"This is a side note, to all of you people who want to be in this, but don't know it yet. You wanna be in this."

"So right Sebastian from black butler and Break vs. Maja and Jado."

Look up Sebastian if you need to.

"You" Maja spat out looking at Break.

"Hm?" Break said cupping his left ear. "Sorry I couldn't quite hear you?"

"SHUT UP" Maja yelled shooting hair at him, hair, man she really is a joke villain.

"Calm down child" Break said deflecting the hair snakes and cutting the off.

"Well then, I'll take the blue one then" Sebastian said. "Do I get a weapon at all?"

"Don't try that bull shit" I said looking down on him from the ledge.

"Fine" Sebastian said materializing a sword. "Come at me."

"If you think you can handle it" Jado said sending his shadow at him.

"No" Sebastian said flinging the sword through the shadow, before making a new one. "At your guard."

"A wise guy eh" Jado said making a much bigger shadow beast.

"Yes, a very wise,and very powerful, butler" I said watching the battle.

Sebastian just used his speed to get at Jado and cut him in half.

With Break

"Now now, actions such as these are very unbecoming of a lady" Break said hitting two fingers together while eating a lollipop. "You otta know better."

"SHUT UP YOU" Maja yelled sending more hair at him.

"Well then, I'll just have to beat some manners into you then, won't I" Break said cutting the hair off before rushing at Maja and cutting her arm off.

"AGH" Maja yelled out.

As Break shoved a bar of soap down her throat.

"There that's much better" Break said nodding his head.

"GAH" Maja gagged out as she coked on the soap.

"Say please" Break said with a superior look in his eyes.


"I didn't hear a please" Break said cutting her head off. "There, all better."

"Winners Break and Sebastian."

"Next battle will be Oz and Alice (Pandora Hearts) vs. Kusagari (Red Steel) and Venom."

Oz looked at Venom, and took out a whistle.

"Shit, he has a whistle."

Whistle noise, but really fucking loud.

And then fire.

Venom's two weaknesses.

The scariest thing ever fucking thought of. Fire, and sound.

"RAWRRRRRRR" Venom yelled out clutching it's ears.

As Alice lit it on fire with a match.

"And he's out."

The Kusagari started shooting at Oz, who used the powers of B-Rabbit to stab him to death with the chains.


"Now then Tai and Augumon (Digimon) vs. Ash and Pikachu (Pokemon)."

"Augumon Digivolve into Greymon" Tai said as the small dragon.

Turned into a giant ass dragon.

"Um, judge" Ash said.


"He's no longer Augumon."


"Doesn't that disqualify him?"

"Fuck you."

"Is that a yes?"

"No, it's a fuck you. Idiot."

"ARGH" Greymon yelled, shooting a giant fireball at Pikachu and Ash, turning them into, ironically, ash.

"Yup, no one calls judge on Greymon."

"Now then, The Doctor and the Tardis (Doctor Who, Tenth doctor) vs. Sonic and an odd."

Sonic ran at the Doctor, he moved into the three foot radius of the Tardis, making Sonic hit the force field around it, going splat.

"Odd, surrender" The Doctor said.

"Yes sir."

"Right, he's the Doctor."

"Now then, Bob and a Legit Werewolf vs. Fox and Falco (Starfox)."

Fox did the dashey attack at the Werewolf flinging a kick at it.

The Werewolf having incredibly speed of its own, caught the kick an threw Fox at Falco.

Falco got knocked over by Fox.

"Hey Einstein, I'm on your side" Falco said getting up.

"HA" Bob shouted shooting a Kamahameha at the two, killing them.

"Not bab, but you probably will die anyways later."

"Now then Fight of the Chapter. Madara Uchia and Kyuubi vs. The Geo and Trunks."

"Meteor" Madara said, dropping a meteor on the field, destroying Trunks, he hid under Kyuubi to survive.

The Geo shoot a laser at Kyuubi, and Kyuubi shoot an Imari back at the Geo. The two attacks tying in the center.

"Susanoo" Madara said growing into a giant monster of sorts.

And tipping the power scale in favor of the Kyuubi, blowing the Geo into the wall.

"ARR" The Geo yelled out in pain, before crushing Madara with it's hand and shooting the Kyuubi again. And again... And again... And again.

Until the Kyuubi stopped getting up.

"Wow impressive, wait, FUCK, now Trunks is still in the running's."

"Well tune in next time for more of this story, and remember, you want to review, with ever part of you being, you want to review, you have to review, there something calling you to review, it's in your blood, LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF THE DRUMS."