Harry hadn't seen the Ravens for a while now; they had been unable to follow him in his endeavor to rescues the Muggles. And he, unable to awaken the Muggles, felt defeated; he had failed to save the people who needed him so badly. He knew they would die, knew that a great lot of them already had. He had managed to save the wizarding world but that number paled in comparison to those who he was unable to save. Even the magical core of the earth herself wasn't enough to help him awaken the Muggles and he felt utterly useless. Without a magical core there was nothing he could do; all of his efforts where for naught and he was exhausted. He found himself slipping into an unwelcomed darkness, filled with his worst of nightmares. As he attempted to cling to consciousness the darkness fought for his attention more fiercely. With little hope to attach too; the darkness crept into his very existence, consuming him entirely.

With his existence null all he wanted was for the pain to end; for the horror to stop. He couldn't hide from the dead here. He was surrounded and completely defenseless against this onslaught of terror. All the dead that Harry had blamed himself for, continuously, one right after the other, would appear before him silently accusing him. And just as he felt all of his hope slip from his grasp, the last of his energy and magic leaving him feeling entirely empty; he saw a dim light in the distance through all the darkness. But for all its weakness, against the onslaught of darkness, it warmed him from the inside out. Before he could even think about it, he was reaching for the light. As he drew closer he began to recognize the warmth emitting from it; as the darkness began to drain slowly from his consciousness. He knew this warmth, recognized it's magic. He knew it intimately and found himself wondering why, for all the power he knew owner to possess, it felt so weak. He drew closer to the orb and realized before he knew it, he was on top of it.

A small orb of dim light that warmed him so completely; he gently touched the light with his astral form and suddenly found himself rocketed into a realm of light, all the darkness that had previously surrounded him seemed to be sucked into the small orb leaving him surrounded by light. He watched as the small orb, now emitting only darkness, began to take a different form. He knew it immediately. His heart stone was there before him but now it seemed to contain a dark shadow within its depths, reminiscent of the dark memory he and Severus had extracted from his mind. He didn't have to stare at it long before the light's intensity began to fade and he could see someone was holding his heart stone out above a body. He realized the body was his own. He was standing right next to his own body. Slowly Severus's form appeared standing over him holding the heart stone, a mixture of painful emotions playing on his features.

Slowly other forms became visible as the light faded but Harry had eyes only for Severus. He suddenly realized why the warming, intimate magic he craved so deeply, felt so weak. Severus looked so tired, so defeated. The shallow expression of hope playing on the edge of his features looked liable to disappear at any moment. Harry felt the urge to reach out to his bond-mate and ease his worries. But without his body Severus would feel nothing. He forced himself to look from Severus to himself. He watched the rise and fall of his chest, saw the red glove on his left hand and saw on his own face the suffering he felt. He wasn't entirely disconnected from himself he realized. He could sync back with his own magical core just like he had with the earth. He sent his mind through his body searching for his own signature, finding it with ease his heart stone acting as a guide. He felt his magic draw him in as if starving for his return.

When Severus rushed into his office without so much as a knock on the door, Dumbledore started for a second, only the look of sheer determination in his eyes silenced Dumbledore's initial inquiry for an explanation; as he knew he would have it without prompting. So he waited for Severus to catch his breath for the moment. The man was in such a frenzy; his normally pale face had a hushed red hue to it, giving him the appearance of fury. However, Severus was far from furious, Dumbledore noted.

"Albus…!" Severus finally spoke in a breath just short of gasping for air. "Can … I use this to help Harry?" He pulled out Harry's heart stone as he spoke and held it out before them. "Is it possible?"

"Severus, cal-" Dumbledore began only to be cut off.

"Do not ask me to calm myself, Albus!" Severus practically shouted as he pulled Harry's heart stone out of the air between them and holding it to himself. "I could not be calm if I wanted too. If there is any chance at all that I can use this to bring him back…" He trailed off the look of desperate hope apparent even in the way he stood.

"Severus," Dumbledore began again. "I don't know if we truly can reach Harry with that." But his eyes began their usual twinkle. "But I will try anything." His words echoed Severus' thoughts. Neither of them could be certain but were desperate enough to try. "I believe I have just the spell to allow you have a chance at getting through to him." He stood and without a second glance he was racing out of his office, Severus tailing closely behind. "We'll need Madam Pomfrey if this is going to work." Dumbledore said as they moved swiftly through the corridors.

