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Harima's POV-

My name is Kenji Harima and I am in love. Who you might ask? Why only the most wonderful girl in the world. I remember the first day we met...

I was in my last year of middle school during the summer still a cocky delinquent. I was lazily walking round the block looking for a fight when I heard loud punching noises and such from a back alley. I cracked my knuckles and smiled. This was going to be fun.

I energetically rounded the corner ready to pounce on any given person when to my surprise a whole gang of thugs was, being beaten up by a young girl around my age.

I stood and watched in awe as she kicked those guys asses and these were no shrimps either they were guys that were at least 3 times her size yet she slaughtered them like it was nothing.

She punched the last guy in the face and she panted. I was about to say something when her breath increased and she clutched her throat wheezing, "I... can't... breathe..."

Her face went blue and her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out but I caught her before she could hit the ground.

I had never been so scared in my life. I almost pissed myself. I thought about taking her to the hospital but I decided it was too risky. So I took her home to my apartment. I laid her on the floor and put some covers over her and watched her while she was unconscious.

I watched her chest rise up and down and sighed thankfully, she was breathing fine now. While I was watching her I didn't fail to notice how adorable she was when she slept.

She had curly brown hair barely past her shoulders, and a beautiful figure. Not that I was staring or anything!

I decided to get closer. Damn why can't I remember what color eyes she had?

I climbed over her and inspected her face, wow, she is not adorable she's... beautiful.

I felt myself blush as I watched her now. I had never felt something like this before.

The girl batted open her eyes, they were jade green. I then found a fist in my face as the girl jumped up screaming, "Holy shit where the Hell am I?"

She then blinked as she realized what had happened, "Err thanks for taking care of me while I was unconscious but I don't want anything to do with a guy who would take advantage of a girl like that so... Bye."

She then hurriedly walked to the door and I cried out, "Wait it's not what you think!"

She teared up and her voice cracked, "Like Hell it isn't!"

She then ran out of the apartment. I ran after her but she was gone and little did she know when she walked out my door along with it she took my heart.

I had found myself thinking of her all the time. I had to see her again. Not too much later my cousin found out that I was living alone by myself and took me in. Being a teacher at the High School she insisted I went.

I don't know what came over me but I decided to give it a shot. Ounce I was at school I walked down the hall in search of my classroom 1-B.

That's when I saw her. She was laughing with a girl that had green hair. She looked really happy.

I hid before she could see me. What could I do? She thought I was a pervert.

I stared at my reflection in the window. I had spiky black hair, a clean-shaven face and dark brown eyes.

I would become someone else, a person she could love. Not a rugged delinquent.

So I grew my hair out, grew a goatee and whiskers also I grew the habit of ALWAYS wearing sunglasses.

After I saw a glimpse of her in the hall I started coming to school everyday no more skipping for me. Sadly she wasn't in any of my classes or anything but it was enough to just see her passing down the hallway.

Unfortunately I soon found out how popular she was with the guys and how much she was out of my league. She was a strait A student, drop dead gorgeous, great at sports and even in a band. The chick got around! I even heard she was a great cook. Also I learned the most important thing, her name was Maeko Chibu.

Mae's POV-

Hello my name is Maeko but I like to be called Mae. I am so excited for my first day of high school or well my second year of it. I hope I'm in the same class as Karen, my best friend in the world. Ever since I transferred into her middle school 3 years ago we've become inseparable. She's really the only reason I wrestle.

Now as far as my love life I really don't have a crush. I admire Hanai a boy in my class last year but its not like I'm in love with him or anything.

Okay I lied. I wouldn't admit it but I dream about a boy I met in the summer of my second year of middle school. He took care of me after I had an asthma attack.

I've never seen him since. I don't understand he looked to be around my age. Maybe he went to a different school? Oh what do I care? Why would I like the disgusting pervert?

