Pokemon belongs to who ever owns it.

The Poke Wars alternate universe was created by Cornova who was nice enough to let me muck about in it with Dawson. A day dedicated to chaos.

August 16th

Johto Mountains

The sun shown down on the region of Johto, a bright clear day, and more specifically a Pokemon trainer located in its forested mountain range. Dawson sighed as he looked up at the sun shining it's light on his body. His Sinnoh league cap helping block some of the sun but not doing enough to make this hike more comfortable. He had been walking for the last several days and was starting to regret not packing a more diverse set of clothes for his trainer journey. For Sinnoh his jacket, jeans, gloves and shirts would have been fine for the colder weather. Closer to the equator however he was clearly sweating even in the cooler mountain ranges of Johto.

"Teach me not to plan for wanderlust..." Dawson muttered

He kept hiking through the mountain range regardless of his complaints. His jacket being a faded dark brown and his shirt being pure black, save for the stylized words Sinnoh in white at the center, didn't help as the dark colors absorbed heat better. Dawson had been journeying for most of his adult life, although mostly through the regions of Sinnoh only recently had he deiced to travel south to see the other regions Pokemon and the locations in them. He however was decidedly regretting not planning out his trip more.

"Balls its hot... How do the people down here deal with this kind of weather. I know it's August but to go from super hot day, to cool evenings, and then cold nights is irritating as all heck."

Sitting down on a nearby rock he took off his backpack. The large bulky container, filled to the brim with various supplies and tools for his journey, hit the ground with a thud. It was clearly designed more for travel and hiking then something more mundane like school. Pulling out a canteen of water he unscrewed its cap and lifted the container to his mouth. A few gulps later he lifted up his arm and checked his poketch for the time. He grunted in annoyance at the fact that it was almost five already. Shifting up a few dials on the watch he selected the marking map function and reached into a side pouch on the pack. Looking over the map and the location of the mark on his poketch he let out a small sigh at what his thoughts had been dreading.

"Crap... it's still at least a days walk to get down the mountain to that town. Guess this means one more day of camping out. Here I was looking forwards to a hot shower and maybe a shave."

He reached up an scratched the growing stubble around his face. It wasn't a beard but a few more days and it would be.

"Stupid beard, guess my hiker dad's genes are out to get me again."

At twenty one Dawson was older then most trainers he ran into. Few lasted this long as trainers or coordinators as he did, most choosing a career or finding their calling in life. His journey also began later then most with his first starter being given to him at the age of sixteen. His parents, mostly his dad however, choosing to spend the extra time training him in the areas they excelled at.

His fathers voice echoed in his mind as he remembered when he asked about the constant hikes. 'Children are the Pokemon trainers greatest challenge I'm not going to release you into the wild until I'm sure I trained you properly, GAHAHAHAHA' His father's voice drowning out all other thoughts in his mind when he thought back to his questions regarding his upbringing. Smiling to himself slightly at the memory of his hiker father. Realizing he was wasting time Dawson packed up the rest of his stuff and pulled back on his backpack. He knew he needed to find a place to rest up for the night and he had to begin looking soon.

One hour later

Dawson sat in front of the small fire he had made in the woods its light flickering around him in the small clearing he chose to make camp in. A small fry pan containing the sizzling contents of his supper was cooking in front of him. The pan held up by metal legs on its side allowed him to cook his meal while listening to the songs he had put on his poketch. Jailbreaking the little device was surprisingly easy as many people had done it already. Plus many of the programs and apps you could put on it that were genuinely useful were made by the same hackers who broke into it in the first place.

While his meal cooked he looked up at the star filled night sky. Nights like these are what made Dawson miss his friends the most. He remembered the two of them receiving their starters at the same time. It was a fun journey for him at least, not at first, with lots of laughter and adventures. Much to his sadness though it didn't last. With his second friend choosing to stay in the Sinnoh region and compete in contests and the other deciding to stay in Sinnoh down and work with professor Rowan on his Pokedex. Thoughts about the good times were hard to avoid during nights like these and his meal didn't taste nearly as good when he started eating.

Half an hour later, dishes cleaned and sleeping bag laid out, Dawson began preparing for sleep. Slowly he reached his wrist and turned off the music program on his poketch and shifted it to the time. The lit screen of the watch glowed the numbers and he silently cursed himself for letting the evening drag on to the late night.

"One of these days I should learn to keep an eye on the time." He said to no one around him.

