Okay, soooo...

My BFF, Du'Varg, had an AMAZING idea to make my WDBCF story 'An Extra Robin in the Nest' into a different series!

This is going to be short-medium-long- i honestly have no clue.


Here's Chapter One!

(i own nada. duh.)




John Stewart swore a string of rather colorful language under his breath, while Barry was practically vibrating in his spot. "Robin?" the speedster called out again, his green eyes wide. John ran a hand over his shaved head, scowling fiercely. "Where the heck can that kid be?"

Barry shrugged, tugging on his red gloves. "He was trained by the Bat-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Remind me to never play hide-and-seek with that kid ever again."

Flash shrugged as he pulled up his cowl. "C'mon. Let's just find him before Bats gets back from his mission."

John nodded, firing up his ring to where he could float in the air. "I'll take the North Wing. You take the South."

Flash nodded, his legs shaking terribly. "Alright. Whoever finds Richard first gets to blame the other on Bats- HEY! I didn't say 'go' ye- oh, never mind!" And Barry left the abandoned hallway.

Robin giggled as he pulled his canary yellow cape snugly around his body. They'll never find me!

After instigating a game of 'Hide-and-Seek', Robin had sneaked away towards the Weapons Vault. Why would they think to look there? Only Founding Members could get in- that and great hackers.


The ebony couldn't help but laugh out loud. Auntie Shayera called that 'LOL', right? She showed me her new iPhone...

Robin had been trained from the start to be patient, though it was especially hard for the boy- after all, he was only eight. But, he managed a whole hour before curiosity got the better of him, and he ventured out from the little nook next to the door that he had been residing in.

The weapons- toys- that were all over the numerous walls and rows of shelves shocked the boy. With a grin like it was Christmas (which was only two weeks away, mind you), Robin began to prance around, looking from toy to toy to toy. Well, toys to him.

He recognized one of Mr. Freeze's ice-rays and grinned, racing forward to inspect it. It still had a scratch mark from where his bat-a-rang had knocked it out of Freeze's hands. Along next to Freeze's ray was that of Captain Cold and Killer Frost's wrist-bands that allowed her to ice over acres of land.

Robin turned and skipped down the isle, humming to 'Ring Around the Rosy' as he went. Then, he rounded a corner and-


It was huge.

The machine took up almost a fourth of the massive room, its control panels and large chairs spread around. Dozens of colorful wires hung about on hooks bolted into the iron walls, tied together in various spots by strip-ties. All of them met up at one place-

A sphere.

It was actually half of a sphere, and it reminded Robin of those little backings he could take his school pictures next to. It was almost ten feet tall and the same wide.

Curiosity killed the cat... the boy mentally recited to himself. A little nagging voice in the back of his head mumbled, But satisfaction brought it back...

So, he did what any eight-year-old would do.

He walked into the sphere.

It was much smaller on the inside than it looked on the outside. Robin frowned and turned in a circle, surveying the dome. "Huh. That's wie-"

Suddenly, the sphere shut.

Green Lantern scowled to himself as he walked past Batman's room. He's not in there... John was lucky he had his ring. It send up heat sensors to tell who had been there before, and the place was only slightly warm. Good thing Flash and I are the only ones here... This thing'd be flaring up!

Then, his ring lit up so bright that it was almost blinding.

But it wasn't his heat sensors going off.

It was a warning-

HONK! HONK! HONK! Intruder Alert. HONK! HONK! HONK! This is not a drill. HONK! HONK! HONK! Intruder Alert. HONK! HONK! H-


There was a bright whirl of red, and suddenly Flash was at Green Lantern's side. "Who is it-"

"If I knew do ya' think I'd still be standing around?" John's eyes were intense on his ring as it brought up a map of the 'Tower at his verbal command. "It's-" His face paled. "Ra's al Ghul."

There was a sudden scream, and Barry shouted, "Robin!"

