Will You be the Marshmallow in my Pineapple Shake?
Chapter Ten

Mukuro and Byakuran headed into the shop, and Byakuran waved to the clerk happily. "Afternoon, Bluebell!"

"Ah, hi, Byakuran!" she replied happily.

"Running the shop for your father again, I see," the albino said, walking up to the counter. "What chocolates are in today?"

"Chocolate? I thought you were more of a marshmallow guy," Bluebell said with a grin.

"Not for me, today, I brought in a friend," Byakuran replied, bringing Mukuro over.

"Hey, I know I'm not supposed to ask, but what happened to your wings? You look pretty battered up."

"Oh, just a little crash, I'm fine," Byakuran answered. "Chocolates?"

"Right, right, well, there's a wall of chocolate items over there, so feel free to look around."

"That I will," Byakuran answered, "C'mon, Mukuro-kun~."

"All right," the illusionist replied, following the albino to the back of the store. "Wow, they've got chocolates of all shapes and sizes. C'mon, Mukuro, take your pick~."

"I'm not really-"

"Bluebell, we might end up eating in here, so I'll just give you a thousand yen up front," Byakuran said, walking over and placing a thousand yen in front of Bluebell.

"Jeez, are you sure?" she questioned, staring in suprise.

"It's cool, Bluebell, it's not that much. And it's not even my money anyway. Hehe." Byakuran walked back to Mukuro, and took a chocolate marshmallow bag off of a shelf, before opening it. "Hurry up and pick somethin' out, Mukuro-kun, I'm paying."

"... Well... I'm not really up for-"

Byakuran took a package of chocolate truffles off the shelf and opened it, then got one out and held it out to Mukuro. "Try this."

"Uh, no th- mmf!"

The illusionist gasped as Byakuran popped the truffle into his mouth and kissed him in order to give it to him. After a rather sweet transfer between the two, Mukuro found himself with no other choice but to taste the chocolate in his mouth, and he tried not to blush too darkly when he caught Byakuran's wide grin. "Well? Like it?"

"It's all right," Mukuro muttered.

"Good. We'll just take these, I suppose. Keep the change, Bluebell!"

"Thanks, Byakuran!"

Byakuran took the illusionist's hand, and grinned widely. "I'm glad I got you something you like," he told him, an arm around his shoulders. "I love you, Mukuro-kun."

"Hey- not in public," Mukuro mumbled. "Someone might hear you."

"I love you, Mukuro-kun~! I love you soo much~~!"

"Byakuran!" the illusionist complained. "Please!"

Byakuran laughed quietly and passed the illusionist his chocolates. "Here, I've got mine, take yours." Mukuro accepted the bag of truffles, and sighed as Byakuran held his hand. "This is like a first date, ne?"

"Yeah, I guess," Mukuro replied, "except I don't really..." He glanced at the albino as he trailed off, and Byakuran had to blink when the mismatched eyes stared deep into his own. The albino kept his gaze narrow and frowned, silently ordering the illusionist to keep quiet. If that Mukuro ruined the moment by saying he didn't love him, Byakuran would throw a temper tantrum. But then, Mukuro did the exact opposite of killing the mood, in fact, he enhanced it.

He came close, his eyes closing slowly as he leaned in, and then their lips touched. The albino gasped with suprise, then kissed back, and the two of them embraced, Byakuran blushing when he felt his injured wings being clutched in Mukuro's fists. It felt as though the most sensitive parts of his back were being caressed. It was a very pleasing sensation, and he responded to it with a happy moan. Mukuro answered the noise by loosening the intense grip on Byakuran's wings, before abruptly dragging his tongue over the albino's lower lip. Byakuran practically threw himself closer to the illusionist as he opened his mouth, feeling as though he'd finally won himself a reward for all his hard work.

Eventually, Byakuran tried to open his eyes once more, and when he did, he discovered that there was a beautiful wrapping of lotus blossoms and vines completely surrounding them, hiding their love from the public. He continued to kiss Mukuro passionately, his arms wrapped around the illusionist's waist, but soon found himself unable to breathe for much longer. He parted from Mukuro, panting quietly, and whispered, "Mukuro-kun... that...!"

