of uncertainty and caution. Her long crimson hair and bright emerald eyes drew his hungry eyes and would not release them. Yes, he had long come to accept it. He desired her.

Kevin was composed yet relaxed and casual. She knew it was an act. She had seen his true nature, his fury and his composure. He was rage and serenity; power restrained by patience. For all of the angry child that he had been, lashing out at everything in his path, as an adult his every act was carefully considered. Even now she could feel him weighing her, measuring her. She was terrified and excited by him; an overwhelming combination.


"Gwendolyn." He acknowledged her back.

"You let me go?"

"I did." Kevin replied.


Kevin's face became deadest. "You know why."

Every one of Gwendolyn's instincts warning her of danger, warning her to flee seemed to abandon her. She would not run from whatever came next.

"So what happens now?"

At this, Kevin rose up, standing before her. "My entire life, whenever I wanted something, I took it."

"What if I don't want that?"

Kevin smiled at this, a more genuine smile than Gwendolyn had ever seen from him. "Then you should leave."

Gwendolyn didn't respond. Kevin's eyes seemed a light with a fire that she recognized. A fire that seemed to reach across the room and threaten to consume her as well. Standing before Kevin, she realized that an alien armada could be outside for all she knew and she would never realize it.

Kevin took her. He never used super speed or strength. He just grabbed her by the shoulders, slammed her against the wall, and brought his lips to hers.

The kiss made her hair stand. It was animal. Gwendolyn couldn't remember the last time she had been kissed like this. Then she realized that she had never been kissed like this. Kevin had seen her at her core; he had saved her life and bested her in battle. He had taken her captive and released her without hesitation. He had conquered her and now he was claiming her. No mere kiss could compare with that.

There was a part of Gwendolyn that was repulsed by the kiss. Even as she felt her heart race at his breath, even as she began kissing him back and grasping at his hair, even as she felt herself longing for him to grab her ass and finding herself delighted when he finally obliged, there was still a part of her that knew this was wrong.

She paid it no mind.

Kevin had never really understood 'dating'. He had never understood the complicated rituals of courtship. He understood women barely better, but there were at least two things about women that experience had taught him. First, they were creatures of passion. And second, they respected power. Whether it was to submit to that power or overcome and dominate it, or a mix of both.

Kevin's lips moved down to the side of her neck. He was not merely content with her lips; he would sample every inch of her flesh. She felt his hand move underneath her shirt and toward the goose bumped flesh underneath and a question flew across her mind that she had to have answered.

"Why me?"

At first, she wasn't sure he heard her as he continued to bite and suck at her neck. Then without a word, he threw her to the floor. He leapt like a predator that had caught its prey and looked into her eyes, examining her. He saw only waiting desire that could only be unleashed by six words and, satisfied, replied.

"There could be no one else."

That was all she needed. A casual flicker of magic swept her cape off of her and she reached for Kevin's shirt and removed it.

Her hands reached for his chest. His muscles weren't body builder sized, but his abs were as hard as stones. She felt a heat overtake her as his hands reached for her shirt and tore it off. He was not going to make love to her. He was going to take her. Like a Roman general who had captured a beautiful slave girl and making her his property.

She tried to kick off her own boots as Kevin's arms felt up and down her legs. They were long and well toned. Her entire body was perfect. Developed, healthy, slender but not so thin that she was some starved model. Kevin had an appreciation for such a body, but it wasn't just her figure that excited him. For all her proper apparel and demeanor, Kevin knew there was a starving animal inside her waiting to be sated. A beast that had long ago roared into the skies of the galaxy and had yet to find a suitable mate whose roar could match her own.

As her boots came off, Kevin removed her pants next. The sight of her in her bra and panties seemed to amplify his animal lust to a new level. His lips drove straight for her chest, removing her bra and sucking at her firm breasts. Gwendolyn let a louder moan than she intended and felt herself trembling, shaking with desire. Up became down as Kevin sucked and groped at her breasts with his mouth and left hand while his right hand roamed up and down her skin, reaching for her panties and ripping them off.

