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A New Life

They spent eight months on land after the baby was born. The people of the island had been so grateful for the removal of Doflamingo, that they welcomed the Straw Hats openly. Of course if any marines came poking around, no one had ever heard of Straw Hat Luffy or any of his crew. Eight months was as long as any of them could stand to stay still now, so one day they packed up their stuff and sailed away-infant and all.

During those eight months, all the pirates enjoyed their short break. They mingled with the island's inhabitants. They did odd jobs and made friends. Of course they made sure to keep training. Sanji was even able to get in on the dating scene and had several dates with multiple women while they were there. Many of the ladies would be sad to see him go. When Sanji came home from his dates, he would laugh and talk about them with Nami. Surprisingly enough, she had quite a lot of good advice to offer about women and, not for the first time, Sanji was happy that their bond of friendship had grown into something solid and not merely based on his attraction to her.

One night when Nami had gotten up in the early hours of the morning to walk with Kichiro who was still not sleeping through the night, she ran into Franky in the sitting room. He was attempting to tiptoe his massive hulk of a body and sneak out unaware that Nami was right behind him. With a hand on her hip she gave him a "look" and he confessed to coming from Robin's room and being in the process of heading to the men's quarters. Nami laughed and teased Robin lightly in the morning, but she kept the secret- of course Zoro found out in a similar fashion a week or so later.

Growing up on a pirate ship was an unusual experience for any boy, especially one as headstrong and determined as Kichiro. Before he was seven he had slain his first sea king- granted it was just a baby. The crew still made a huge fuss about it, and had such a lively party that night. Kichiro spent a lot of time with all of the crew members and took time learning skills from all of them. He wasn't good at everything they taught him, but he had a fun time learning it.

His mother taught him how to read the seas and skies to predict the weather- she also taught him how to pick a lock. From Zoro, he learned to use swords- on Kichiro's eighth birthday, they added a third sword to their usual training and he began learning Santoryu. And though he mostly fought with swords, Luffy taught him to throw a punch and Usopp taught him to fire a slingshot- those were two skills essential to every boy's like they claimed. Chopper taught the small boy basic first aid, but Kichiro didn't have the patience to learn more about medicine in general- and Chopper was very discouraged when Kichiro turned out to be as difficult a patient as his father! The small boy was always taking off his bandages before they should have been removed.

"You're going to get scars if you don't listen, Kichiro!" Chopper called as he chased the six year old around the ship.

The boy laughed a deep laugh for such a small child and called out, "Yeah! Like Dad and Uncle Luffy!"

Chopper sighed. There was no winning with that boy.

The musician had attempted to teach the boy to play instruments, but the child was more interested in running around than playing music. However he was a great dancer and Brook often played tunes for the boy to dance to with Franky as a guide. Brook also, as he had claimed, played quite the lullaby and often serenaded the child to sleep when he was just a babe.

It was a challenge for Franky to keep up with the small boy on the ship because he was constantly doing modifications to keep up with the kid's growth. He had to add nets to the railings when Kichiro learned to crawl and walk. As he got bigger, Franky added more items like the swing and slide to the ship much to Kichiro and Luffy's delight.

Robin was quite an asset to Nami as she attempted to first raise a spirited infant and then an unruly toddler. Many mothers world over wished for an extra pair of arms, so Robin often let Nami borrow a couple extra pairs. Of course, it was also Robin who taught the child how to be subtle and sneaky. Kichiro used these skills as well as thievery he'd learned from him mother to become quite the cookie thief- much to Sanji's chagrin!

Sanji himself loved his godchild like a son. In fact the only reason he made so many cookies was for the growing boy anyhow. When Kichiro got older, and he started finding girls interesting, it was Sanji he came to for advice.

"Don't you think you should ask your Pops, kid?" Sanji asked the twelve year old.

Kichiro gave him a look full of pubescent attitude and said, "Seriously, Uncle Sanji? I love my dad, but all he cares about is sword fighting. I don't know what he did to make my mother fall in love with him, but I doubt it would work on many women! And he's never had girlfriends before that, only my mom. I need an expert Uncle Sanji!"