"I love you... too...," Mukuro said, releasing the other as the lotus blossoms around them retracted on their vines, sinking into nothingness.

"Mukuro-kun," Byakuran murmured, "r-really?"

Mukuro looked away, then nodded, and said, "You hate people, right?"

"Yes... and you do too, don't you?"

"Yeah. So what is it that attracts us?" Mukuro sighed, still staring straight into those amethyst eyes. "What is it that brought us together? Our mutual hate?"

"I was brought in by everything," Byakuran replied. "Your eyes, your voice, your personality, your hair, hehe~! Mukuro-kun, you're a beautiful, beautiful man. A little annoying at times, but you are... really... really beautiful."

"Thank you...," Mukuro murmured, blushing lightly. "Byakuran... you are the first person to love me for who I am... Did you know that?"

"Not 'til now," Byakuran hummed, reaching up and taking Mukuro's hands. "Mukuro-kun, I'm very happy right now. Very, very happy."

"I'm glad you feel that way," Mukuro breathed, looking away. "I admit I'm rather winded by my own actions. So if you don't mind... I want to head back now."

"Of course, Mukuro-kun," Byakuran replied, grinning. "Let's go home, then."

Mukuro nodded, and the two headed back to the orphanage, Mukuro placing his hand on Byakuran's back as they walked.

"Mukuro! Daemon Spade is here!" called a voice from behind the door. "Come here!"

"Oh my god, no," Mukuro whimpered, snuggling up closer to Byakuran's chest. "Not today..."

"Shh... stay here, I'll handle this," Byakuran said in a serious voice, before sliding out of the bed and walking over to the door. He opened it, and murmured, "Sho-chan? What is it?"

"Where's Mukuro? A potential father is here for-"

"He went out on a walk," Byakuran replied.

"Huh? Where?" Shoichi asked.

"I dunno," the albino answered, "why'd he tell me?"

"Ugh, fine," the red-haired man sighed, "I'll just have to tell that to Spade..."

"You should tell him to give up," Byakuran said suddenly. "I mean, if he wants Mukuro, he'll have to take me, too. Cause we're lovers now."

"Okay, whatever," Shoichi muttered, walking away. "Ohh... my stomach..."

Byakuran closed the door and looked back at Mukuro. They exchanged smiles.

No words needed to be said.


*WYBMPS Extra! Kikyo and Daisy*

"So we're NOT taking over the world?" Daisy asked, squeezing the pink stuffed rabbit in his arms.

"Apparently not," Kikyo replied, gazing at the toy animal with no strange intentions. "Byakuran fell in love with his roommate, so he's given up on that, I suppose."

"Oh," Daisy mumbled, looking down. "Man... I was really hoping to make some real friends. Everyone I approach just runs away from me... I'm so lonely, mister Kikyo..."

"There's no need to feel bad, Daisy, it's not your fault," the teal-haired man replied, "it's not our fault that he's found an emotion we don't have."

"You don't have love?" Daisy asked, cocking his head like a dog. "But... but doesn't Kikyo love Byakuran?"

"I do not," Kikyo said, glaring. He stopped himself when he saw other flinch slightly, and smiled. "But I could love you, Daisy, if you're intrested."

"L-l-love, huh?" the undead man stuttered, "I g-guess it would be okay, b-but I don't really know how to love, and... and I think I'd be k-kind of bad at it... ohhh..."

"Well, for starters, Daisy, how about you come here and hug me like you're hugging that stuffed rabbit of yours?"
The other blushed lightly and put down his stuffed animal, then walked over and hugged Kikyo tightly. "L-like this?"

"Oho? Not bad, Daisy."

-Extra: Owari.

Hehe. Anyone like the extra bit there? I have a thing for Daisy, you know, he's kinda cute... If anyone would like, I could write some stuff about them, another time, too...

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