There's a time skip to the summer in this chapter. I'm using the lyrics of the song Victims of love by Good charlotte because I was listening to that song a couple months ago when I needed to find a title for this story lol. So I thought I'd use it in this chapter. I know I'm lame and lack creativity. Meh.

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Chapter 17

The whole gang was there. Suigetsu and Sai were talking animatedly while drinking girly cocktails. Gaara was standing quietly next to Sasuke. Even Temari and Kankuro had made it. The latter was with his new girlfriend Ino. The rest of Naruto's friends were also there; Sakura, and the 'cute couple' as Naruto liked to call them, Hinata and Kiba.

It was Naruto's band's first gig. They had a - somewhat unofficial - name; Rise to fame. Naruto had come up with it, and Sasuke thought it sounded cool. Apparently the rest of the band did too, since they had chosen it. They were at a rather small bar, but it was still a nice enough place, and it was better than nothing considering the band had been formed barely two months ago.

When the music stopped and the owner of the place walked on stage Sasuke smiled. Naruto was gonna be performing in a few seconds now… The man announced the band and screams and cheers erupted from the small crowd. It was pretty much just the friends of the band members making noise, but Sasuke was certain the other people here would love them as well. He had personally heard them play a couple times, and they had a pretty cool sound. He hated to admit it, but Fukami was an extremely talented guitarist. And the others weren't bad at all.

As the four of them appeared on stage and started playing, the crowd went quiet to listen. The female singer, Fukami and the drummer all had a pretty cool style. Dark, tight clothes with chains, spiked belts, and all sorts of accessories like that. But the raven barely noticed. His eyes were on his boyfriend of course. And Naruto spotted him in the crowd and a smile was exchanged.

He looked beyond handsome. And pretty cool of course. He wore skinny black jeans with a buckle belt and a black tank top under an electric blue button down shirt that he left open, with the sleeves rolled up over his elbows. His new electric guitar, that Sasuke had bought him for the occasion, actually matched his outfit. His mid-length blond locks were sleek instead of their usual spiky.

Sasuke's eyes never left the sexy blond guitarist as he listened to the first two songs. The music was really good and the crowd was reacting really well to it. Sasuke couldn't help but smile as Naruto kept staring right back at him. His guitar solos were pretty hardcore and he nailed it even though he was not that experienced.

"I didn't know he was that good," Gaara told him at some point, impressed.

Sasuke only gave a slight shrug and smiled.

Things weren't awkward anymore with Gaara, and Sasuke was thankful. Of course it helped greatly that they weren't living together. With Naruto they had found a really great apartment that they could afford, and also they had bought a car. It was black, and Naruto had actually painted orange flames on it, that moron. Sasuke still wasn't used to it. But he forgave him – he could never stay mad at Naruto very long.

The last song they were performing had been written by Sasuke. That's right, he had actually picked up Naruto's challenge and written a song for him. And Naruto liked it so much that he had showed it to the rest of his band right away. It turned out they all liked it and they had decided to perform it live.

In the beginning

I tried to warn you

You play with fire

It's gonna burn you

And here we are now

Same situation

You never listen

I never listen, now

I'm thinking of a way

That I can make an escape

It's got me caught up in a web

And my heart's the prey

Do you really wanna throw your heart

Away, away, away

Everybody's hurt somebody before

Everybody's been warned by somebody before

You can change but you'll always come back for more

It's a game and we're all just victims of love

Don't try to fight it

Victims of love

You can't decide it

Victims of love

Now you back track

You're running away

'Cause it just happened again

And you just want it to end

Trying your best not to let yourself go cold, so cold

Now you're thinking of the things

You thought you wanted to say

But when you open your mouth

They don't come out that way

Are you really gonna throw your heart away

After that they repeated the chorus, and they pretty much repeated the whole thing again. When it was finished everybody cheered excitedly – not only the friends of the band this time, but everyone in the place, even the staff.

"I didn't really like it," Gaara told him, "it was too soft for me."

