The car is bumpy and uncomfortable and Ziggy is so, so tired. His head keeps lolling onto the window as they fly through the city towards the energy reading K had picked up. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Ziggy gets that it's important they find this source, but all he wants to do right now is curl up in a dark, quiet, motionless place and fall asleep. Preferably with Dillon somewhere nearby.

They stop finally and Dillon is instantly out of the car and opening Ziggy's door, coaxing the sleepy ranger into getting out. Ziggy manages to stand up, but it's a close thing and he sways dangerously, limbs and eyelids heavier than any dumbbells Scott had ever given him to train. Dillon catches him by the arms and Ziggy says, "I can't, Dillon, I can't. I'm so tired, pleaseā€¦"

Arms wrap around him and this isn't just to hold him up, this is an honest-to-god hug. "Shh, shh. We're going to fix it right now, okay? Just be strong for a few more minutes."

He's not sure he can, but this is Dillon asking so Ziggy nods and gathers what little energy he has left.

"Okay," says Scott, dutifully ignoring the display of affection. "Spread out and start looking for anything suspicious. K thinks that Ziggy will feel instantly drained if he comes near it, so unfortunately that makes you our compass."

"Yeah, yeah. So if I feel worse, that's a good sign?"

"It just means we're getting closer to restoring you to your regular, hyper self."

"Gotcha. May I suggest searching to the right, then? I almost passed out when Dillon drove past that area to park."

Unsurprisingly, Ziggy does pass out when they finally find the stupid, energy-sucking device. It was half-buried in the dirt and glowing a faint green color upon closer inspection. It had probably been meant for allowing the attack-bot to regenerate by stealing power from the rangers, but was mostly a failure since it took so long to suck the energy from its victims.

Summer spots it, saying, "Hey, this looks pretty weird. What do you think, Ziggy?" and holding it up to the Green Ranger who promptly collapses onto Flynn and Dillon, his own personal crutches.

Ziggy only has secondhand knowledge of the events that follow. Summer inspects the device, Dillon throws it on the ground and bashes it open with his fist, and weird, glowy stuff happens that everyone assumes was Ziggy's energy returning to its rightful owner. Then, and Ziggy isn't sure whether to believe this or not, Ziggy allegedly regains consciousness just long enough to say, "That was better than sex," before falling into a dead sleep for nearly eight hours.

When he does finally wake up, for real this time, it's to find himself snuggled up in Dillon's room, his green sheets tangled around his legs. And then, suddenly, Ziggy has the unstoppable urge to move. The feeling is so foreign after weeks of barely managing to stand for more than ten minutes that Ziggy starts laughing as he flings the covers off, bounding out of bed and down the stairs.

"Ziggy!" shouts Gem and suddenly there are four or five people rushing forward to tackle him in excitement. Ziggy hugs back just as hard.

"How are you feeling?"

"Can we get you anything?"

"Fine," he laughs, but he can't stand still, has to keep moving. "Brilliant! I have to do- have to do something though. Anything. Train! I'm going to train."

Looking slightly stunned, Scott smiles. "I'll come with you."

"Flynn and I will make you a sandwich!" exclaims Gemma, making it sound like the most exciting thing she's ever contemplated doing and Ziggy replies enthusiastically, "Perfect, that would be perfect," as he kisses her on the cheek and turns towards the gym. He can't be bothered to care about the astonished stares he's getting from the other rangers.

He's moving blindly, so hyper he can barely concentrate, and doesn't even see K before running into her.

"Ranger Green. Glad to see you're well enough to be trampling people," she says crossly. Ignoring her feigned anger, Ziggy swoops forward to pick her up and twirl around once, breathless and happy. "I know! Isn't it fantastic?" he whoops and shoots off, into the training area, followed closely by an amused Scott.

Ziggy has no idea how many reps he does. He hits almost all of the weightlifting stations, completes dozens of sit-ups, and actually lets Scott coach him on proper push-ups before he declares, "Running. I'm going to go running!" This is a big deal, since Ziggy hasn't been running for sport since he was a child. Most of his recent running was always in an attempt to get away from something.

Gemma waylays him as he passes the kitchen and hands him a masterpiece of a sandwich that he proceeds to gulp down in two minutes flat, followed by three bottles of water. Then he's rushing into the sunshine, heedless of Summer's warnings to let his food settle.

He's on his eighth lap around the building when Dillon rolls up in his baby. Ziggy waves spastically, approaching the car at a jog. When he finally stops, it's to realize that Summer was probably right about the whole 'waiting a few moments to digest' thing.

"Feeling better then?" Dillon smirks, looking suspiciously sweaty, though Ziggy's in no place to say anything.

"Actually, I think I may throw up now. Just a moment."

He does not, in fact, throw up, but it's a near thing. Eventually he turns back to Dillon, panting, damp, and deliriously happy, and says, "I just did more exercise in the last two hours than I have in a month. Where have you been?"

Dillon drums his hand against the door and Ziggy realizes it looks bruised. "Went for a ride."

Ziggy raises his eyebrows. "I see that."

"Punched some things."

"Ah. Yes. A hobby of yours, is it?"

"More like a stress reliever."

"And are you de-stressed now?"

Dillon looks at him in a way that can only be described as a once-over, eyes as dark as his Ranger suit, and says, "Yeah. I think so."

Throat mysteriously dry, Ziggy swallows a couple times until Dillon stops staring and quirks him a grin. "Want to go for a ride?"




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