Cassie and Jake story. I am seriously in love with them and decided to write something. This doesn't go with the promo for the next episode and it may be a little OOC and maybe a little spoilery but not too much. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


I woke up this morning thinking about him again. I wake up every morning with him on my mind and I still think hes here next door sleeping soundly because he doesn't have school.

I get out of bed to get, sometimes I have to force myself because something in the back of my mind tells me to stay in bed and think about Jake all day.

Its been a week. An entire week without Jake and it feels like a lifetime. Every morning I expect to see him outside by his truck or him coming to my house out of the blue, but neither happens. I miss him alot, after both of us admitted that there was something between us and he left to save us, I feel sad and alone. We were going somewhere in our relationship and then suddenly it all stopped.

I walked by the window to get to the bathroom and I looked, hoping to see him. I don't know what was up with him and Nick with windows but when I look out this one I want to see one of them come to it.

I want to see Nick come to it because it would make me feel like everything horrible thats happened hasn't and I want to see Jake because it would tell me hes still here, waiting for me.

I head to the shower to wash away all the feeling of grief.

I walk downstairs after getting ready to tell my grandma good morning. Shes still been a little off lately but it wasn't as bad as the first few days, scratch that, its still the same it just seems like she is getting better.

"Good morning Cassie," my grandma said smiling at me

"Morning grandma," I smiled back

"How are you?"

"I'm fine," I nodded

She looked over me, trying to catch anything that was physically bothering me. I guess she noticed the blank look on my face.

"Is it still about Jake?" Grandma asked

I nodded again.

"Oh Sweetie."

She pulled me into a hug and I hugged back.

"You really liked this boy didn't you?" she asked

"It doesn't matter Grandma he left and theres not much that can be done about it," I said when she pulled away

She nodded.

I kissed her on the cheek and said I would see her later when I got home.

I closed the front door behind me. I looked across the yard and saw Jake's truck parked in front of his Aunt's house, I pulled the keys from my pocket. I had Jake's keys, I found them on the ground by his house.

Sometimes I thought about taking his truck but always decided against it, his aunt and uncle need some kind of hope to know he would come back and plus it would be a bit weird.

I put the keys back and headed for my own car.

I pulled up in the student parking lot and headed into the buliding to my locker, ignoring the whispers.

"Its like shes new all over again, she doesn't talk to anyone."

"I heard Diana and Adam broke up because of her and when she tried to kiss him he rejected her and ran back to Diana."

"Shes the one who found Nick after he drowned. You think she had something to do with it?"

"I've seen her spending alot of time with Nick's older brother Jake, is she trying to keep it in the family?"

I tuned them all out. Ever since Jake left and I started feeling the way I did when I first came and I became the center of all the gossip again.

"Hey Cassie."

I looked up to see Diana.

"Hey," I said

"Whats up?"

"Just getting ready for class you?" I said trying to make conversation. I wasn't into talking with anyone anymore but I kept pushing myself because I didn't want to be the sad girl all over again.

"Looking for Melissa. She thinks I'm trying to get Holden to be my rebound guy," Diana said waving it off

"I thought you and Adam were working things out?" I asked

"I've been hanging out with Melissa alot and hes being Faye's new best friend since Melissa is tired of hearing her complaints, so we haven't exactly been talking," Diana explained

"Poor Adam," I said which was true having to deal with Faye all day was probably driving him nuts.

It was weird hearing all of this. I mean I know I haven't been involved in the Circle much but I'd think I'd notice Adam and Faye hanging out and Diana crushing on a guy.

"So how about you? Anything new?" Diana asked me

"No, same old same old," I said putting books in my bag.

"Cassie you can't keep doing this to your self," Diana said

"What are you talking about?" I asked closing my locker

"You can't keep being all sad and quiet because Jake is gone, I mean I know you guys had something between you but hes gone Cassie and I don't think hes gonna be back for awhile."

"Diana I'm trying to get over this okay, I have no idea why I feel this way but I do and right now its hard for me to get over but I am trying," I told her

"Well when your ready to start talking again, I'm here," Diana said and then left.

I sighed heavily.


"Look at her, shes like a walking corpse," I said looking over at cassie.

Adam was putting books in his locker and putting some in his bag.

"Thats what happens when someone you care about leaves," Adam said but I could hear the hurt and sarcasm in his voice.