Sasuke shook his head in disbelief, and glanced at Gaara sideways with a little smile. Some things never changed…

After their performance the members of Rise to fame joined their friends to party for the rest of the night. The girl ordered some shots and Naruto joined her at the bar counter excitedly. Tons of people were asking them questions and they were trying to answer them all, but it wasn't easy. Naruto suddenly locked eyes with Sasuke and he smiled. He managed to push everyone in his way – politely enough, he wouldn't want to be mean to his first fans – and to reach him.

He took Sasuke in his arms and kissed him passionately.

"Didn't we decide we were gonna try to keep our relationship a secret?" Sasuke asked teasingly as they pulled away to catch their breath. Of course everyone around them was staring, but they couldn't care less.

The blond smiled, "Screw that."

They kissed again and Sasuke smiled through the kiss. That was totally okay with him. After that they went to the bar to drink some shots. Naruto also ordered some beer, and he talked and laughed with his other friends. Sasuke just stayed by his boyfriend's side, pretty much quietly, as everyone was congratulating him and admiring his talent as a guitarist. As if Naruto needed to be even more flattered, Sasuke thought, amused. But the blond, even though he often bragged teasingly, always stayed the same kind and warm person that Sasuke loved so much.

Suigetsu suddenly came to talk to him, "Hey Sasuke, what's up?"

"Nothing much. Well, the movie premiere is tomorrow…"

"Why the hell did you say nothing much for?" Suigetsu laughed, "That's pretty big. I'll definitely go see it."

Sasuke just gave a slight nod.

"So how are your injuries?" Suigetsu asked.

"Oh it's healed up now. There's still scars but it can't be helped," he shrugged.

"Thank god those assholes are in jail right?"


"So are you still modeling?"

"I'm starting again slowly, once in a while," Sasuke shrugged, "makeup can do magic, right?"

"Ah yeah I guess."

"Anyway I don't mind putting modeling on the side. I've got a lot of people offering me projects with the movie coming out. My agent's kinda overwhelmed right now. There's the book coming out in a few months too. And I'm writing a lot lately."

"So you found your inspiration again huh?" Suigetsu smiled knowingly.

Sasuke glanced at his boyfriend and made a little smile, "You could say that."

After that Suigetsu had to leave, and Sasuke was content to just stay with Naruto. The latter was drinking a little too much though. At some point the raven stole his beer, drank it completely, and put it down on the counter.


Naruto burst out laughing, "You hate beer! Why'd you do that?"

"Cause I don't want you to be hangover tomorrow. It's my movie premiere, remember?"

"Of course I remember," Naruto slid his arm around his waist and kissed him. "My first show tonight, your first movie tomorrow, pretty sweet huh?"

"Yeah," Sasuke smiled.

Naruto smiled back and led him to the small space where some people were dancing. The music was now some sort of old rock techno remix. It wasn't bad, and apparently Naruto felt like dancing to it. Kiba and Hinata joined them on this little improvised dance floor, as well as Fukami and Sai.

But Sasuke barely noticed them. He was checking Naruto out as they started dancing, each on their own at first. But that changed pretty soon as they moved closer to each other. Sasuke couldn't resist running his fingers through Naruto's soft and unnaturally sleek blond hair.

"You know, you look kinda cute like this."

Naruto laughed and flipped his bangs aside. "I hate it it's so annoying."

Sasuke smiled and moved his hands to the back of his neck. Naruto placed his arms around his waist to pull him even closer. They rolled their hips together, and Sasuke tilted his head back. This felt so good, just dancing together like that, without thinking about anything else in the world.

At some point he glanced around, and he noticed Fukami and Sai were staring. He smiled as he looked back at Naruto.

"I think some people are jealous."

Naruto looked at the two guys then back at Sasuke, "Feel like making them even more jealous?"

The raven parted his lips as he nodded. Naruto didn't lose any time and he crashed their lips together. Their hands were all over each other, and their bodies were flushed together. Nothing else existed, it was just the two of them. It was just Naruto's body, his hands crawling under his shirt, his soft, full lips ravaging his…

When they broke the kiss, breathless, they locked eyes. Naruto's blue orbs were half-lidded and full of lust.

"Feel like getting out of here?" Sasuke asked in a low, husky voice.


Naruto smirked and put his arm around his shoulders as they walked out of the bar together. Their stupid looking car was parked right across the street. Sasuke unlocked it and took place behind the wheel, while Naruto sat in the passenger seat.

"Drinking and driving huh?" Naruto teased him.

He rolled his eyes, "Oh please, all I had was the rest of your beer…"

He started the car, shifted and drove down the street. Naruto had been really frustrated with their manual transmission car at first, because he found it difficult to drive, whereas Sasuke had gotten the hang of it pretty quickly.

"You look hot when you're driving," Naruto smiled as he stared at his profile.

Sasuke returned his smile briefly.

"I can't wait to be home," Naruto said fervently.

The raven didn't reply at first, but then he had an idea. As they waited at a red light he turned to look at his boyfriend.

"Will you let me top?"

Blue eyes widened slightly in surprise. Sasuke could understand him; this request was kind of random. During all the time that they had been together, Naruto had always topped, and of course Sasuke had more than enjoyed it. But he had never forgotten their conversation that night in Naruto's dorm room, when the blond had told him that he wouldn't mind letting him top. And sometimes Sasuke fantasized about it…

"Yeah okay," Naruto finally replied with a little smile. He looked eager, excited and nervous at the same time.

"I won't hurt you Naruto, I promise," he reassured him, "don't be nervous."

"I'm not," he said a little bit too quickly, and Sasuke smiled at him almost fondly.

When he was parked in front of their apartment building, he got out of the car and locked the door. When he turned around Naruto surprised him by pushing him against the car door and kissing him roughly. He slid his arm around his waist and pulled him close while kissing him more and more aggressively.

"Hmm…" Sasuke moaned and pulled away, "you couldn't wait to get inside?"

"No," Naruto smiled and kissed him again.

After this heated making out session outside they made their way to their apartment. It was rather small with a room combining kitchen and living room, a bathroom and a bedroom – but it was all they needed. It was beautiful and clean – that last part was thanks to Sasuke, needless to say.

But admiring their apartment was the last thing on Sasuke's mind at the moment. As soon as they stepped inside Naruto closed the door loudly and pushed the raven against it. He pressed his thigh in between his legs and grinded against him as he kissed his neck. Then he pulled away and helped Sasuke out of his shirt.

Sasuke decided to try to be a little more dominating for once, since he was going to top. He was already hard and trembling in desire at the idea. So he forced Naruto to pull away from him, and he practically ripped his shirt off in his haste to get rid of it. Then just as quickly he helped him take off his tank top, before pressing their naked chests together, wrapping his arms around Naruto and kissing him fiercely.

When he pulled away Naruto smiled. He looked a little surprised. "What's gotten into you?"

Sasuke bit Naruto's lip teasingly and smirked, "I don't know but I wanna be inside you…"

"Only if I can be inside you after…" Naruto teased back as he squeezed his ass.


They kissed passionately and made a mess out of the apartment while making their way to their bedroom. But for once Sasuke didn't care about the mess. This moment was really intense, and nothing could ruin it.

He pushed Naruto on the bed and climbed on top of him. He skillfully undid his belt and took off his pants and boxers at the same time. Naruto still had that surprised smile on his lips. The roles were reversed.

After kissing his lips and his neck Sasuke worked his way to his nipples. He kissed and licked both as Naruto's breathing picked up. He was running his fingers through Sasuke's hair, and on his smooth backside. Sasuke then looked up at him and smiled, and Naruto pulled him close to kiss his lips.

"Why am I the only one naked?" he whispered when they pulled away.

Sasuke got up and made a little show of taking off the rest of his clothes. Naruto smiled.

"Come here you," he reached out to take his arms and bring him closer.

After they kissed once more Sasuke said, "Turn around."

There was still this mix of excitement and stress in Naruto's beautiful blue eyes. Sasuke kissed him, very softly this time, to try to reassure him. The blond did as he was told and turned around. Sasuke reached for the drawer and took out the lube. He applied some generously on his fingers.

He kissed Naruto's back relentlessly while he slowly entered one finger inside of him.

"Tell me how it feels…" he whispered as he kissed his shoulder.

"Cold," Naruto chuckled.

"Hmm yeah sorry about that… but does it hurt?"


Sasuke entered a second finger. Naruto still wasn't showing any sign of pain. He turned his head slightly and Sasuke took the hint and kissed his lips. Then he kissed his cheek, his jaw, and ear. Naruto was breathing loud and he seemed excited. Sasuke smiled. He didn't stop kissing his neck, hoping it would distract him when he entered a third finger…

But Naruto hissed in pain.

"Sorry," Sasuke said.

"No it's… it's not that bad," the blond reassured him.

Sasuke continued stretching him for a few moments, and then he removed his fingers.

"…Feels kinda empty now," Naruto admitted.

"Not for long," Sasuke whispered in his ear, and Naruto's body trembled slightly.

He applied a lot of lube on his cock; he really didn't want to hurt him, or as least as possible he supposed.

"You ready?" he asked as he positioned himself.

"Um… yeah… I think so… just go slow…"

"Yeah," Sasuke whispered and kissed his ear softly.

He went very, very slowly. Still, it hurt Naruto, but it couldn't be helped.

"You okay?" Sasuke asked worriedly when he was deep inside of him.

"Yeah," the blond reassured him, "it's not that bad," he said again.

But Sasuke wanted it to be more than just not that bad. He wanted Naruto to enjoy it. So he placed his hands at his hips and started moving inside of him, searching for that one spot that would give Naruto so much pleasure that it would erase the pain.

And soon after he knew that he had found it because Naruto gasped slightly.

"That felt…"

Before he could finish his sentence Sasuke gripped his hips tightly and started moving faster inside of him. Naruto moaned in pleasure.

"…so good," he said.

The raven smiled and bent over to slid one arm around Naruto's waist. He kissed the back of his neck as he thrusted harder and faster. At some point the blond reached with his hand to touch the back of his thigh and encourage his movements.

"Ah fuck… Sasuke… don't stop…"

He slowed down a little because otherwise he wasn't sure he could hold back much longer. Then he pulled away to grab his hips again, and he slowly increased the pace once more. He couldn't repress moans of pure pleasure himself; being inside of Naruto felt simply amazing. Naruto kept telling him not to stop.

A few moments later they reached climax together, and after one last thrust Sasuke moved away from Naruto and collapsed next to him on the bed.

"That was," he breathed, "amazing…"

"Yeah," Naruto agreed, and turned his head to look at him, "so intense… Kinda hurt at first but damn... We should do it more often."

Sasuke smiled, "I'm so glad you liked it."

"Yeah... but now," Naruto said slowly while caressing his arm, "it's my turn…"

Sasuke looked up at him, still smiling, "Yeah?"

"Hmm… yeah…"

Naruto was very soft and tender at first. He caressed his hair, and leaned closer to kiss his lips softly. Then he trailed very light kisses along his neck, making Sasuke shiver slightly. The blond simultaneously trailed his fingers lightly along his sides. Sasuke instinctively pushed Naruto's hands away.

"Did I ever tell you I find it really cute that you're ticklish?"

"Pretty much every time we have sex," Sasuke teased, "which is what, nine, ten times a week?"

"At least twelve," Naruto corrected, making him chuckle.

But then he tickled his sensitive skin again with his fingers and Sasuke tried to grab his wrists to stop him. Naruto struggled playfully and ended up taking his hands and placing them on both sides of him in the messy bed, entangling their fingers and squeezing gently.

Then he placed soft kisses on his chest and stomach, everywhere he had tiny white scars. He often did this, and Sasuke knew that he wanted to show him, in a way, that he found him beautiful even though he had scars on his body. Sasuke was already getting hard again – and so was Naruto.

The latter pulled away, only to loom over him and give him a passionate kiss. Sasuke freed his hands from his grasp and wrapped them around Naruto's neck to deepen the kiss. That was when Naruto became more aggressive. He bit his lip and then he moved to his neck, where he kissed him very roughly, definitely leaving some marks. But Sasuke loved it, and he was breathing loud and moaning while running his hands all over Naruto's body.

The blond moved back and suddenly grabbed his legs, placing them over his shoulders. Without any warning he entered him and Sasuke couldn't repress a scream. But he liked it, he liked it so much and Naruto knew it. They exchanged a smile and Naruto went as fast as he could.

"Fuck… Naruto! Holy shit…" he couldn't stop moaning and encouraging Naruto.

The blond loved it anyway, and he smirked as he tightened his grip on his legs. This went on for a while, and they were both enjoying it but then in a silent agreement they switched positions. They often did this when they felt themselves getting closer to release. It cooled things off before picking up again.

So Naruto lay down on his back and Sasuke moved on top of him, only to start riding him. He couldn't repress a moan as he lowered himself, taking Naruto's length deep inside of him. Naruto fisted the sheets and Sasuke, noticing this, took his hands.

"I love you," the blond said as he locked eyes with him.

Sasuke leaned closer to kiss his lips, "I love you," he said back.

They came for the second time that night and then they rolled on the bed while holding each other fiercely.

Naruto caressed his hair and gave him one more kiss.

"I love you," he repeated.

Sasuke chuckled, "Are you afraid I'll forget?"

"I just love saying it," he smiled, "you were amazing tonight."

"Hmm… so were you."

After a moment of silence Naruto asked, "How do you think the press will react to me being your date at the premiere?"

Sasuke gave a slight shrug, and caressed Naruto's arm, "I don't care. Well, at least after that they'll stop asking me what type of girl I prefer in interviews…"

The blond laughed, "What did you answer to that?"

"Hmm… well I do have a thing for blondes with blue eyes."


"And tan skin… and a beautiful smile…"

"And?" Naruto smiled.

"Spontaneous, crazy, kind of an idiot sometimes but that's okay…"

"Oh yeah I'm sure you were saying that in your interviews," Naruto rolled his eyes.

Sasuke laughed softly; of course he was making all of this up.

"And funny, talented, musician's a plus… oh yeah and a huge dick."

The blond burst out laughing, and pulled him close in his arms. Sasuke laughed softly.

"You know something Sasuke? I don't think I ever told you but there's one thing I've noticed about you."

"Hmm… what is it?"

"Everyone thinks you're boring, and like… not funny at all."

"I feel better about myself now, thanks."

Naruto laughed and said, "You didn't let me finish! Everyone thinks that but they're so fucking wrong! They don't even know you. And I feel so privileged because I'm the only one who really knows you. And you're anything but boring. You're funny, I love your sense of humor, even if sometimes it's sort of cynical and dark humor, I don't care, I love it."

The raven pressed himself closer and Naruto kissed his hair.

"I really love everything about you," Naruto added.

"Hmm good thing you told me," he whispered with a little amused smile, "I was about to forget I mean it's been like, five whole minutes since the last time you told me…"

"See?" Naruto chuckled as he caressed his back softly, "I told you you were funny."

"Yeah… screw modeling. I'm gonna do stand up comic."

"Okay you can stop being funny now," he chuckled again and kissed his hair.




"I love you."

"…You can stop saying it now."


Shisaki had arranged a limousine to drive Sasuke and his boyfriend to the premiere. The driver arrived early and Naruto was freaking out because he wasn't ready. He was wearing a simple but stylish and slim black suit, and he wasn't able to tie his tie properly – as always.

Sasuke put his hands on his shoulders. "Stop freaking out. Just let me do it."

Naruto calmed down a little at least, and he let Sasuke do the tie knot. He kept distracting him by kissing him though.

"The driver's waiting Naruto," the raven said.

Naruto kissed him again.

"Look I'm never gonna be able to do it if you keep kissing me."

"But I like kissing you," the blond said teasingly.

Sasuke finally managed to finish, and then they made their way outside where the black limo was waiting for them. Naruto was extremely enthusiastic.

"It's my first time being in a limo," he exclaimed, "seriously, this is so cool."

Sasuke smiled as he sat next to him. The driver didn't lose any time; they were running a little late.

Naruto checked him out and smiled back, "You look really good. I love that suit."

It was another gift from a designer he had modeled for. It was a very dark shade of grey, with a dark blue shirt underneath. He wasn't wearing any tie, but it looked good that way. It was very fit, flattering his thin figure.

They were both a little nervous as to how the press and the fans would react, but at the same time they didn't really care. If they weren't happy with their relationship they could just all go fuck themselves, Sasuke thought.

As expected, when they arrived and stepped on the red carpet, they were harassed by photographs and journalists asking questions. Thankfully there were bodyguards hired to protect the movie stars from the too intense journalists. Two of them came to place themselves around the couple.

All the questions unsurprisingly revolved around Naruto being there with him. The photographs were restless.

Sasuke was a bit overwhelmed. He looked in front of them on the red carpet and he spotted some of his co-stars as well as the director of Moonless Night, so he decided to join them. He kept Naruto's hand firmly in his, and they walked together. Some of the journalists followed but the bodyguards were keeping them at a safe distance.

Thankfully after that Aruki made her appearance with her handsome date – Sasuke was glad to see that it wasn't the guy from that bar in Kyoto – and the journalists were immediately disinterested in him. Of course in an instant they were all over the famous young actress.

"They're fucking crazy," Naruto whispered in his ear.

"I know."

They slowly made their way to the entrance of the building while Sasuke had no choice but to answer to a few more questions, and sign at least some autographs. Naruto stayed by his side the whole time and the photographs continued taking pictures of them.

They both let out a relieved sigh once they were inside. They went to take their seats in the theatre, next to some of Sasuke's co-stars. They politely greeted him and introduced their date, and Sasuke did the same. After this polite little chat Sasuke turned to look at Naruto.

"I hope this is not too boring for you…"

"No," he smiled and took his hand, "I'm so glad to be here with you. Now the world knows you're mine," he added half-teasingly.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and he was about to call him an idiot fondly like he always did, but Naruto probably anticipated it because he silenced him with a kiss. Some people stared but they really couldn't care less.

When the movie started the whole room went respectfully quiet. Sasuke found it extremely weird to see himself and hear himself. It was simply too strange. He felt like he looked absolutely ridiculous.

Halfway through the movie he leaned closer to Naruto and pressed his face against his shoulder.

"I can't watch anymore," he whispered.

The blond chuckled and caressed his hair, "Why? You're really good. I'm like… really proud of you," he whispered. Sasuke looked up at him slowly. He sounded sincere.

There was a gun shot in the movie and Naruto turned his attention back on the screen. Resigned, Sasuke continued watching. He tried to concentrate on the other actors' performance.

At some point in the movie Sasuke's character got shot, and Naruto teased him about it.

"No! I don't want you to die," he exclaimed in a low voice, and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Other than random little comments like that Naruto pretty much stayed silent and enjoyed the movie. Of course though he had to comment on the kissing scene.

"That's weird," he chuckled.

"Yeah," Sasuke agreed.

"Was it your first time kissing a girl?"

"Uh-huh," he admitted.

"How was it?"

"I don't know. I just… didn't feel anything."

Naruto smiled, "Not like when you kiss me…"


"You know, we've never made out at the cinema… We should. We'd feel like teenagers again."

"I'm not sure I'm supposed to make out with my date during my movie premiere," he chuckled.

"Who cares?"

Naruto kissed him and as always Sasuke couldn't possibly resist him. So he ended up making out during his movie premiere after all.

After the movie they were practically dragged by force to the after party. Apparently a lot of people shared Naruto's opinion on Sasuke's performance in Moonless Night, because they were all over him, offering him new projects and contracts or simply congratulating him on his brilliant start as an actor.

Naruto didn't seem to mind going to the after party, actually he seemed to enjoy himself. He talked to a bunch of people and made new friends apparently, as always. But every five seconds or so he glanced longingly in Sasuke's direction and it made the latter smile inwardly. Naruto also enjoyed the free wine and food.

The raven got tired of all this attention really quickly though. He went to see Naruto – who was standing next to the buffet – and took his hand.

"Do you want to sneak out with me? These people are driving me crazy…"

After eating one last sushi Naruto nodded and quickly led him outside.

"So where's our limo?"

"It was just to get to the premiere," Sasuke chuckled at Naruto's disappointed face.

He took out his cell to call a cab as they walked a little further from the room where the after party was held. Sasuke didn't want to get dragged back inside by another one of those too enthusiastic young directors telling him that they absolutely needed him in their movie.

"So you were pretty popular back there huh?" Naruto nudged him in the ribs playfully as they waited for their taxi to arrive.

"I just gave all of them Shisaki's phone number to get rid of them," he chuckled.

"Poor Shisaki."

"Nah he's gonna be ecstatic. I think he loves his work a little bit too much. But that's what makes him a good agent," he shrugged.

He went to lean against the wall of the nearest building and put his hands in his pockets. Naruto came to stand in front of him.

"I always thought he seemed to love you a bit too much."

"Nope," Sasuke shook his head, "he's really open minded but he's not gay. He's got a girlfriend right now actually and I think it's getting pretty serious."

"Oh, that's cool," Naruto smiled. He seemed reassured.

Sasuke put his hand behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. "Hey don't worry. No one's gonna steal me from you."

"I wouldn't let them," he whispered before kissing him again.

After that their taxi arrived and except for some little talk and anecdotes about the after party they were pretty much silent.

A few hours later that night, they were lying down on their bed, relaxed and a bit worn out from… previous activities. Naruto was on his back and Sasuke was lying down on his side next to him, with his arm lazily thrown around the other's waist.

"I feel like a cigarette right now," he said randomly just to annoy Naruto.

And it worked, "Hey don't say the forbidden word."

Sasuke chuckled; of course, he had quit smoking a while ago, when he had gotten together with Naruto. As promised the blond had forced him to quit again. Not that Sasuke couldn't have done it by himself if he'd really wanted to…

"Hey Sasuke?" Naruto asked, interrupting his train of thought.


"Are you really gonna continue acting?"

"I don't know," he said honestly, "maybe if some of the projects really interest me…"

Naruto caressed his arm, and turned his head to look at him, "I want you to know that, whatever you decide, whatever you do, I'll support you in your choices. I mean if you want to continue modeling, or acting, or if you want to just concentrate on writing novels or even manga, it's totally cool."

Sasuke smiled and locked eyes with him, "Same here I mean, if you continue school, or if you decide to be a professional musician, or if you do both, whatever, I'll always support your decisions too."

As long as they were together, Sasuke thought, and he knew that Naruto felt the same way.

He moved closer and Naruto wrapped his arms around him. Sasuke stayed like this, feeling safe and warm in his lover's arms.


So fucking cheesy! Lol. Okay. I wanna apologize if some of you disliked the part where Sasuke topped. But I think it's great, cause Naruto wanted his first time with a guy to be with Sasuke. So I guess he got his wish granted, in a way. Right? Right. Lol. So I think it's best if I leave it at that. More chapters would just be unnecessary and boring. I'm really sorry this story's been so rushed, and random and awkward at times. I really am sorry. I guess I wrote it way too fast and then I decided to upload it anyway. Felt like giving it a shot. If I continue writing on this website I'll try to be a better writer and create better stories than this. Thank you all so much.