"What is the spell, Albus?" Severus asked unable to deal with the suspense of not knowing just what to say to enact the spell that could save Harry.

"It's remarkably simple, my boy." Dumbledore stated. "But sometimes the best spells are." He explained just as they reached the hospital wing; crawling with squibs, students and staff, all trying their best to save what Muggles they could in the name of Harry Potter; their king. They quickly spotted the over worked healer bending over a rather fat Muggle. "Ah, Madam Pomfrey." Dumbledore said cheerily as they approached her. "We may be in need of your services."

"I already am exhibiting my services, Headmaster." The obviously harassed witch said, "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. We are full to capacity and then some! The students are even having issues, but what could be so urgent to place more weight upon my shoulders?" Her temper had been teetering on the edge all day thus she couldn't help but snap.

"We may have found a way to waken, Harry." Dumbledore said with such assurance that Madam Pomfrey could not deny him. She turned her surprised hope upon Severus. He looked far worse off than she did yet she knew he would do anything to help. She conceded in the face of such devotion.

"Just allow me to replenish this muggle, right quick." She said as she waved her wand to conjure the proper potion and pour it into the Muggles mouth. Severus noticed the name that was placed beside the sleeping muggle on his tray. "V. Dursley" it read. This was the fat cod that abused his bond-mate for so many undeserving years and here he was receiving the best treatment the wizarding world could give to the muggles. The very notion made him sick and as if Dumbledore could feel his sudden revulsion, he placed a firm hand on his shoulder as if, if nothing else, trying to restrain him. But what could he do? Nothing; even if he wanted too (and oh did he want too) hurting the sod, worth less than the scum off his boot, would in turn hurt Harry when he wakes. "Alright then," Madam Pomfrey said interrupting Severus's musing and disappearing the now empty bottle of potion "Off to see Harry then."

"The spell, Albus!" Severus urged from Dumbledore as they moved as quickly as they could through the crowd and toward Harry. "Tell me the spell!"

"Severus," Dumbledore said, suddenly sounding more serious than he had all day, "You have to understand, though the spell is simple it won't be easy to use and the possibilities of it working are slim." Severus was growing impatient with the old wizard. Was he going to tell him or not? "The reason it will be so difficult, Severus, is because you are the only one who can cast it and with your magic so depleted…"

"No." Madam Pomfrey said suddenly stopping in her tracks. "His magical core still has not recovered fully, Headmaster! To use magic in his condition could easily cause him to go mad or worse!" Dumbledore nodded stopping with her. Severus forced himself to stop, Harry was only a few more steps away and they wanted him to stop now? This was going to cause him to go mad not his magic.

"I am well aware of that, Poppy." Dumbledore says as he gestures her forward, "But it is the only chance we have that might work and Harry cannot stay like that forever." Madam Pomfrey inclined her head and hid half her face with her hand.

"Please," Severus said suddenly in a voice neither Dumbledore nor Pomfrey where familiar with coming from him. "We need you to try and keep us both stable through this." He sounded so desperate, so out of his element that Pomfrey decidedly had no choice but to help this sallow man. She nodded solemnly and continued on before the two men, disappearing between the Winter Land guards and into Harry's room. Severus turned his attention immediately on Dumbledore. He did not even need to ask.

"Reportat quod perierat" Dumbledore said, "Please, Severus, be careful, Do not push yourself too hard." Severus only nodded once and then turned to go to Harry's side.

"Author's" Notes: "Reportat quod perierat" means "bring back what was lost". I used google translate so if it's wrong I have no idea but I'll trust it until further notice. If I have missed anything please let me know! I will do my best to make this fic as true as I possibly can to Miss. Darcy's work.

Also I am well aware that there are other versions that are attempting to finish off this amazing story and I've read them but they aren't doing it for me so I decided to make my own. My deepest wish for this fanfic if nothing else is to at least satisfy myself and maybe a few other fans of the wonderful story abandoned by Josephine Darcy. I pray she is well and that one day may finish her wonderful tail for us. In the mean time I hope my version will at least satiate the hole left by such an incomplete and lovely fic.