"Still caring about Cassie are we?"

"Shut up Faye."

"Oh come on, we can tell each other things I mean its just been us the last couple of days," I said

"You mean its been you and your whining the last couple of days," Adam said closing his locker and walking away

"Adam I have given you plenty of chances to say what you have to say about Cassie and Jake," I said walking with him

Adam stopped and looked at me. "There is nothing for me to say Faye, I can't tell Cassie who and who not to care about."

"Well it bothers me that Jake cares alot about Cassie. I planned to get him back next time he showed his face but all of a sudden he got interested in her and I have something to say about that," I said

"Well you shouldn't."

"So it doesn't bother you that Cassie and Jake have something between them and Diana is crushing on Holden?"

Adam looked like he was going to say something but closed his mouth and rolled his eyes.

"Just as I expected. See you at lunch bestie," I said and started walking away not looking back.


I decided to hang out at the boathouse to do some homework. If I was going to try to stop being sad I have to push myself to be open and social again.


I looked up and saw Melissa.

"Hey Melissa."

"Hi, can I join you?" she asked

"Uh yea of course," I said moving some books

"Thanks," she said sitting down

"So whats up?" I asked trying again to make conversation.

"I kinda wanted to talk to you."

"Did Diana put you up to this?" I asked

"No this is all on my own. What does Diana want?"

"She was talking to me this morning about how I need to stop feeling depressed because Jake is gone," I said quietly

"Thats kinda what I wanted to talk to you about," Melissa said sheepishly

I sighed.

"Its not anything like Diana said I just wanted to ask how you were feeling."

"Im okay."

"How are you really feeling?"

I looked at Melissa. I knew she knew how I felt because she lost someone just like me that she cared about, and weirdly enough they were brothers. Melissa is probably the only one who would understand how I really feel.

"Sad, I'm really really sad. I miss Jake so much that sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed," I said

"Been there done that," Melissa said

"How did you deal with it?" I asked

"Pretty much by what I'm sure your doing, forcing myself."

It was quiet after that, but Melissa spoke again.

"Cassie I know exactly how your feeling and I'm here if you wanna talk. When Nick died I had no one to talk to because everybody told me to move on and it was only days after he died and what they don't undertand is that after you suddenly lose someone everything shuts down and you have to talk to someone or you'll go crazy. So if you need me, I'm here."

"Thanks Melissa," I smiled

"Your welcome," she smiled back

It was quiet again but a comfortable quiet. Melissa got out some of her books to work on and I continued my homework, we worked in silence for a while.

"Hey you thirsty? I was going to go a soda or something," I said

"Sure a soda sounds goods," Melissa said

I got up from the booth and headed over to the bar, ignoring a few stares.

"Hey," Adam said when I got to the bar.

"Hey, can I get two sodas?" I asked

"Yea sure," he said pulling out two glasses and filling them up.

I started reaching for money but Adam stopped me.

"Don't worry about it, its on the house."

I looked at him confused.

"Come one you think my dad would be okay with letting me let Amelia's daughter pay?" Adam said

I didn't answer him. I knew how sensitive he was about the whole 'written in the stars' thing.

"Cassie can I talk to you?" he asked

"Will anybody leave me alone?" I thought

"Sure," I said

"I mean later, like in private?"

"Adam I don't think thats such a good idea."

"Just meet me by the docks, its in public so nothing seems suspicious," he said

I didn't answer right away.

"Please?" he asked


He nodded. I grabbed the sodas and headed back to the table.


I waited for them to come. The guys that did what ever Michelle told them to do, since she of course was head of the council. Isaac told her how I let Cassie get away and she wasn't happy about that.

She had them lock me in some room that was similar to a room for the insane. It was gray with one bed, one window, and a small end table. The only good thing about being locked up in it was that the sun shone through and I got to feel its warmth.

I was waiting for my meeting with the council, specifically Michelle. Since I betrayed the Hunters I had to be dealt with accordingly. I had no idea what she had planned but from what I've heard Michelle isn't a softie when it comes to these things.

When we got off the boat Isaac knocked me out and I woke up on the floor of the council room and thats when I met the council for the first time. Since I met Isaac first I listened to his orders, I had nothing to do with the council until now.

This is also when I met Michelle for the first time. Shes a tall brown hair green eyed woman and a smile thats so cruel even Faye would back down from her.

