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I woke up this morning feeling different. After kissing Adam and hearing what he had to say changed everything, I should be mad at Jake, I shouldn't be having these feelings. He lied to me and put me an my friends in danger after we trusted him but I can't find myself to be completely mad at him, after all we do have a bond.

Making myself confused about how I should feel I groaned and got out of my bed to take a shower, maybe I'll get some thinking done there, hot water always clears my head.

I was way wrong, the shower only made me feel more cluttered. I don't know how to feel or what to feel about Jake, I mean yes he lied and put us in danger but hes the only person who understands me right now. He and I both lost someone and got bound to people we barely even knew, we have almost the same things in common but what he did just isn't something I could ignore.

After taking a shower a getting ready I went downstairs to see if my grandma was awake but all I found was note saying she had to take a early shift at the hospital. I decided I wasn't very hungry either so I just made me a piece of toast and headed out the door. I didn't know where I was going to go but I know I didn't want to stay home and think all day.

I was about to lock the door behind me when I dropped my keys on the ground, I went to pick them up when I noticed I had Jake's keys too. I looked at the yard next to mine and saw Jake's truck was still sitting in the driveway.

Looking down at the keys I started thinking about sitting in his truck, why I have no idea, but something told me I should just try it out. Switching back to my keys I locked the front door and walked down the steps to Jake's truck.


I was sleeping as peaceful as I could when I felt something hit my face. I opened my eyes to see a pillow on me. I removed it and looked over to see Faye standing a few feet away with a smirk plastered on her face.

"Wake up hero," she said

I got up from Faye's couch and just looked at her. "Did you really have to wake me up by throwing a pillow in my face?"

"Well you didn't ask for any specific kind of wake up call," Faye said while walking to the kitchen. "Coffee?" she asked holding up the coffee pot.

"No thanks," I said getting up. Since I came to back to town without my aunt and uncle knowing I spent the night at Faye's house on her couch since her mom was gone but, surprisngly, Faye wasn't very happy about it.

"So whats the plan today? Gonna go find Cassie and serenade to her?"

"You know your sarcasm is getting a little old and you might want to touch up on your jokes," I said leaning on the counter next to her.

"I'm just showing how happy I am for you guys," Faye said trying to sound innocent and started walking away with her cup of coffee

"Faye," I sighed in annoyance.

Faye turned around. "What Jake?"

"Why do you act like that? The whole sarcastic jealousy thing. You and I are done Faye, have been for a long time but you just won't let it go."

"I let it go Jake, awhile ago actually," she said and turned to leave again.

I grabbed her by her wrist, not tight or anything, just enough to stop her. "Then why are you acting like this?"

She pulled out of my grasp. "Don't touch me," she said eyeing me.

"Answer me."

Faye stood their quiet just keeping eye contact with me that neither of us broke.

"I don't like how your so damn honest about her."

"What are you talking about?"

"Anybody can tell you like Cassie but with me everything was a secret, only Melissa, Nick and a few people could know about us, but with Cassie your expressing your feelings like a damn Picasso painting, something everyone can see," she said and then tried to leave again.

"Thats whats got you so pissed? That I show I like Cassie?"

"Wow I never thought I'd hear you say it out loud," she said with that atittude of hers.

"Faye stop it and answer me," I said getting annoyed.

"Since when do you care how I feel?"

"I'm just trying to understand why you keep pushing me to be with you when you see that I like someone else, most people accept the fact and move on."

"Well I accept it."

"Then tell me whats go you so pissed!"

Faye stood silent again. I just want an answer but she just keeps throwing in her sarcastic comments, this conversation could have ended sooner.

"You can't admit that their was alot more between us then the whole clingy ex-girlfriend thing, you did feel something for me."

The light bulb went off.

I chuckled. "I see now, your mad that I never told the truth about how I feel about you."


"What do you want me to say Faye? That your the only person in Chance Harbor that I trust?"

"I don't think Cassie would like hearing that very much," Faye said with the smirk I knew all to well.

"I trust Cassie but if it came to certain things I'd probably trust you more," I said honestly.

Faye was pissed that I covered up how I really felt about her, it was alot more then the clingy girlfriend thing, I really did trust her than most people and she is someone important to me but I don't like opening up thats why I push her away so much plus it was also because I wasn't happy with our relationship, she was annoying and tried so hard to get to know me. I trust Faye but the dating ship between us has sailed, sunk, and will never be found again.

"Why do you trust me so much?" she asked

"We have history Faye," was all I said

Faye stood there looking at me, trying to hide the knowing smile that was growing on her face.

"Now that our dramatic heart to heart is done, whats the plan?" she asked

"We get the Circle together and tell them whats going on, but first I have to do something," I said going over to get my jacket.

"Where you going?"

"Home, I need new clothes and jumping on garbage cans makes you smell," I said

Faye gave me a look I couldn't read. "What?"

"You said home, I thought you would say 'my aunt's house' or something else, but you said home," Faye said and then gave a small laugh, not a cruel one but one that she knew she was right.

"Congratulations Jake, Cassie changed you."


Sitting in Jake's car didn't help at all, you would think being somewhat close to him would help me decide better. I knew I shouldn't let Adam's influence choose for me but I could not shake the feeling that hes right, I was talking about how Jake made me feel and how everything was different with him when I wasn't looking at the bigger picture. Jake wasn't the guy I thought he was.

Leaning back on the driver's seat I was so consumed in my thoughts again that I jumped when I heard a knock on the window next to me. I looked over and was surprised by who it was.


I was in Jake's truck looking at him throught the window, neither of us broke eye contact but Jake had on a smug grin.

This couldn't be real. I was thinking about Jake all day so this had to be the bond, he must be thinking hard about me too because he looked so real.

"Are you going to come out anytime soon?" he asked through the window.

I opened the door still surprised that I was seeing him. Jake put one of us hands on the top of the door frame and leaned there looking at me.

"I didn't think you would look so small in my truck," he smiled.

"Jake," was all I could say

"Nice to see you too Cassie."

My surprise faded and my anger boiled. I pushed Jake hard and got out of his truck starting to walk away.

"Cassie what the hell?" he asked clearly surprised at my action.

"Don't talk to me Jake," I said continuing to walk

I heard him jogging and then he was right in front of me.

"Move," I said

"Whats wrong?" he asked confused about the whole situation.

"It doesn't matter, just stop thinking about me and go back to your little prison room with the Witch Hunters okay?" I said and moved around him.

"Cassie I'm not here through the bond, I'm here, physically," he told me.

"No your not because your little group of Hunters would be here with you, because the entire time they were here to kill me and my friends and you were in on it with them. Your a liar Jake and probably will always be one even to people who see you in a better light," I said and continued walking.


"Leave me alone Jake," I said and walked to my car.


I was confused about Cassie attitude toward me, we were goin pretty good and now shes mad at me and I have no idea why.

I would have run after her but she might need some space right now and I'll be able to see her at that abandoned house.

Faye and I agreed that she would get the Circle together at the house without telling them about me and we would explain whats going on. I know its not going to be a walk in the park but if Cassie wants her friends safe I'm going to make that happen.

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