No more.

That was what the nations were.

No more.

Hundreds, thousands, probably millions of years ago, nations were personified and they looked, behaved and lived like normal humans. It was virtually impossible to tell the difference between a nation and a human. They had their own independent personalities and had relationships with other nations. Relationships with other nations came in the form of formal rule, colonisation, wars, and alliances and so on so forth in human terms. These nations couldn't age under normal circumstances. They were immortal.

These nations lived a free life, until one day, a meteorite was said to hit Earth and obliterate all human life. Scientific proof was shown and everyone was instructed to hide in any bombproof shelters they could find. The bosses of these nations knew that, since nations were close to inhibited land and land could be destroyed by a meteorite, they decided to hide the nations in special life-size boxes. These boxes were hidden away in secret places located in the respective capitals.

However, some facts about the meteorite were twisted. The meteorite did hit Earth, but the chemicals, substances and other materials it was made of somehow couldn't completely destroy the Earth. Even so, half of the Earth's population was wiped out and most of the survivors caught amnesia. The original names of the nations were forgotten.

An evil agency took advantage of the situation and found the hiding places of the original nations. They were greedy and were willing to do anything to make money. They removed the nations, still in their slumber, from their boxes. They analysed their bodies and did massive research to find out how to make copies of these nations without actually having the copies inherit 'nation attributes'.

Finally, after a hundred years of research and experiments, the project was completed. The agency had successfully created a 'human robot' which largely resembled the original nations, had their personalities and original relationships, had human responses and were named the exact same names had the nations been born human. However, once this project was completed, the president of the agency died and majority of its members quit after losing so much money in funding the project. The final member of the agency sold the project and idea to a computer company, who named these 'human robots' Unats, a name coined by the last member of the agency, derived from words 'units' and 'nations'.

The original nations, however, accidentally became part of the Unats. The nations were accidentally packed into the same sort of packaging the Unats were packed in and since the Unats were the same size as the original nations, the original nations were never taken out from the line of the Unats products.

Unats are 'human robots' who are technically androids who have been highly-programmed to have human-like responses and appearance. They look like any other human and the only way to differentiate them from humans is by the program box on the back of a Unat, which is covered by a Unat's clothing.

Unats come with numerous accessories and clothes, and they are also dubbed 'independent androids'. They have been programmed to be able to care for themselves, their owners and any other Unat they have been officially programmed to have relations with.

Unats, although may come pricy, are actually inexpensive to keep. They run on normal batteries, even rechargeable ones. They also take up little space when not in use. When they are in 'Off' mode, you can place them back in the box they came with quite easily.

Unats come with manuals which teach the user how to use the Unats. If used incorrectly, the Unat may stop functioning or disobey their owners. The manuals teach the users how to basically utilize the abilities and skills the Unats come with as well as how to wake your Unat up. Yes, that's right! A Unat, by default, is on 'Response' mode, meaning that it will behave like a human and will be in slumber when its package first arrives at your doorstep! Each Unat has its own unique way of being jolted awake, so be sure to read your manual carefully.

Also, if you have any other enquiries on your Unat, you can contact our friendly staff at ConTer Technology. Any other enquiries on the general well-being and preferences of your Unat, you can go online or ask any Unat your Unat has been programmed to have relations with!