The boy gasped and jumped back as a faced pressed into the frosted glass side of the sphere. He couldn't make out any clear features except for a long, black mustache tied to a beard.

"Ah... A little bird... Well, I suppose you are better than nothing."

Then, the man was gone. Robin suddenly remembered he knew how to fight and rushed forward, bringing out his miniature bow-staff. He slammed it into the wall and-


A small, but still painful, amount of blue electricity shocked the child, and Robin back-flipped away, wincing under his mask at the sting.

"Don't try to get out," warned a muffled voice, the same man. Robin stood, scowling, and replaced his bowstaff.

"Who says?"

The face re-appeared, still blurry as ever. "Me."

Then, there was a flash of bright white-

Flash barreled into the Weapons Vault just as Ra's' hand came down on a large red button- Why is it always a large red button- ROBIN! Hello, Barry!- and sent a pulse of white through the numerous wires. He went up to the side of the dome, smiling eerily and said, "Me," in a low voice.

Barry's eyes widened- OhGodisRobininthere? Batsisgonnakillme-we-us! GLWHERETHEHECKAREYOU!-

As if on cue, Green Lantern rushed into the room, his ring sending a luminescent green fist towards Ra's. Despite his abilities, the assassin was not able to dodge, and was slammed into the sphere. Electricity cracked out, making his low scream echo through the room.

"SHUT IT OFF!" John roared at Flash. This knocked him into gear, and the speedster ran straight at the control panel and slammed the 'OFF' button. Really? Large red buttons? Large OFF buttons? How cliché are we?

The machine died down, and Ra's' screams came to a halt as the electricity came to a halt.

"Flash! John!" came a worried, feminine voice. Into the room charged Wonder Woman- "Oh, Hera."

Ra's was unconscious, but alive, his chest smoking as he laid on the cold metal floor. Green Lantern was standing in the now-open sphere, Flash next to him, looking abashed.

"Where's Robin?" Diana ground out, already fearing the answer.

John and Barry looked at each other, then Flash slapped his face and cried out, "We're screwed!"

Everything was bright white, but it only lasted a moment. To Robin, it was very underwhelming.

The light died quickly, replaced by The Cave. The child cocked his head to the side, frowning. A Zeta beam? Huh... It didn't look like one...

Robin bit the inside of his cheek, then checked his belt like how Batman had taught him. He didn't know if any of the Leaguers were here, but if someone else was-

"OUCH! Watch it, Arty-Fartie-"

"Arty-Fartie? REALLY? You couldn't think of anything better, Baywatch?"

"Well I was just-"

"Please, Artemis, Kid, quiet. We do not wish to hear you fighting all day-"

Then, there was a loud WOOF! and a deep laugh that reminded Robin of Superman... "Right, Wolf. Right."

"What did he say?"


"OUCH! What did I do that time?"

Robin's eyes widened behind his mask, but he didn't gasp- that might give away his position. Instead, he grabbed out his grappling gun and shot it up into the top beams- Huh. Have they always been that small? The League must have renova- nenova- whatever that word is...

He flew up into the ceiling, unhooking the anchor as he somersaulted onto one of the air ducts. It made a tiny crunch as he landed, and the boy winced. After a moment, he got down on his knees to peer over the edge.

Four people walked into the room, along with a wolf. Wolf, wolf? Huh. Even Batman is more creative than that. The wolf was huge and white, and its skin was torn open in parts- Ouchie!- while its tail whipped around happily.

The person who was in front was a girl. She was medium height and had a long, blonde ponytail that seemed wet. (Now that Robin looked, all of them had wet hair- even the wolf.) She wore a tan jacket and a white undershirt with jeans and boots.

There was also a red-haired teen behind the girl, making faces at the back of her head. He wore a yellow over-shirt on a long-sleeved, red undershirt. He, too, wore jeans and the Flash sneakers. Two other boys followed, one Black with blonde hair- Like Kaldur'ahm!- and the other a tall ebony with a black Superman shirt on.

