Pairing/Characters: Mukuro-Byakuran Plot: It's difficult to be friendly with someone who has the exact same ideals as yourself, but sometimes, a similar intrest can create a solid bond between two people.
Rating: T Genre: Romance Style: AU, Ten-chapters, Third Person Limited- Byakuran Title: Will You be the Marshmallow in my Pineapple Shake?
Word Limit: 20,000

Will You be the Marshmallow in my Pineapple Shake?
Chapter One

Okay! I'm going to do this ff before I continue Want a Pineapple, Sensei's sequel, so be prepared for a bit of a wait! Of course, there's always a chance that I'll get some random inspiration and post it, then start doing a five-story at once thing.

How annoying are my habits?

A young man wan was asleep in his bed one night, his odd, sparkling, angelic wings pulsing like a butterfly's as he breathed. His pure white hair glowed blue in the moonlight, and his slender flank moved up and down rhythmically with each deep breath. It was one of his most peaceful times, when suddenly-

"Byakuran! Wake up! I'm going to introduce you to your new roommate!"


Byakuran's amethyst gaze opened slowly, and he sighed, exhausted. "... Mm... Sure thing, Sho-chan!" he called. "But I want to stay in bed!"


The albino groaned and forced himself out of bed, giving his small wings a stretch before he walked over to the door and opened it. His eyes focused, and he saw a man about his age, with deep blue hair and mismatched eyes- one red and one blue, wearing a black leather jacket and blue-gray shirt, with leather pants, and an overall just creepy look about him.

"Why hello, there," Byakuran greeted, smling. "How are you on this fine midnight hour?"

The other man refused to speak, and Shoichi, a man with thin glasses and reddish hair that gave the impression that he should be in a laboratory somewhere, said, "This is Rokudo Mukuro. He's going to room with you for a while."

"Nice to meet you, Mukuro-kun~!" Byakuran greeted, reaching out to the other man for a second time. Mukuro just stared at his hand, frowning, and the albino sighed, retracting from his handshake. He tried not to let it put a damper on his mood.

"Mukuro-san has had a rough night," Irie murmured, "It's not likely that you will get him to talk."

"Ah," Byakuran murmured, his tone falling as he spoke. "Very well." But hearing what he had tweaked Byakuran's nature. He'd come up with a new game to play. "Okay, Sho-chan~!" he sang, "I'll gladly hang out with Mukuro-kun!"

"Byakuran," Irie Shoichi began, "please, try to treat him nicely."

"Mou, Sho-chan, have I ever been anything but nice to any of my guests?" Byakuran pouted, folding his arms. Shoichi sighed, accounting several accounts in which Byakuran had been EVERYTHING but nice to his guests.

"All right, Byakuran, he's all yours."

A spark of playfulness shone in Byakuran's eyes, and his wings fluttered impishly as he grabbed Mukuro's arm. He gazed into the intriguing, mismatched gaze, and whispered, "We're going to be good friends, Mukuro-kun." With that, the albino lead the illusionist into his room. "So, where do you want to sleep?" he asked. "I don't mind you sleeping in my bed with me, or if you'd rather sleep elsewhere..."

Mukuro silently strode over to the bed, gave it a short inspection, then sat down on the ground. He shedded his jacket and held it over him, then lied down. Byakuran frowned for a moment, then hopped over to Mukuro, using his small wings to float for a moment as he slid to the ground beside the other man. "Ne, why don't you talk?" he asked.

The boy looked at him for a while, then closed his eyes, and Byakuran bit his lip, contemplating what to try next. He reached over and pinched Mukuro's cheek, tugged on it, then pinched harder, and finally got a satisfying mewl of pain from the other. Mukuro reached up and grabbed Byakuran's wrist in a vice, then glared at him, and the albino merely smiled.

"That was one girly noise you made," he snickered, though he twitched when Mukuro's nails dug into his wrist. "Mukuro-kun- that kind of hurts..."

"Shut up."

The albino's eyes opened wide, and he sat back, shocked, for a moment. He had heard such a brief and snappy noise, but it was the most beautiful sound he'd other heard. A sweet, deep voice that paralyzed him for a moment. His wings flapped, and he flew up to his bed, still staring dumbly at Mukuro.

"Thanks," Byakuran breathed, "for speaking to me."

Mukuro sighed and turned onto his side, and Byakuran curled up under his covers, wondering if he'd ever be able to hear that delicious voice again. As his light purple eyes closed, he found himself slipping into a deeper slumber than ever before.

"Byakuran... Byakuran...!"

"Mm.. who...?"

"Open your eyes..."

Byakuran woke up, and sat upright, then looked around the area with a fascinated expression. His fingers were entangled in luscious, green grass that seemed too good to be true, and the pure blue of the sky was surreal. "Where...?" he breathed.


The young man looked to his left, than stood up immediately. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "It's one of THOSE dreams! Hehe. Sorry, Byakuran."

Another man stood before him, this one with long, white, wavy hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and the same triple-triangle marking crept down from beneath his eyes. It was a man from a parallel universe with whom this Byakuran often comminucated. "I'm here to speak to you about your near future."

"Oh, joy~," Byakuran sang, "Please, talk, fellow Byakuran."

"It's about Mukuro."

"Hm? Mukuro-kun? He seems like a nice kid. Why?"

"He's going to be very important to you," the other said, "I met him a year early. He's someone who you need."

"Okay," the albino replied, "but 'need' in what way...?"

"... Well, I'm not supposed to tell you."

"Oh... okay," Byakuran sighed. "Then... is that all?"

"Yes. But, Byakuran... just remember, you need to be gentle to some people."

"Got it~," Byakuran hummed. "Later, myself."


Byakuran closed his eyes, and when he opened them once more, he was in his room once more, and it was morning.

-End Chapter 1

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