Laughing, Sanji wondered at how observant the kid was. The cook often had his fill of women when they landed on an island. "Alright," he said lighting up a cigarette, "This is what you've got to know..."

Sanji had been an important figure in the child's life growing up, and the Kichiro trusted the man so he often came to him with questions like these- questions he was too embarrassed to ask his parents but that needed a definite answer. Of course, this sometimes got Sanji into trouble with Nami or worse Zoro- but the former always forgave him and the latter butted heads with him constantly anyhow.

Kichiro learned a great many things from his days with the Straw Hat pirates. Many things the older pirates meant to teach him, and other things he simply picked up. Truthfully his love of adventure and ability to laugh when he was in danger came from his time on that crew. He'd learned to laugh at himself and with his friends. Much of his time was spent learning how to read people's characters. By the time he was fully grown he had many useful skills that he didn't even mean to acquire. It was quite hard for the Straw Hats to let him go when he turned seventeen, but they knew that all young pirates thirsted to make a name for themselves in the world.

In a darkly lit bar on a non-descript island of the grand line, a man with odd sandy colored hair sat nursing a bottle of sake. The reason this hair was so peculiar was because depending on the lighting it seemed to vary in hue, almost as if the hair had never truly decided what color it wanted to be. When he was standing out in the sunlight, it almost seemed to glow a brilliantly orange sunny color; yet here in the dim light of the bar, his hair seemed to take on the murky green quality of the sea itself. As the man sipped his drink, he kept looking at his watch as if he were waiting for something to happen. When he wasn't looking at his watch, there was a faraway look in his hazel eyes- perhaps he was remembering something that had passed a long time ago.

A woman came up and sidled into the stool next to him and giggled charmingly. The man looked up now and took in her long blond hair, sweet face and pleasing curves. He grinned at her and lifted his glass to her. "Surely a beauty like you isn't drinking alone tonight?"

With a toss of her long blond hair, she smiled from beneath her thin bangs captivating the man with her radiance, "I'm not drinking anything yet, but you can buy me a drink if you want."

This set the man laughing and he winked at her. Once he hailed the barman over, he said, "Get this pretty lady here anything she wants on me."

With a polite smile the woman ordered a cocktail. It arrived shortly; the barman set it a little closer to the man so she slid even closer to reach it-anything he could do to help. The barman winked before he turned to another patron. As the woman sipped his drink the sandy-haired man eyed her appraisingly. "What's your name, Sweetheart?"

With a delightful smile she said, "Sadie, but if you're going to use such nice names, you can call me whatever you want."

The man decided he rather liked this woman and laughed at her flirtatious manner. "Do you want to know who I am?" he asked wagging his eyebrows at the girl.

But she laughed again, "You don't have to tell me, I'd recognize you anywhere! You're Captain Kichiro! The one they say has been sailing the New World since he was born!"

When Kichiro laughed now it was a hearty laugh straight from his belly- it was his father's laugh. "Oi, you aren't a bounty hunter are you? That would completely ruin my plans of bringing you back to my place tonight!"

Sadie tossed her long blond hair as she laughed and said, "No, I'm not a bounty hunter, but you can only take me back to your place if you promise to take me with you when you leave."

Now Kichiro lowered an eyebrow, "So you want to be a pirate do you? Well, why should I bring you with me? Do you have any skills? We don't sail easy waters and we don't have a place for anyone who can't hold their own in a fight."

Her smile was playful as she said, "I assure you I can hold my own in a fight. If you care to see, we can step outside."

This really intrigued Kichiro more so than her pretty face and melodic voice had. The young captain, quickly paid for the drinks and walked the girl outside. "So, you were going to show me what you could do?"

With a smirk, the woman was moving and she was fast! Had Kichiro not been training his haki recently, he wouldn't have even been able to keep up with her movements. He pulled out his two swords and began to block against her. As a child he'd learned to use three, but found the style was too tied with his father's image for him to use as he wanted to make a name for himself. It was only as a trump card that he ever pulled out a third sword on certain occasions.

