Chapter 2- Joseph

The town was a mess. In earlier years they've always been prepared for this time of year. Although last year was spectacular, this year an omen had passed by to foretell danger. The town had forgotten about the witch's night where the three Dahmer sisters took off into the night and raised havoc on the town's people.

"Hurry Joseph I can already see them in the sky!" yelled Joseph's father from the barn.

Joseph ran towards his father to give him garlic. They were inevitably doing everything in hast because they only had a couple of minutes before the catastrophe started. Joseph lived with his father and his young sister Esther. Esther was already safely inside the house hiding under her blanket. Joseph and his father were done putting garlic across the barn and house in hope that it might protect the animals and themselves from the witches. There was only a substantial amount of daylight left and with half the town barely finishing up putting witch protections around their homes and estates. This was only the beginning of a very long night. Everyone will be trying to fend them off with loud noises, it never mostly works but the elders insist on doing it.

"Joseph grab Esther then hide downstairs, I have to board up the windows in case they try to break in," said his father.

Joseph has always feared this day but he has tried always to acts mature. His mother was killed two winters ago by the witches because she had more beautiful eyes than them, were theirs lacked joy and happiness theirs exceeded pain and sorrow.