Robin's eyes widened even more, and he shrunk back a bit. Do they know the League? Or are they bad-guys?

From the other side of the room rushed in a girl- a green girl, who was floating, and levitating a pan of cookies. Behind her was a shorter, skinny teen with skinny jeans, black hair, and black sun glasses. Why is he wearing sun glasses inside?

The green-skinned girl was smiling broadly, and said, "Cookies!" loudly. The red-haired teen ran forward- Super-speed? But only Uncle Barry and Wally have super-speed!- and sent her a smirk.

"Thanks, babe!" He began to rapidly devour the treats, while everyone else just laughed or (in the blonde girl and Superman's-fanboy) rolled their eyes.

The smaller ebony grinned and whacked the red-head. "Save some for us, KF!"

KF? Robin's eyes widened, and he let out a tiny gasp. Okay. Something weird is going on... I need to call Batman.

He pressed his comm-unit, but only static came. Uh-oh...

Robin peered over the edge again and squinted harshly as he watched the events play out. Maybe one of the League will get here soon... Hopefully... He gulped.

Suddenly, the wolf's tail was rigid, and his ears laid back on his head. He gave a low growl, peering up into the rafters.

The Superman's-fanboy clenched his fists and said, "Wolf smells something."

Instantly, the six were all in fighting positions, cookies forgotten. The ebony had pulled out a belt a lot like Robin's, while the Black boy had some kind of sticks in his hands. The blonde girl had a bow and a knocked arrow- Where did she get those?- and the green girl and bigger ebony were simply tensed, ready for a fight.

"Show yourself!" the Black boy shouted menacingly, a bit of an accent to his voice.

Robin whimpered. I have three choices... Go down and fight- The Black boy's sticks crackled with electricity, and the girl's arrow was suddenly on fire. Alright, two choices... I surrender, or wait for the League to find me.

"There!" the Superman-shirt-boy cried, pointing to Robin's hiding spot.

Choice one it is...

The Black boy- who Robin decided was the leader- called out, "We will not harm you as long as you do as we say. Come down and surrender yourself."

Batman had taught Robin to be brave, but he had also taught him to be smart.

So, he used his grappling hook to lower himself to the ground.

The gasps were instant, and there was silence. Robin pulled his cape around him, taking a frightened step back. The people seemed scarier now, so up-close.

"D-Don't hurt me..." he said softly. Normally, he would always have back-up, with either Batman or Roy (Wally, too, but he never turned out to be much help.), but now...

He was alone.

Alone with strangers that probably wanted to hurt him-

Or worse.

But, instead, he just heard the red-head whisper, "Robin?"


"WHERE did you send him?" John growled from his seat across from Ra's.

The old man said nothing, did nothing- his face was blank, his eyes pointed straight at the Green Lantern across from him, though they didn't focus on anything. The same had been going on for almost an hour, now, and Batman, Hawkman, and Captain Atom were due back any minute.

Behind the interrogation room's one-sided mirror, Flash was pacing, though his eyes never left Ra's and John. Wonder Woman was looking as if she was about to pound someone into a wall- most likely Ra's (or hopefully, as Flash and GL had been the ones watching Robin).

"Hera," the Amazonian hissed under her breath, fists rested on the control panels as they clenched onto nothing tightly. "Let me talk to that- that lying Hydra, and I'll find Robin in an hour-"

Flash put a hand on Diana's shoulder, and she flinched, turning her head away. "I swear, Barry, how could this have happened- how could you have let this happen?" She whirled around, anger written clear over her features. "Allen, if we can't find him, I promise you, there will be Hades to pay- and the same goes for Stewart."

Flash gulped.

It was silent after that.

Purely. Silence.

None of the members of the Team had expected to come back from their mission, shower up, and find a baby version of Robin in the headquarters.