Sadie was good. Her moves had all the subtle grace of a ballerina with the attack power of a cannon. At one point Kichiro wished she was fighting someone else so he could just sit back and watch the pleasing waves of her movement. The style of movement flowed easily and she attacked with a metal rod in each hand that had previously been strapped to her thighs hidden under her skirts. Each mesmerizing movement brought her blows closer to Kichiro until he managed to block both her rods with his swords.

"Gotcha," he laughed only to eat his words a second later when she knocked her forehead against him and knocked him flat on his back.

When Kichiro came to a moment later, she was sitting on his chest and holding his wallet in her left hand. "Told you I can hold my own!"

Kichiro laugh, "That I didn't expect!" he said as he rubbed his forehead. "And your a thief too!" he exclaimed nodding at his wallet.

"I didn't take anything," the blond woman pouted throwing the wallet down on his muscular chest, "I didn't think that would make a good show seeing that I'm trying to get onto your crew. But I just wanted to show you what I can do."

Shaking his head to clear it of the ringing her blow had left he sat up and said, "No you misunderstand me. I have a soft spot for thieves." Kichiro grinned softly, "You're in, kid!"

When Kichiro sat up, Sadie had fallen backward into his lap, and now she threw her arms around him and practically shouted, "Thank you! I'll make you proud, Captain! You'll see."

As Kichiro laughed, a tall blond man leaning against a tree threw the last bit of his cigarette down on the ground and stubbed it out with his toe. There was a mischievous look in his eye just beneath his thin curly brow. "I see you have no qualms about hitting a lady," the thin man said, "You're just like your father!"

Hearing their audience, Kichiro and Sadie broke apart and Kichiro pulled them both to their feet. "Sanji!" he cried rushing over and embracing the older man. "It's been too long!"

As Sanji accepted the greeting noting that the young man had finally surpassed him in height. Looking at this man who was once small enough to fit in the crook of his arm mad Sanji feel quite old. With a sigh he pulled away to look at Kichiro's youthful smiling face.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to go off and get your own crew. Everyone else is inside already. I just came out for a smoke. Let's go," Sanji explained with a nod at the bar Kichiro and Sadie had vacated a little bit ago.

Kichiro beamed. There were many reasons this was his favorite night of the year. "Come on, Sadie," he said turning to his newest friend. "My crew are all off at their own parties tonight, this is the one night each year I get together with my old crew."

"Sanji," Sadie said looking at the familiar looking man, "Black-leg Sanji?" the cook nodded happily.

"I see you've heard of me," Sanji said in a suave voice as he slowly exhaled some smoke, "If you are done messing with this ruffian, you can come with me and I can show you how a real gentleman treats a lady."

Kichiro had to try really hard not to laugh at the repulsed look on Sadie's face as she said, "No offense mister, but you're old enough to be my father."

The cook's face fell instantly and he moaned to the heavens cursing his fate. "You wound me, Sadie-chaaan!" he called.

"Serves you right!" laughed Kichiro, "Men in their forties shouldn't still be hitting on teenagers!" Then in a calmer voice he said to Sadie, "Come on, let's go meet the rest of the crew!" Smoothly, Kichiro slipped an arm around her waist on the pretense of guiding her inside. Sadie raise an eyebrow at him but let it slide.

"Rest of the crew? Black-leg Sanji... Kichiro you don't mean... You couldn't possibly..." she was finding it hard to find the right words. "You mean the Straw Hat pirates? But they are legend! And you were one of them?" The stories going around said that Kichiro sailed he sea even as an infant, but not many mentioned that he was a Straw Hat. Mostly Kichiro had stopped this because he wanted to make his own name in the world.

Sadie was looking a little gob smacked so Kichiro laughed to break the tension, "It's a long story, but I won't tell you because there is someone else here that is much better at storytelling than I am!"