When she introduced herself as head of the council I knew I messed up bad but I didn't care as long as Cassie was safe. All I care about is her.

Its been an entire week without her and it feels like forever. It feels like forever since I've seen her smile, seen her bright bue eyes and felt the comfort of her presence. I miss her so much that it hurts. She was the only person in a long time who didn't see me as a Jackass, she saw me as the guy who just wanted something to live for again.

Cassie didn't let everything she heard about make an opinion for her, she actually talked to me and got to know me. Then I broke orders and fell for her.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the door being unlocked and Isaac came in.

"Get up its time for your meeting," he said

I got up and walked out the door but I was guarded by two guys on either side of me, one behind me, and Isaac in the front.

We entered the council area which was a banquet room in the old hotel that was used to handle council business.

Isaac went to standoff to the side and the guys watching me went to protect all the exits.

"Jake Armstrong, you have been accused of treason against the Code of Hunters and the death of fellow hunter Simone, how do you plead?" one of the council members asked


I could see Michelle's annoyed look in the dim lighting of the room. She stood up and started walking over to me.

"You are an interesting piece of work Mr. Armstrong. You join Isaac's group of witch hunters to take revenge on your family and then you fall for your target, disobeying your leader's orders. Then you find out she is part of lineage that traces back to the origins of dark magic and you let her get away. You put shame on your family and this council," Michelle said

"I did what I had to do."

"Disgracing your family is part of your plans?"

"I didn't disgrace them. I fixed the mistake of letting them down," I said evenly

"No, you didn't."

"Yes I did. If my family knew I was part of a group of witch hunters, I would have been disowned."

"So what do you have now Jake? You broke the Code of Hunters and nobody in Chance Harbor cares about your existence, so what do you have left? That Cassie girl? I'm sure she would be pretty upset with you after you've been lieing to her the whole time," Michelle said

"As long as shes safe and far away from you, then I don't care," I said

Michelle moved her head to the side studying me. "She means something to you doesn't she?"

I didn't answer, but I could tell Michelle knew how much Cassie means to me.

Suddenly a mischevious gleam passed through her eyes.

"I think I've found your punishement Jake."

Michelle turned to Isaac. "Go back to Chance Harbor and kill Cassie Blake."

Isaac nodded.

"No!" I yelled and started after Michelle but one of the guards punched me in my stomach and I fell to the ground. I started feeling blow after blow.


I started walking to the docks around nine and got there a few minutes later. I really didn't want to talk to Adam but I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until I did.

Melissa and I left the Boating House after an hour of studying and doing homework and I went home to sit alone in my room thinking about Jake until it was time to meet up with Adam.

I didn't know what to do. I feel so lost and confused. All I want is Jake back in my life and that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

I felt the tears fall down my face but wiped them away when I saw Adam coming toward me.

"Hey," he said

"Hi," I nodded

"Thanks for meeting me here."

"Your welcome. What did you want to talk to me about?" I asked

Adam sighed. "Cassie I'm pretty sure your sick and tired of hearing this but you have to get over Jake, especially since you know hes not a good guy."

"Your right I am sick and tired of hearing it," I said turning to leave


"What Adam? What do you want me to say? I know I should move on and stop being sad? Well I do know and I'm trying but you guys just can't expect me to get over something like that so quickly. I cared about him alot and knowing that hes gone and not coming back hurts me," I explained

"Why do you care about him so much when he was trying to kill you, kill all of us?" Adam asked

"Because you weren't there when he begged me to runaway with him so I could be protected, you weren't there when he told me how all he wanted to do was fix the mistakes he made. You didn't know how much he cared," I said

"I did know actually."

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw the two of you dancing at the fundraiser and when I looked at Jake, I was looking at a guy I didn't know. He wasn't the jerk I knew growing up, he was this guy who looked ready to protect you at any time," Adam said

I didn't know how to respond so I let him continue.

"And then when Faye and I found Jake he pleaded with us to help him save you, I thought he was lying but Faye saw that he was telling truth, that all he cared about was you. He said if we helped him he would leave forever and he did leave, but it did more bad than good," Adam said annoyed

"You think hes bad for me," I said

"Hes unstable Cassie, he joined a group of Witch Hunters just to get back at us for something we didn't do."