Of course, it took Robin- the Team's Robin- a few moments before his brain began to function properly. He then pressed his comm unit and called for the first person he could think of- his father.

"Robin, we're in a meeting-"

"Yeah, but this is... Big. Like, big, big- like way over whelming, big."

There was a pause, then: "I'm on my way-"

"We," came Green Arrow's amused voice. "Whatever makes Robin sound nervous must be exciting!"

"Thanks, Arrow."

"Don't mention it, kid!"

Robin 'hung-up', then turned to look at the Team. None of them had moved, and neither had the boy.

It was him.

Well, a little him.

The boy wore almost an exact replica of Robin's uniform, only much smaller and with brighter colors. The underbelly of his cape- instead of being a deep gold- was more of a lemon-y yellow. The red was sharper, and his gloves were much smaller and much less bulky. His hair was longer, and the edges of his mask were sharper. His lips quavered a bit, and Robin could only imagine what the kid- what he was going through. He knew that little-himself hadn't yet reached his ninth birthday, because his belt only had a few pockets (he had gotten a new one for his present) and not the twelve and three holsters for his grappling guns.

M'gann was the first to react farther than a word.

She got down on one knee and held out her hand, a frown upon her lips. "Hi..." She cast a glance to Wally. "...Robin? Uhm- We won't hurt you. We're friends."

The boy hung his head and shrunk back a bit, whispering, "Cum pot sti ca nu se mint?..."

Robin scowled. Yeah, the kid was eight. Insecure, scared, shaking at the knees and sweating, speaking his first language as a security blanket.

"Nu suntem mint," Robin called out.

The eight-year-old jumped and looked up, wide-eyed. "You're a gyp?"

Robin nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Used to be. High-flier. You know how that works, DG."

Robin could see the gears in the boy's head working. "I-I'm in the- in the future?"

02- Batman... 05- Green Arrow... 04- Flash... 06- Black Canary...

Little-Robin perked up at the sound of his mentor's name.

Into the room strode Batman, his pitch black cape swishing behind him. Flash appeared next, in a flurry of color, next to his nephew. At the same time, Green Arrow and Black Canary were casually walking in next to the Dark Knight.

But, as soon as they saw Little-Robin, the casual air of the meet-up was gone.

Flash's jaw dropped, and Arrow gasped. Canary paused, eyes wide.

Batman, of course, didn't break his step. He came to stop right next to Robin- his Robin- and peered at the small boy. "Is that who I think it is?"

Superboy rolled his eyes. "I thought we already established the 'it' thing?"

There was yet another long, painful pause. Then, Green Arrow cleared his throat. "Uh... Where do we go from here?"

Little-Robin shuffled his feet, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. Batman scowled deeply. "We need to run some tests-"

"Oh, for God's sake!" Artemis shouted, walking forwards towards Little-Robin, and picked him up in her arms- to the child's obvious surprise (as he gasped and instantly clung to her like a koala). "He's what- nine? Give the kid a break! He just jumped dimensions!"

M'gann floated forward and took Little-Robin from her friend's arms. "Hello, Megan! How could we be so mean to such a cute little angel?" she cooed, cuddling Little-Robin to her cheek. He giggled, despite himself, and hugged her neck.

Black Canary was the next to come over. "Right," she spoke uneasily, putting a hand on either of the girls' shoulders. She looked from Batman to Robin to Little-Robin and back to Batman. Her eyes finally came to rest on Little-Robin. "Well, you know who I am."

"Black Canary!"

The way his voice was so innocent, so childish, it made M'gann and Artemis melt with 'awwww!'

Robin face-palmed. "I don't know whether I should be disgusted or embarrassed..."

Wally jaw dropped as the females began to kiss and hug on Little-Robin. "Dude! How does he get the ladies and I don't!"

Connor abruptly spoke, "He's cuter than you."

Wally scowled.

Yeah, Wally! Robin is cuter than you! (well, as a baby. it's a tie in present-time.)