The trio walked back into the bar and sure enough there was the rowdy bunch of pirates right in the center of the room. There were still plenty of other guests in the place and from the looks of things, the Straw Hats had taken on everybody's tab that night.

"I don't understand," said Sadie, "Why didn't they just buy out the bar tonight if they have that sort of money. That's what most pirates do... rent the place for themselves."

"Ah!" Kichiro laughed leaning closer to Sadie to speak as it had gotten quite loud inside. And if his lips just happened to graze her earlobe, that couldn't possible be his fault. "But these aren't most pirates. And this isn't just any other night. Tonight is always a night for celebration and we have this celebration every year. You see it was this night seven years ago when we finally landed on Raftel. We always have a big party on this night, and I always attend. My parents would be very upset if I didn't because it's also..."

Just then an orange haired woman ran up and threw her arms around his broad shoulders and said, "Happy Birthday, Kichiro!"

Sadie stared in amazement, the Cat-burglar Nami was hugging Captain Kichiro. This woman was Sadie's main inspiration as a thief! And looking at the woman now, her wanted poster pictures didn't do her justice! While the picture still made her look quite sexy, it could not capture the fiery spirit that exuded from the woman. Already awe-struck, Sadie nearly fainted when Kichiro wrapped his arms around the woman and said, "Thanks, Mom!"

Pulling away from her son, Nami beamed up into his face. "Twenty years now! I can't believe it!" Then she winked at him. "Congratulations on your new bounty, too! 150,000,000 beli! Your father couldn't be prouder! He's been showing the poster to everyone he gets the chance!" Now, Nami seemed to notice Sadie and the younger girl almost gave a yelp of surprise when Nami smirked and leaned over toward her. "And who is this?"

"This is Sadie, our newest member and a first-class thief!" Kichiro informed his mother.

"A thief huh? I will have to show you some tricks, Sadie," the woman said with a wink and a grin.

Laughing Kichiro boasted, "She's quite a good thief already, Mother. Already today, she stole both my wallet and my heart."

As Sadie blushed crimson at Kichiro's joking, a green-haired swordsman came up and smacked the young man in the back of the head. "Don't use lines like that stupid love-cook!"

"Hey!" Sanji shouted on Kichiro's other side, "Just because you have no romantic sense doesn't mean everyone else has to be as lame as you Marimo!"

"Boys!" Nami was shouting, trying to keep them apart.

Sadie asked, "Are they always like this?"

With a sly smirk, Kichiro said, "Nah, they usually fight much more!" Then Kichiro turned to the swordsman, and said, "Come one, Dad. Not on my birthday."

Once the two men had turned their attention back to the younger man, their fight dissolved. Zoro slung his arm around his son's shoulders and Sadie, who was now well past the point of surprise, "Dad. That explains the name."

Kichiro smiled at her as they made their way across the floor; they were getting closer to the rest of the crew now.

All of a sudden they were standing in the middle of the Straw Hat crew. Franky- who was now too large for dancing on tables- was dancing around in his speedo while Chopper was up on the table with chopsticks in his nose. Using an extra pair of hands, Robin passed the pair of younger pirates a couple of drinks with a light smile. Usopp was on the table telling the well-embellished version of the day they landed on Raftel.

With a nod of his head Kichiro said, "There's the guy to ask about my time as a Straw Hat. You may not recognize that face, but I'm sure you've heard of the Sogeking."

"He's the legendary sniper?" Sadie asked with wide eyes.

"The very same!" laughed Kichiro.

A little further down the table, Luffy was stuffing his face full of meat. "Ey Ithiro! Thb thood ith thrate! Hab thomb!" [Hey Kichiro! The food is great! Have some!]

Sadie took in the sight of the man and said, "You don't mean... that's Straw Hat Luffy?"

Luffy was sat at the end of the table. Over the years he had gotten a little taller and a little broader, but he still had a face that looked much younger than his thirty-nine years. He wore his hair a little longer now, but it still retained it shaggy unkempt look. And the straw hat atop his head was unmistakable. "Yes," answered Kichiro, "That's Straw Hat Luffy. Hey Luffy!" he called loudly to his old captain waving, "This is Sadie! My new nakama and the girl I'm gonna marry someday!"