That was it. There was no turning back. She wanted his pants off now! She tried to push him up enough so that she could reach for them, but he forced her back down to the ground as he continued to gorge himself on her flesh. He wasn't going to cheapen or race through this moment for the sake of immediate gratification. His lips continued to kiss and bite alternatively down her stomach while his hands continued to massage her breasts.

Finally he made his way down to her waiting pussy lips. The smell of her arousal was absolutely overwhelming for Kevin and it spurred him on as his tongue slowly began to lap at her sex. Softly at first, gently, holding her legs open as he began to work her sex.

Gwendolyn's starved pussy rewarded him for his efforts. Waves of pleasure emanated from her nethers and filled her entire being. She felt her hips buckle, and felt herself try to push Kevin in as deep as he could go. A lifetime of this would not be enough.

He homed in upon her clitoris. That tiny nerve cluster became the focal point of his efforts as those waves became doubled. Gwendolyn felt herself shake and her hands rubbed over her own breasts, massaging her nipples as she felt herself within seconds of orgasming.

Kevin came up at this. This wasn't going to end that easily. She rose up from the ground and wrapped her arms around him, kissing with a passion she hadn't felt stirred up in so long now.

"Not here." She said simply.

Her hands became alight with magical energies and the next they knew, they were in the private quarters of whatever commanding officer had once called this base home.

Gwendolyn didn't let the magic show distract her as she immediately set to work removing Kevin's pants. His cock sprung free, surprising her. She had expected some inhuman member with a mind of its own to snake out at her. It was long, but not freakishly long.

"Do you want me?" Kevin whispered even as he pinned her hands up by the headboards. His cock brushed the entrance to her pussy, stiffening as it went.

Gwendolyn nodded as she tried to grind her pussy against his hard cock with the desired result of prodding it to further arousal.

"Say it." He commanded. He would make her scream, he swore, if she but granted him this simple request.

"I want you." She whispered.

"Louder." He was every bit as crazed as she was, if not more. The feral instinct of a thousand wild beasts cried within him to take this waiting, fertile thing in front of him. But he would not allow her to be passive.

"I want you." She said for anyone else in the room to hear. "I want you now!"

Kevin dove straight into her, filling her. He was inside her. Kevin was inside her. This thought filled her mind as Kevin began to thrust in and out of her. He was big, but not so big that he hurt her as he stretched her. It was half an inch bigger than a perfect fit, exactly the way she liked it.

He drove in and out of her, the sound of their flesh slapping against each other soon filling the room, accompanied by moans of pleasure. Gwendolyn continued to massage her own nipples as Kevin's mouth came down onto hers. His hands continued to wander over every inch of her flesh, his right hand even making its way to her face, his thumb finding its way into her mouth, which she took, sucking with sensual delight.

This spured Kevin on, causing him to redouble his efforts. He could feel her pussy muscles gripping his cock as he went in and out of her. He correctly guessed he had hit her spot when he heard her let out a high pitch shriek.

At this, Gwendolyn rose up and snaked her arms around Kevin's shoulders, kissing him with all her passion as she rode him like a wild animal. The two humped while sitting until both erupted in screaming and grunting as orgasms washed over them both.

For a moment, the two rested. Gwendolyn lay back, panting, basking in her afterglow as she looked up at Kevin.

The dark, predatory glare in his eyes told her that he wasn't done with her yet.

The confident, defiant smirk adorning her face told him 'Bring it.'

Without another word, Kevin flipped her over with an audible yelp as he prepared to take her doggy style. She didn't care about the discomfort. She didn't want to take a second to catch her breath. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this way. Consequences be damned, she wanted to be fucked to death and she wanted it now.

Kevin had never even gone soft as he once again entered her pussy. A part of her wondered whether that was the result of his inhuman physiology or not, but a much larger part of her didn't care. The pain of being taken again so soon was drowned out by the pleasure as Kevin's cock again filled her, this time finding her spot almost from the start.

Kevin's right hand came down on her ass cheek, causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure at once. Again, and again he continued to spank her, and she cried out, instinctively wanting him to continue.