"You saw though Adam he was trying to change, I mean I wasn't okay with running away with him but at least I knew he was trying to do it for a good reason. Jake was trying to change and fix the mistakes he made," I said

"Hes still not good for you Cassie, one right doesn't fix a a bunch of wrongs. You didn't know him back then, you didn't know what he was like."

"Exactly Adam, I didn't know him then. I know who he is now, a person who just wants to have something to live for. Why is that so bad?" I asked

Adama looked as if he wanted to say something but didn't.

"Its because its you he wants to live for," Adam thought

"Adam I'm sorry if you don't like the situation but this is how it is and there is nothing that can be done about it," I said softly

It was silence after that.

"I care about you way too much Cassie to see you get hurt."


"No, its time this came out. I care about you alot, probably more than I should but seeing you with Jake bugs the hell out of me becasue I know the kind of guy he is and he isn't right for you. I still love Diana but I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore about how I feel about you," Adam said and turned to leave.

I didn't stop him. I didn't know how to stop him. I admit I still feel something for Adam but Jake is the only one on my mind.

I walked back home, ready to go to bed and forget today ever happened, but those plans changed when I saw the wicked witch herself.


"Nice to see you too, Cassie," she said getting up from the porch chair.

"What do you want?" I asked crossing my arms

"I need to talk to you."

"Well your gonna have to wait till tomarrow, I'm all talked out," I said heading for my door but Faye blocked me.


"Or what? You'll use your individual magic on me?" Faye said in a haughty manner

"Do you wanna push your luck and find out?"

She smirked. "Thats a topic for another time. I'm here to talk about Jake."

"Of course," I thought.

"What about Jake?" I said sitting on a bench by the door.

"I just wanted to let you know that if its a war you want, its was war you'll get."

I looked at her confused.

"Cassie I understand how Jake feels about you and how you feel about him but that doesn't mean your going to get away with it so easily. I've known Jake longer then you and I know him better, your just a one time thing," Faye said

I looked at her, what she said had no effect on me because I knew there was alot more between me and Jake than she thought and would let herself believe.

"Okay," I said

"Okay?" she asked disbelieved

"If were in this so called war then okay," I said getting up from the bench.

"Cassie you don't seem to be getting the point," Faye said

"Oh I get it Faye. Your chasing after someone who isn't chasing you back and its pissing you off."

"I'm trying to warn you-" she started

"Well don't warn me, lets see if Jake comes back and if he doesn't want me then you can tell me I told you so all you want," I said

I opened my front door and left Faye on the porch. I had enough with everybody talking to me about Jake and telling me to move on, well besides Melissa she was on my side.

I laid in my bed trying to find the sleep I wish was here but with no such luck. With everybody telling me how to feel about Jake and how I should move made me think more about him.

I just wanted to see him one time, one time so I knew he was okay. I needed to know he was alright or I would drive myself nuts. If anythig happened to him I wouldn't know what to do.

As I continued thinking of Jake, I felt myself drifting off to a soundless sleep.

I was in the abandoned house alone, how I got there I didn't know. The last thing I remembered was thinking about Jake and falling asleep.

"Hello?" I called out

No answer.

"Diana? Adam?"


I sighed.



I started walking around the house to see if anyone was here. I called out everyones names but no one answered.

I walked back into the area that was kind of the living room and stopped short when I saw him.


He looked at me with his blue eyes that had a sad look. I could feel some tears well up. Before I could make a move toward him or say anything he looked over at a door, I followed his gaze.

There were sounds coming from the other side of the door.

"What is it-" I started but looked back to see he was gone.

I looked around finding where he disappeared off to but couldn't find him.

The sounds at the door got louder. I cautiously walked over to it, debating whether or not to open it. I reached the door and turned the knob.

Suddenly I found myself watching Jake get jumped by three men.

"Jake," I whispered

The men were beating him profusely, not even giving him the chance to fight back.

"Stop!" I yelled

They continued. Jake was srcunched up taking kicks and punches the men put on him.

"Get off him!" I yelled again

Jake turned over when one of the men got on top of him to continue punching him in the face and I saw how bloody and bruised he was. I felt something boil inside me. Rage, anger, hurt, pain, loss and love.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I screamed

Suddenly all the men had grabbed their heads and yelled in pain. They all collapsed to the floor and Jake looked over trying to figure out what was going on.

Then he looked over and saw me.