As Sadie blushed and said, "I don't think I agreed to that!" Luffy smiled and said, "Ith therry bith to beeth thou Thady! [It's very nice to meet you Sadie!]

"Swallow before you talk to a lady, stupid!" Kichiro scolded.

Grasping his arm, Sadie leaned over and whispered, "Did you seriously just call the Pirate King stupid?"

Kichiro laughed and said, "Yeah, so?"

Presently, Luffy had swallowed and grinned sheepishly at Sadie. "Sorry, Sadie! It's nice to meet you!"

Then Sadie didn't know whether to be more struck that the Pirate King had just called her by her given name or that he actually listened to Kichiro's scolding. Just what sort of a captain did she agree to follow?

But before Sadie could decide, a boy ran up saying, "Nii-san!"

"Hideo-kun!" Kichiro exclaimed pulling the blue haired boy into a one-armed hug. "How are you?"

The boy looked up at Kichiro with respect and hope in his eyes. "I'm great! I turned seventeen two months ago."

Kichiro's smile widened, "Oh? So did you set out on your own then? I haven't seen a wanted poster yet." He lowered his eyebrows a bit trying to look stern.

But Hideo shook his head sending his short cyan hair flying into his face. Brushing it up quickly, Hideo smiled brightly. "Not yet. My mom and dad said I could but... "

"But what?" the older boy asked.

The younger boy looked a little nervous now and said, "But I thought I'd wait and ask you first if I could come with you."

Now, Kichiro's wide smile was brighter than it had been all night and he slung his arm around his brother's neck. "Of course you can, idiot! If your parents don't mind you joining my crew instead."

"Nah!" Hideo said waving his arm in the negative, "no one expected me to become a captain. Not like you Kichiro!" The younger boy eyes showed the amount of respect he had for his big brother.

"Give yourself more credit," the older brother said, "You could be captain if you wanted."

"Maybe," the cyan-haired boy said, "but I don't really want. I want to have those adventures together that we always used to talk about. That's what's important to me!"

Kichiro nodded, he knew this about his younger brother. "Well, I hadn't planned on a big send off, but I guess it can't be helped if you're coming along."

The younger brother was so excited he ran off right away to tell the large cyborg dancing in the background.

"If he's your brother, why did you say 'your parents' like that?" Sadie asked confused and very much wanting to understand more about the mysterious captain and his previous crew.

Kichiro turned and looked at her again and said, "Because his parents aren't my parents too. See that ridiculously large man over there with the metal nose?"

"Oh! I know him! Cyborg-Franky!" Sadie supplied.

"Yup, that's his father." Both father and son were now doing an excitedly SUPER dance to celebrate Hideo's acceptance into Kichiro's crew. "And that mysteriously beautiful dark haired woman over there is his mother."

"Who's that?" Sadie asked before she noted he extra hands the woman was using. "That can't be Nico Robin!"

"Well who else would it be?" Kichiro joked.

"But she looks so... so young!" Sadie exclaimed. "And she must be fifty years old now!"

Smiling, Kichiro explained, "I never knew my aunt Robin before she found her place with Luffy and his crew, but they all say she was a mess! She was running for twenty years and relying on no one but herself for many years before that. She didn't trust anyone and she didn't think her life was worth anything. The Robin I grew up knowing was a kind woman who always had her arms open ready to give you a hug or help you back up. I couldn't imagine her as anything else. I think after meeting Luffy, she finally learned how to relax. I'm sure Franky helped with that too. But I think the reason the years have been so good to her is because she let go of all that stress when she really joined the crew."

"Sounds like you really like her," Sadie teased leaning a little closer to her captain.

