Chapter 18!

Summary: Her name was Agrippina; the Emperor's sister. Noted for her beauty, some things never change. She was different, something new. He fell in love with her, she took advantage of him. He turned her, she tricked him. She fled and is now back with time to kill.

Agrippina sat at the entered the room with a calculated look on her face, everyone surely enough was wearing white.

For death and sorrow, Agrippina remembered, the color's white.

Every was mourning, but none more than Caligula who mourned Drusilla as if a widower, more so than Drusilla's actual husband Lepidus.

Agrippina noted that Caligula seemed to be running mad as of late.

First, Agrippina thought, Claudilla, Caligula's first wife died a years ago along with his stillborn child, then grandmother Antonia died in the fall, and now, Drusilla, our favorite sister has died. Now, he's ordered Piso to divorce Orestilla and plans to marry her.

Agrippina kept a relaxed facade as the footman announced her entrance along with her husband and son.

Agrippina went up to her brother, leaving her husband and child without a word.

"Hail Caesar," Agrippina said as she approached and then said in a lower voice, "Caligula dear, how are you?"

"You do know that it is customary to bow to the Caesar," Caligula said in a cold tone, "But due to our more recent loss, I'll let you off for not following customary social protocol, I'm doing just fine by the way, merely distraught due to death, nothing that you would care of."

"Caligula-," Agrippina began but was interupted.

"Caesar Caligula," Caligula said, "I've noticed how lax you and Livilla have been, I do hope you do start following society's rules more closely."

Agrippina gave Caligula an unreadable expression before starting again, executing the more proper behavior she was raised to execute that she has never before used with siblings, "Caesar Caligula, may I be excused?"

"Yes," Caligula said, "You may."

Agrippina went out to the balcony and gripped the railings tightly. Her brother had just delivered a verbal slap to her face, and for all the court to see.

"Agrippina," A voice said, the voice that she knew all too well as the voice of her husband.

"Yes?" Agrippina asked icily, turning around with a livid expression.

"Do you want to leave?" Ahenobarbus asked with a knowing expression.

Agrippina seethed with rage, "No, and just to make this clear, I don't like you, nor will I ever, we were both forced into this marriage and you know it, I when I was 13 you when you were 45-"

"Yes, and now you are 23 and I am 55, I know math Agrippina," Ahenobarbus said.

"You have done nothing bur brought me down," Agrippina said, her voice raising an octave, "You narrowly escaped and would be dead if my paternal great-uncle- my adoptive grandfather Emperor Tiberius didn't die so suddenly."

"And have I done nothing for you?" Ahenobarbus replied, "I have financed your life, paid for your slaves and freedmen, your male mistresses."

"Why do you insist on pestering me? I gave you a son, an heir to your fortune, that should be enough," Agrippina said.

"I am merely concerned of your welfare Agrippina," Ahenobarbus said, "But I can sense when I'm not needed, I'll leave you alone to yourself."

Agrippina turned away and merely thought in vain, Drusilla's always had better luck than me, even in death, she's just been honored by the title Augusta and declared a goddess.

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