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Hey everyone, came up with another story today. This will in no way affect my pole and story ideas. I just got the idea today and couldn't stop writing. I got the prologue and three other chapters written, so I hope you enjoy. My poll for the next story will be decided either this or next Friday. Happy voting XD

"Well, well," a sinister voice spoke up. "What do we have here?"

"Please, Lord Frieza," a woman cried. "Please don't take my daughter away from me."

The woman was shot through the heart with a weak energy beam. She had been weakened from childbirth and could not defend herself. She lay dead in a pool of her own blood.

Frieza looked at the crying blue-haired, blue-tailed Saiyan and smirked.

"One day, you will be very useful. Until then, my precious little monkey, I will raise you and you will never know of your Saiyan origins."

This was six years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta.