ASK GOD 2011

I asked God, "Please let me quit."

I asked God smoking and breathing

"Your too small."

I asked, "Please? Chanted, "let me make It."

(Mrs. lememakeit eyed)

"Its an attempt."


I asked, "Is it Evil?"

"It is."

Then the bird began his

"Why why whywhywhywhywhy" in wines

"becausebecausebecause- creaking in aerial Tombs and scared wombs and silly cocoons. . .

I asked, "god?"

"God I am."

And skinny ladies pose in colors and BANG

I asked, "God"

"I Did Mr. W.i.d."

Within doom, "then nothing."

Cause I want to, "Who are you?"

I asked "I'm already?"


I asked "there just numbers" (1 1 1)

"I want to"

I asked, "let me put the cherries out. . .its my last one."

"Your last?"

"My last."

"We control you."

"My first, then."

The skinny ladies pose and the colors change

I asked, "reds inside?"

"No. its biside."


I asked and "Oxidize" put up

"Shut up and listen"

"Like the black catty with Mojo Nixon's savored White Albacore"

"tuna are like God, only more fleshy and fast."

The beautified hotties and skinnies pose; the color arrange.

"A little repeat."

"A little circle."

"A little repeat."

Curvy ladies pose and their to blame

"For all this shame?"

Cast me off from the land of living

"You've been shunned and your not giving."

"You don't even look good. You look satanically fine."

Like a politician about to reveal one true statement.

Like a crow counting in his head

Like an airplane flying toward the end.

I asked, "Did a cough arrive? Did I work my lungs to spider webs?"

"It is comic. To morn a loss."

Mr. Igoigogigoigoigogo-gigolo , "Morning a time of death" like the cursor just did. Mocking me and forcing me to dance like a leaking ink pen, on fresh green paper.

"It is morning a time of death."

"Then on yer feet soldier."

"On my heels?"

"On your heels."

I asked, "Healthy or ill."

"We want ya dead"

"Then die partner."

Parted and lose the ladies posed and colors willed.

Then ladies pose for color green black and stay out and all the nasty unwanted prey.

Ladies pose, curvy with a hint of skeleton and ladies pose and the priest pray.