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I promise...″ Robin said softly, turning a corner-

To see Ra's al Ghul standing above little-Robin with a knife.


He didn't know who said it, and frankly, he didn't care at the moment.

Robin launched himself forward, in between Ra's and little-Robin, and right in the path of the knife.

Everything happened so fast that Robin could hardly understand. He had charged in between Ra's and little-Robin when there was a sudden flash of light and a small screech of happiness crying, ″Tati!″ before the light faded away.

The tip of the knife's blade was an inch from Robin's nose. Behind his mask, the teenager's eyes widened, and he bit back a gasp. His eyes slowly trailed from the blade to the hilt of the knife where two hands held on- one an old and withered hand, the other a young, strong hand, holding back the knife. Robin looked up to see Bruce holding on tightly to Ra's neck with one hand and the knife with the other.

Ra's shook as he tried to overpower Bruce, but in his aged state- not having used the Lazarus Pit in a good while- he was no match. Bruce tightened his grasp on Ra's hand, and a loud crack resonated through the room, signaling that several of the man's fingers had been snapped into pieces. Bruce dragged Ra's to face him, using the Bat-Glare most efficiently as he got nose-to-nose with his old mentor.

″Don't. Touch. My. Son.″

With that, Bruce sucker-punched Ra's, successfully knocking the man senseless. Ra's stumbled backwards, glaring at Bruce and Robin. Bruce stepped in front of his son protectively, taking a defensive stance.

The Team quickly filed in, all making a loop around Robin, to the teenager's distaste. 'Guys, I'm not a kid!'

'That sounded kinda like a kid, Troll.'


Ra's backed away slowly. ″Sunt depășiți numeric ... Dar eu te va, pasăre mică. Într-o zi ,″ he snarled directly at Robin, tiny black eyes gleaming like beetles, ″te voi termina!″

There was a puff of red, glittering smoke, and Ra's was gone.

The Team relaxed their fighting positions, all turning to look at Bruce. Robin turned towards the stone table and smiled. He touched the bare surface and whispered to himself, ″Bye, little-me...″

Bruce let out a heavy breath from his nose. ″Dick.″ He put a hand on the teenager's shoulder, earning a curious look. ″Let's go home.″

Wally hooted, and M'gann cried out with joy. Artemis grinned and grabbed Robin tightly, hugging him and kissing his cheek. Kaldur smiled at his friends, and Connor smirked, blushing as M'gann celebrated by kissing him.

Suddenly, there was a loud rumble.



Bruce looked up towards the roof of the temple, but silt dropped into his eyes. He swore, wiping it away. There was another rumble, and the ground below the Team and Bruce shook.

″It's going to collapse!″ Connor shouted, grabbing M'gann's hand. ″We need to get out of here!″

Bruce grabbed his son's shoulder and Wally's hair, shoving the two towards the way they had come.




The very walls that supported the temple shook around them as they ran. As they all tried to go faster, the ceiling behind them began to collapse at their heels. M'gann screamed, stumbling. Connor grabbed her and Artemis, threw either girls over his shoulders, ignoring Artemis's indignant objections, and charged the last few feet out of the temple and into the sandstorm beyond. Kid Flash grabbed Robin's cape, pulling him out the last few feet. ″Nu! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Tati! TATI!″

Kaldur stopped at the entrance, just as it was about to collapse, and whipped out his water bearers, using the water to create a small archway to hold up the rubble just enough for Bruce to leap through before the improv structure came crumbling down.

Robin rushed over at his father, burying his face in Bruce's tunic. ″Tati! Tată, ești bine?″

The man chuckled softly, ruffling the boy's long hair. ″Sunt bine, fiule. Ești bine?″

Robin nodded into his father's chest. ″Mi-ai lipsit...″

Bruce sighed, smiling as he patted his son's head. ″It's alright, fiule. Let's go.″

M'gann squealed at the sight of Batman embracing Robin like his true son (Artemis squealed inwardly). The Dark Knight scowled at her, straightening his back before turning towards the desert, shielding his face from the storm. ″Where is the Bio-ship?″

M'gann quickly summoned the ship and everybody boarded, happily shielded from the storm.


Everyone whipped around to face Robin, just as M'gann was about to fly off. ″What about the kid?″

Wally cocked an eyebrow. ″What kid?″

″There was a kid-″

″I think you've inhaled too much sand,″ Artemis joked, ruffling Robin's hair. The boy turned to look at his mentor.


Bruce shook his head, as if to say, ″Drop it″.

Robin did so.

There was a flash of white light, and little-Robin could feel his body being pulled, stretched, and wrung out like a towel. He saw stars, his eyes rolling around his head.

Then, he saw a dark blob.

That blob changed and shifted until he saw-


Little-Robin charged forward, tackling the Dark Knight backwards. The man stumbled, his eyes wide behind his mask.


Da, da, tati! E mine, eu! Sunt acasă!″ the boy shouted, nuzzling his face into Batman's breastplate. ″Sunt acasă, tati, eu sunt acasă!″

The man froze for a moment, not believing it. He couldn't. If it wasn't true... If this wasn't his boy-

″D-Daddy? Are you o-okay?″

Batman looked down at the little boy, whose big blue eyes were filled with water and glazed over. ″Daddy?″

In a single, swift movement, the Dark Knight pulled his son into his arms and swung him around in circles. ″Fiul meu este acasa. Fiul meu este acasa! ALFRED!″ He called the man's name up the steps towards the Manor. ″ALFRED! COME DOWN! DICK IS HOME!″

It was a long, agonizing afternoon of tests and machines, but Dick knew that Bruce meant well. It was almost midnight by the time they were done. Alfred sighed and handed his young charge a mug of hot cocoa. ″Master Bruce is glad to have you back, Master Dick-″

The teen snorted, looking into his cocoa. ″He has a funny way of showing it.″

Alfred sighed as he looked across the Batcave to where his older charge was running the finishing tests. He looked back over to Dick, who was still sulking at the milk chocolate drink. Finally, the old butler sighed and marched over to Bruce.

And he abruptly slapped the back of his head.

″Ouch! Alfred-″

Alfred lowered his voice to where Dick could not hear his words, but could hear his terse tone of voice. ″Excuse me, sir, but may I insist that you go over there and try to consol your son, who is not only injured, but has also been in an alternate universe for very near a month now? Sir?″

Bruce paused, looking at Alfred with surprise. He slowly turned to his son, who was looking rather sullen.

There was a pause before Alfred hit the back of Bruce's head again, making the man stumble. Bruce, swearing at the butler, walked towards his son. He sat down on the cold metal table next to him, putting a tentative hand on the boy's knee.

″Dick, I... I just wanted to make sure that you weren't sick... Time-travel and dimension-travel can be rather... upsetting on someone's body.″

Dick looked up at his father, smiling softly. He gently leaned into the man's side, snuggling close. ″I know.″

There was a long, akward silence before Dick said, ″I love you, Dad.″

Bruce jolted a bit, but then settled, a smile on his face.

″I love you, too, son... And I'm glad you're home... Alfred was going stir-crazy.″

Dick laughed, almost spilling his cocoa. ″Me, too, Dad. Me, too.″


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