And then he upped the ante again. He continued to thrust into her from behind, spanking her with his right hand, and now with his left, he grabbed a fist full of her hair, and yanked as he continued to ride her senseless.

The second orgasm caused a truly guttural cry as her aching pussy caused the whole sensation to be that much more overwhelming. It was a few seconds as she was coming down from her orgasmic high that she heard Kevin cuming as well.

The two collapsed into the bed, panting, sweaty, and warm all over. Yet as Gwendolyn lay down, feeling the warm sheets beneath beckoning to her, she felt Kevin still kissing at her flesh.

"You're insatiable, you know that?" She asked, unsure if she had enough in her for another go.

"So are you." Kevin whispered as he continued to suck at her flesh.

She wanted to throw him off, she wanted to call it enough at this. But why start now? She had already been fucked senseless by the most dangerous monster in the galaxy, the man who had sworn to murder her own cousin. If she hadn't bothered playing it safe so far, why start now?

"I honestly don't know if I can move." Gwendolyn moaned, determined to get him riled up.

At this, Kevin rose up from the bed and disappeared in a blur of super speed.

Gwendolyn never rose at this. She knew he would be back, and sure enough, he was. Only when he returned, he was carrying two lengths of steel shackles.

Gwendolyn just laughed as she buried her head in the pillow, determined not to let Kevin see her blush. "I thought you didn't go for that stuff."

"I don't believe in forcing myself upon a helpless victim." Kevin said as he climbed atop her, taking her right hand and securing it within the first cuff before running the length around the head of the bed. "That doesn't mean I won't enjoy it if you want to fight back." He added as he cuffed her left hand.

"That kind of foreplay could get someone killed." Thoughts of rest suddenly vanished as excitement again brewed within her. Gwendolyn's loin cried out for rest and for more at the same time even as Kevin began to chain her legs with the second set of manacles.

These were just props. They did nothing to dampen her powers. Gwendolyn could undo her restraints with a thought. Instead she felt her pussy grow wet again with anticipation.

Kevin could smell it. He did no part to hide his own arousal as he looked down upon this powerful goddess, now bound and displayed for his taking, her hair hanging from her face in a powerful erotic display, her eyes glazed over with lust.

He was gentle this time. Her aroma was a mixture of sweat, desire and excitement and he took it all in as he penetrated her for the third time. Her pussy was well lubricated by this time and he allowed himself to get lost her scent and the sound of her pleasure as he continued to taste her flesh. It was a taste he would never get enough of.

Gwendolyn felt herself pull at her chains. This was different. He wasn't taking her as he had before. She was too sore for that. And he knew it. Instead, he was being careful not to break her. With his strength, he had probably been careful this whole time and she had simply never bothered to notice. As much as she was able, she leaned in and snatched at his lips, holding him in a long and passionate kiss.

He held on to the kiss as he continued to drive in and out of her. His hands reached for her breasts, sensitive and sore enough as it was, and began to massage them again. She cried out in pain, but leaned in to encourage him onward. She wanted to be used up until there was nothing left of her.

She felt another orgasm burning within her and Kevin must have somehow sensed it too as his hand came down around her throat, constricting enough for her to gasp for breath as she shot her eyes open wide at him questioningly.

"I want you to look in my eyes as you cum."

She didn't respond. Instead she tried to look away but he held her head firm. When she felt her eyes long to close at his continued fucking, he slapped one of her breasts, causing her to cry out, her eyes shot wide open.

"I said look at me."

His face made it plain. She could not disobey. Even as she felt her impending orgasm begin to shake her hips, felt her eyes fluttering shut, he forced them open by sheer will, tightening his grip on her throat and slapping her poor abused breast.

Her final orgasm eclipsed the other two combined. She screamed and thrashed in her chains and the whole time, her eyes managed to remain locked with his. The sight was so overwhelmingly erotic that Kevin came as well, shooting even more of his seed deep into her womb.

Gwendolyn collapsed, exhausted. She wanted to pass out if not for how good she was feeling. She was dizzy, she wanted more, she…