Blushing Kichiro scratched his head, "Well can you blame me? She was the first woman aside from my mother that I knew!" The truth was he used to go around saying he would marry Auntie Robin when he grew up until Hideo refused to talk to him one day unless he quit. That was when Kichiro was eight and Hideo was five. A brother can't marry his brother's mother was Hideo's reason. And so Kichiro had stopped but he said he'd find a pretty girl one day who could fight just as well as his mom and aunt Robin. When he met such a girl he wouldn't let her go until she agreed to marry him!

Sensing her captain's embarrassment, Sadie asked, "So do you have any other siblings?"

At this Kichiro beamed and said, "Yeah! Loads! But no more by my own parents. They say I was more than enough to handle. Hideo and I were the only ones who lived on the ship all our lives. Robin and Franky have a daughter who is about seven now, but she doesn't like to sail. We think it's because Chopper made Robin stay on land the whole pregnancy because he considered her high risk. She was born in Water 7 and that's where she is now. She lives with the mayor who was almost like a brother to Franky. She likes it there and she wants to be mayor someday too. She's a pretty little thing- looks just like Robin but with Franky's icy blue hair and eyes the same color.

"Then there is Luffy. He had a daughter who would be about twelve now. I've never met her since she lives on the Island of Women. And the entire thing is apparently a big secret since the Empress is in love with Luffy."

"So the Empress isn't the mother then?" Sadie asked trying to follow along.

"No," continued Kichiro, "She loves Luffy, but he never felt anything for her more than a friend. She was a bit older than him and sort of obsessed with him. I think that's why Luffy never felt differently for her. But he had a friend there, a nice woman named Margaret who came to stay with us for a while, and they felt differently about each other. When Margaret left our ship a few months later, she was carrying Luffy's child in her belly. Of course, the Snake Princess wouldn't have taken the news well so when the child came out as blond as her mother they told the Snake Princess that the cook Sanji was the father. The Empress was pleased that Margaret had born such a beautiful child from one of Luffy's friends. Only the crew and the girl know the truth... and now you."

"That must be so terrible! For her to have to keep a secret like that," Sadie said.

"When you meet the Snake Princess, you'll understand," Kichiro explained. At the way he said 'when' Sadie's mouth snapped closed and no words would come to her. It only just occurred to her that these were probably only the first of the famous pirates she'd be meeting. But Kichiro took her silence to mean to continue the count of his siblings.

"Usopp over there has a band of boys- four of them- all under the age of seven! They live in his hometown the Syrup Village and the villagers say they are more trouble than Usopp ever was! They all dream of the day when they will set out and become pirates. Until then Usopp sends them letters home detailing all his adventures. Their mother had the letters all bound into a book. He also visits home every chance he gets, they all go back and visit frequently. It's good to keep on the move when you are wanted by the marines.

"Chopper over there has a couple kids too! I didn't believe it at first, but he met a woman who had eaten a reindeer fruit. They weren't so different the two of them, so they make it work. The children- a boy and a girl ages nine and six- are completely human, though they have the uncanny ability to speak with animals! You've never seen anything like it! They live with their mother on a wintry island.

"The only crew members who don't have kids are Sanji and Brook and I think it's obvious as to why the second one doesn't."

Sadie looked over at the guitar playing skeleton and nodded, "Yes, I can see where there would be difficulties. What about that Sanji guy?"

Kichiro gave a sad shrug, "He's had women, I know that. He's a notorious flirt. I asked him once why he never settled down and had any kids and he told me that there wasn't one woman he loved enough to settle down. He loves all women too much to ever choose one. He said there was one once, but she fell in love with a swordsman and that was the end of it for him."

Sadie's eyes traveled across the room to where Kichiro's beautiful mother was talking animatedly to her lover. The swordsman was looking at her as if she were the only woman that existed in the world. But the really keen eye could see that the cook was watching her with a similar look from halfway across the room.

"So because none of them were your mother?" Sadie asked.

"What?" Kichiro asked stunned, "My mother?"

Now Sadie's eyes were as big as saucers. "Oh, I thought it was kind of obvious."

With a small sight Kichiro said, "I dunno, maybe I always kind of knew but ignored it because that's what he does."

