"… The… End…" Copenhagen murmured as he wrote down the last two words.

"What's up, Copenhagen? Finished writing your story?" Denmark chuckled.

"Yep!" Copenhagen grinned as he leaned back on his chair. "I finished writing the almighty saga of how to reassemble the world!"

"'Reassemble'? Where did you get that from?" Denmark said as he picked up Copenhagen's notebook.

"A pick-up line from Senarica," Copenhagen replied. "I'm going to be the modern Hans Christen Andersen! See if I don't!"

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Denmark and Copenhagen called.

"Sorry," Oslo murmured. "But… Are you busy?"

"Not at all," Copenhagen replied.

"Um… Mr Denmark?" Oslo said. "My brother called you. You're late for the Nordic countries meeting."

"Oh, damn, you're right!" Denmark exclaimed as he glanced at his watch. He ran forward and grabbed his case and jacket. "See you later!" he called as he dashed down the corridor.

"What's that?" Oslo asked, pointing to Copenhagen's notebook.

"The future bestseller," Copenhagen chuckled. Oslo picked up the notebook and flipped through it.

"Is this… our story?" Oslo asked.

Copenhagen nodded proudly. "So what do you think?"

"Copenhagen…" Oslo said. "This… This is just our side of the story! You didn't include the humans and whatever!"

"I'm too lazy to write that down," Copenhagen said.

Oslo face-palmed himself. "Whatever, Copenhagen. You're not the next Hans Christen Andersen."

Copenhagen ignored Oslo. "So, Oslo, what are you here for?"

"Oh, that!" Oslo said. "I was wondering if we can… well, you know. Spend the day together with Helsinki and the other capitals, if you want."

"I'll come," Copenhagen said. He grabbed his notebook. "But I have to do something first."

Curiously, Oslo followed Copenhagen out of the building. Copenhagen walked up to the nearby beach. He trudged down the white sand and went up close to the shore. Oslo watched from a distance as Copenhagen fished out something from his pocket. He struck it. It was a lighter.

Oslo gasped. He's not going to…

Copenhagen let the tiny flame touch the notebook. The flame grew and it set the book ablaze. It was not such a large flame, but it was enough to reduce the notebook to ashes. The grey ashes fell to the shore, and Copenhagen watched the ashes get carried away by the sea. Oslo walked forward.


"Who wants to know that lame story anyway?" Copenhagen chuckled. "The story, the story of how we brought the world back together, how we reassembled the world, is much better. It's so great that it can't be put into words."

Oslo's eyebrows shot up in surprise. But his expression softened. He put his hands into his pockets.

"Copenhagen," he smiled. "For once, I can't agree more."

Canada sighed as he returned home. He had just returned from a world meeting and he was exhausted. As usual, he was forgotten. But there was a nostalgic feel to it. Everything was back to normal. A smile tugged at his lips. For once, he didn't mind being ignored.

"I'm home," he called as he opened the door. Just then, Kumajirou walked up to him. Canada expected him to ask for food, but instead, Kumajirou pawed Canada's legs and said, "Something dropped out of your jacket."

Canada took the object Kumajirou was holding for him. It was wrapped in a piece of paper. He unrolled the paper, and in his hands was a keyring. It was in the shape of a polar bear which looked a lot like Kumajirou. Dangling next to it was a tiny bottle of maple syrup. Canada looked at the piece of paper and straightened it out. It was a note.

I found this when I was shopping. It reminded me of you so I bought it. I forgot to give it to you personally so I slipped it into your jacket. Sorry! This is a little gift from me. When we part ways, treat it as a souvenir for the great times we spent together.

All the best in the future!


Kumajirou watched as Canada's grin got wider. Canada kneeled down and patted Kumajirou. He looked at the keyring and whispered, "Thank you, Yuka."

He walked over to his cabinet and placed the keyring inside. He then got out an exercise book and ripped out a page. He began writing down the first few words, the first few words which would open his side of the story, the story that shall forever be remembered by the nations and non-nations. The story of…

How to Reassemble the World.

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