For the "What My Spouse Doesn't Know" Challenge – Percy Weasley, and his wife Audrey.

Percy/Audrey, Percy/Oliver

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He fell in love with her for her innocence. He met her two years after the war, and everyone around him was still damaged, and he felt like he was walking on broken glass. But she helped him pick up the shards of his shattered life, and she put him back together again, and he loves her for that.

She was – and is – so untouched by the thing that tore apart everything he once knew and put it back together all wrong. That's why he loves her. He loves the way she laughs at the simple things. He loves the way she can cry because of a sappy movie that doesn't even matter in the end. He loves the simplicity of her.

And because he loves her, he can't bear to tell her.

He can't bear to tell her that he's in love with someone else, too.

He can't bear to tell her that he dated that someone else for longer then they've even been married – four years. That's as long as he's known her.

Most of all he can't bear to tell her that he still loves his school roommate, still thinks about him all the time.

He can hardly admit to himself that he's still in love with Oliver Wood.

She honestly thinks he loves Quidditch. He can't blame her, truthfully – he goes to every Puddlemore United game. Every single one. She's the only one that knows that – his family would catch on far too quickly; they know he hates Quidditch. But he goes, still, because nothing compares to seeing Oliver fly. When he's flying, Oliver gets this blissful look on his face like nothing in the world matters but him and his broomstick, and Percy loves that look.

He never talks to Oliver, though – heck, no. Oliver doesn't even know Percy attends. He'd likely be quite shocked at the revelation.

Percy can't bear to tell Oliver that's he's still in love with him, either. After all, it's Percy's fault that they broke up. They had four blissful years, from their fifth year until Percy went power crazy. He regrets that, now. He wonders (when he just can't seem to reign his brain in, and it wanders without his say-so) what things would've been like if he hadn't temporarily gone insane. Would it be Oliver at his side right now? Oliver that he fell asleep next to every night?

He aches with possibilities and might-have-beens.

Still, he can't bear to leave her, because this is stable, this is safe, and he can't risk losing that for what he had in school. What he had with Oliver, it was fiery and fast-paced and it terrified him but he loved every minute of it – but he can't risk losing what he's got and ending up with nothing. Because he loves her, he does, but not in the way that he loves Oliver.

He loves Audrey with a steady, solid kind of love. Loving Oliver, it's always been more like riding a hurricane. And Percy's no adrenaline junkie. Still, something about Oliver always made Percy get caught up in the high of the moment, and somehow, that was the only time that he didn't care that he'd crash later.

But Percy believes in dependability. And that's what his life with Audrey is – dependable. He loves her, and she loves him, and that's enough.

But, despite his solid rationalizations, he never misses a chance to see Oliver fly. The games, they are his stolen moments, the only times he'll allow himself to cherish what once was and what could have been.