Sadie nodded. To change the subject a bit, Sadie turned back to Kichiro and asked a question she'd been wondering. "You're parents didn't marry?"

Kichiro shook his sandy head and gave a little laugh. "I asked them about it when I was little, but my mother said they didn't really need a piece of paper signed by a government official to make their love real. My father added that the only official documents they cared about were the ones issuing bounties." After a while Kichiro shrugged, "They might have never signed a form, but their hearts have been married for longer than I've been alive."

Nodding slowly, Sadie looked at the dreamy look in her captains eyes pondering just what it meant. But there wasn't much time to think of it now.

Suddenly Usopp's story was over and he came over to tell Sadie the tale of Kichiro's birth and the adventures he'd gone on as a young child. As Usopp talked, Nami wandered over and put her arms around her son's shoulders.

"Hey mom," the young man started deep in thought, "Do you think Uncle Sanji will ever find happiness the way you and Father did?"

Nami smiled, "You know, I think he will. He's just now started to complain about flirting as an older man-says the ladies aren't up for it as much. I think your new friend made him feel really old tonight too." Kichiro laughed at that as his mother continued talking, "Forty is not so old for a man. I think Sanji is finally getting to the point where he is thinking of having a family of his own."

"Really?" Kichiro could hardly believe it.

"Yes, actually he became pretty friendly with a girl on the last island we were on. She was a bit younger than him being only twenty-five, but they hit it off pretty well. In fact, I caught him on the den den mushi with her late at night a couple times since leaving." Nami laughed and Kichiro smiled. Sanji didn't often keep contact with the women he loved once he left an island. It was a good sign.

"Good! I'm glad." And Kichiro returned his attention to watching Sadie interacting with his old crew.

"What about you?" his mother asked, "I haven't heard you saying you were going to marry a woman since you carried on about Robin when you were eight."

Smiling at the memory, Kichiro said, "Because until tonight I never met the right woman."

Now Nami was laughing, "You can't possibly know that already."

"Of course I can!" countered Kichiro. "I asked Dad when did he know that you were the woman for him and he told me that even though you didn't get together for a few years, his feelings for you were different right from the start. And that's how I know it's different with her. Don't worry, Mom, I won't jump into things right away. She's coming on my crew, so I have plenty of time to convince her to marry me. I don't care if it takes years!"

Now Nami was laughing harder, "You're just like your father! And here I was thinking you'd taken all your relationship advice from your Uncle Sanji!"

The mother and son laughed as they saw the look of disbelief on Sadie's face as she listened to Usopp's tale. With a smile Nami said, "I hear you're bringing your otouto with you this time." When Kichiro nodded she said, "We'll have to have another party."

"Tomorrow night, with my crew as well," Kichiro answered.

"Oh, Honey," Nami laughed, "This is Franky's son we are talking about here. You should plan on the party lasting at least a week!"

With a snort, Kichiro said, "It's a wonder you guys got so infamous, all you ever do is feast and dance!"

"Yeah," a deep voice said coming into the conversation, "But we do find time to cut down annoying marine members on the way. Besides from what I hear, your crew isn't much better!"

Kichiro smiled at his father. "I learned from the best."

The Straw Hats celebrated long into that night and the following night marked the beginning of the celebration of the Straw Hats and Luck Key pirates together. The festivities did last a good week and a half, before both crews parted ways. They never said good-bye only "until next time." With Sadie and Hideo at his side, Kichiro waved to his parents and his large extended family and set off with thoughts of the many new adventures to come.


Author's note: Thanks so much for sticking through and reading all of this! I know this story was quite dark with a little bit of light parts stuck in. It was a long journey, but I hope you enjoyed it! :) I have some new stuff coming up. Nothing this dark! I think we are switching back to comedy for a while. I thought it would be fun to see how this little family turned out in the long run. I know I've had some comments about interactions between Nami, Zoro and baby, so I may write some one-shots that are an addition to this story that highlight their life with an infant Kichiro.

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