But then again he called after me telling me it was a mistake. Ahh! How did he wriggle his way into my dreams, it's been a WHOLE year since then. He probably doesn't even remember. Whatever. I need to get to school. I grabbed my bag and locked the door of the apartment.

I exited the grounds. I began the long walk to school. I smiled; I was almost to Karen's house, which was conveniently located on the route to school.

"Karen, hurry up! We are going to be late!" I yelled.

She hurriedly hopped out of the door shoving on her shoes. Ounce she was done she raced over to my side. She then exclaimed in a small voice, "Sorry I'm late Mae."

I smiled and waved it off, "It's fine." I stared at my friend. Something was...different about her.

She had apart of her seaweed hair in a braid, pink lip-gloss and was just more girly looking. "Hey is something up Karen?"

She blushed and stated with a smile, "I can't hide anything from you can I?"

She then got serious, "I-I sort of like this guy... He even asked me out on a date b-but we never went...yet."

My eyes shone I was so happy for her, "Well don't keep me in suspense! Who is it?"

Karen ringed her hands and closed her eyes, "It's-it's Imadori."

Karen's POV-

I cracked open my eyes fearful of her reaction. Her jade eyes only blinked back in response. Then she smiled, "Well I don't think he would be my first pick but if you like him that's good enough for me! You do know he is sort of a playboy though right?"

I stared at the ground, "I know but that doesn't mean he isn't a good person inside."

Mae nodded. And we both walked on in silence wrapped up in our thoughts.

Was he really a playboy? He seemed VERY flirty but weren't most high school boys? Would he like me?

The two finally made it to school and approached the board that had the class lists.

A crowd watched as a boy about our age with sunglasses frantically searched the names. Everyone kept their distance. Well... except Mae.

She boldly strode up to the boy and tapped his shoulder. He spun around ready to bark at the person who had disturbed his concentration. He stopped when he saw it was Mae.

He looked away and tried to cover his face. She asked concernedly, "Do you need help finding your name."

He just nodded. He looked shocked but elated.

Just as Mae opened her mouth a teacher shouted, "Harima! What are you doing over here? You were held back, remember?"

His jaw dropped to the floor and he shuffled his way over to the 1st year board. Everyone then began crowding around the board eager to know who was in which class.

I made my way to Mae's side and searched for my name. There it was Karolyn Itchijou. And there his was right over mine, Kyousuke Imadori.

My heart pumped and I felt my breath catch in my chest. He was in MY class!

Mae grinned, "Yes! We're in the same class!"

Karen shook her head. Quit it! Focus on your friend!

She smiled softly, "I'm so happy."

Suddenly the orange-blonde was by her side skimming the list himself, "C-2 huh? Eh. Not too bad I guess."

She blushed. Did he remember the date he never fulfilled?

Imadori's POV-

Crap there's Itchi. Does she remember I asked her out? Hope not. I mean she's okay but she's just to shy and not even close to the mandatory boob size.
Her friend on the other hand... Smoking.

Okay focus. Just act natural and she'll think you forgot all about it. I mean it's not like she would bring the topic up herself right? I mean shes just too shy as I said before.

"Hey Itchi." I said boredly not even staring directly at her.

She smiled shyly but brightly, "Oh um hey Imadori."

That's when I noticed the braid in her hair. Then I noticed the lip gloss. Did she do that at all last year? Whatever, what do I care?

"So how was your summer vacation?"I asked making small talk hands stuffed in my pockets. It's not like I had anything better to do.

She glanced at the ground nervously, "It was good. I trained really hard and practiced a lot. The highlight of my summer vacation was probably working for the moving company. I mean who doesn't like a nice pay check right?"

She dragged her foot on the ground.

Aww shoot. Was she trying to bring up the subject of the date?

I rubbed the back of my head, "See ya Itchi."

She blushed slightly, "Bye Imadori."

I then walked off in search of Mikoto or something. Anything to get my mind off us this weird sickening feeling in my gut.