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Goku Son was a very nice little boy. It didn't take much to charm anyone he met with his innocence. So when the Briefs family went for a drive in the mountains and found the little boy living alone, they jumped at the chance to take him in and teach him. It wasn't long before they realized that he didn't know much about science or math, but he knew at least a little history from the books his grandfather had kept in his mountain home. They noticed that he had above average strength, as well as a tail, and helped him to find his grandfather's old teacher. Goku studied hard under Master Roshi and made many friends on his journey.

The young boy protected the world from many evils and also found out from his friends that his grandfather, or what he thought to be his grandfather, was actually a Dragon Ball and Goku made it his personal mission to make sure the Dragon Balls never fell into the wrong hands using a radar Dr. Briefs created.

Goku and his friends had a tradition of fighting in the World's Martial Art Tournament and after the last one, things had been a lot more peaceful. Goku settled down with the daughter of his grandfather's best friend, Chi Chi. They had a son together that they named after his late grandfather, Gohan. Things couldn't have been any better for the little family.

So when three alien space ships crash landed in front of their mountain home one day, Goku couldn't help but be extremely defensive of his wife and child. He stood in front of the three ships and was ready to attack whoever had come to interfere with his family's happy life.

The doors of the ships hissed and opened and, when Goku saw the traveler's waking up, he relaxed. They didn't look like people that wanted to harm them.

"Goku?" Chi Chi asked nervously.

Goku just smiled at her as the aliens tried to get their bearings. "Take Gohan inside, Chi. I'll let you know when it's safe."

The sound of his voice caused Raditz to snap awake. After Chi Chi and Gohan entered the house, Raditz spoke up.


"Huh?" Goku asked, looking back up at him.

Raditz smirked and jumped down from the pod. When his tail uncurled from around his waist, Goku knew who he was, well, for the most part.

"Hey, you have a tail!" Goku exclaimed. "I used to have one too."

"Used to?" Raditz asked.

Goku didn't answer his hidden question and looked to the other three who were getting out of the ships. "Do they have tails too?" he asked in excitement.

Raditz was surprised. "Do you really not know?"

Goku did a head tilt. "Know what?"

Raditz chuckled. His brother acted the way their princess used to act, an untainted innocence that was refreshing after over a decade with a space tyrant. "Brother, there is a lot we need to discuss," Raditz said.

Goku gasped in shock. "Brother?" he exclaimed. "I have a brother?"

Raditz clapped his hand onto Goku's shoulder. "Yes, Kakarot, you have a brother."

Goku grinned up at him. "That's so awesome!"

Raditz started explaining everything to Goku and Nappa joined him and they learned what their fellow Saiyan had been doing on the planet all these years since he clearly hadn't purged it. "Oh, hold on," Goku said interrupting his own story. He stood up and called into the house. "Chi Chi, you guys can come out now!"

Chi Chi picked up Gohan and carried him outside. She was nervous about the two men who were staring at her; however, when she saw their tails, she smiled. She knew they must have been related to Goku somehow. Gohan just looked to the Saiyans confused as he observed his own tail.

"You must be Kakarot's wife," Raditz observed.

"Kakarot?" Chi Chi asked taken aback.

"That's my Saiyan name," Goku said proudly. "Chi Chi, this is my brother, Raditz, and his friend, Nappa."

The introductions were momently interrupted when the five heard a small cry. Raditz and Nappa looked over to their prince and princess and saw tears in Bulma's eyes and her bright smile. Vegeta smirked down at her placing his hands on her shoulders. He kissed her forehead and whispered something to her that Nappa and Raditz picked up on. It was a quiet, "Welcome to Earth." Goku, Chi Chi, and Gohan would never get the significance of this moment for her, but Raditz and Nappa knew full well what caused so much emotion in her. This was Bulma's first step on a planet.

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