Dawson felt his tired body pop a few times as he stood up and stretched lightly before moving towards his laid out sleeping bag. Leaning down, ready to get into bed, Dawson stopped at a sudden noise he heard. A soft 'P-tching' noise rang out through the otherwise silent night.

'Was that a Pokeball capture noise?' He thought.

In the next few seconds the silence was shattered completely by the sound of all six of his pokeballs opening simultaneously and all hell breaking loose. Every one of his pokemon being released all around him, the darkness driven away as the multiple flashes lit up the night. The sudden release of Dawson's Pokemon would have caused havoc and likely hurt a few people anywhere civilized. Thankfully he wasn't anywhere civilized and their thrashing and rampaging only served to cause havoc all around him.

His Rapidash was the first one he saw as she kicked and flailed about its normally mane of soft fire flaring outwards like a flame caught in a windstorm. Her hoof stamping anything around her and occasionally spewing jets of fire at nearby spots seemingly at random. Her normally soft whinnies now a screeching cacophony adding to the din around Dawson.

Dawson's Garados luckily ended up the farthest away as he smashed its head on the ground repeatedly. His massive body thrashing about among the rocks and trees. Anything hit by the giant blue serpent was outright destroyed by the force of his strikes. Every time his body smashed into the earth he shook the ground around him causing Dawson to almost stumble and fall each time.

His Luxray simply bolted, shocking anything that passed near her and shooting off bolts of lightning anytime she tried to stop running. Eventually she rushed a tree smashing her head into it with enough force to cause her to stagger about from the recoil. Bolts of electricity now shot out from her confused form shocking and splintering anything nearby including the tree her head had failed to damage.

Both his Torterra and his Togekiss were the most controlled out of his pokemon only thrashing about on the ground howling in pain and agony. Their rampage being the most gentle, relatively speaking, with Torterra simply smashing the ground around him sending dust everywhere. Togekiss flew into the sky and started screeching as it's erratic flight patterns painted a clear picture of the pain she was in.

It was during this chaos that he heard the cry of his Gardevoir behind him. Turning he saw her crouched with her arms clutching her head. Her entire body glowed with the purple hue of her psychic powers and the very air around her teaming with the energy she was releasing. Gardevoir soon began floating upwards, a symptom of an out of control psychic attack, like she was possessed by some sort of demonic force. Objects seemingly at random being picked up and drawn to her only to be crushed into small balls then launched away with the force of a bullet.

Taking a step forwards Dawson called out to his Gardevoir hoping he could do something to help alleviate the pain she was in. After his first step he realized the mistake he made as the movement into contact the area of psychic energy she was releasing flared and launched him backwards into the air like a rag doll. Without even enough time to think Dawson's body smashed into something behind him that wouldn't yield to him and sent waves of agony across his torso. Landing on the ground in a heap he could only watch his pokemon thrash about as his vision slowly darkened and Dawson passed out from the pain.

One Hour Later

The night was finally quiet as the last of Dawson's Pokemon had finally succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed where they had just finished thrashing about. No one in the newly formed clearing moved at all not even when a beam of light flashed across the area an hour later.

"Over here Dad, I've found them! Hoooollllyyyy... look at this place its been totaled completely." A young boy's voice shouted out.

The stranger flashed his light over the area lighting up the Pokemon's bodies one by one. Another person soon joined him and started scanning the area as well. Both lights moved from one Pokemon to another in quick succession.

"Quickly! We have to find the trainer before these others wake up. If their reaction was anything like our herds then they might very well start leveling the area again once they wake up." Said an older sounding man holding the second flashlight.

Eventually the younger boy's flashlight landed on Dawson's unconscious form, "Over here dad, he's in the group of trees here. Looks like he crashed into the tree and got knocked out. Should we get him back to the Pasture?" The young boy asked.

"No son, run back and get nurse Joy. We don't know how badly he's injured moving him might be a bad idea. Get going I'll get his pokeballs and get his Pokemon back inside."

With that the young boy ran off towards a small patch of lights off in the distance, once hidden by the trees they're lights shown through after the damage was done. The older man moved towards Dawson and scanned the unconscious trainer's waist, finding his Pokeballs easily. Kneeling and reaching for them he gently removed them from their holsters. Taking one at a time he pressed the return function while aiming at each of the nearby pokemon until it triggered.

After the last one he stood back and looked back towards the lights in the distance. Several of the buildings glowed orange from their own Pokemon issues. He saw two moving towards him a few minutes later and nodded in satisfaction at his son's quick work. Looking down at the still form of Dawson he could only shake his head in fear.

"This boy's lucky to be alive at all... luckier still that we were still up here."