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When Jeremy woke up the first thing he noticed was that Klaus wasn't in his bed at all, he sighed before peering over the side of his bed.

'Wait his clothes are still here.'

Jeremy got out of bed, grabbed some clothes, went into the bathroom, and showered. Once he was out he headed downstairs hoping that Elena hadn't tried to kill Klaus, or worse Bonnie which he highly doubted due to the fact that Bonnie was still angry at him for kissing Anna. What he saw at the table startled him, Klaus was sitting across from Damon who Bonnie next to him glaring daggers at him. Elena from what he could hear was making breakfast for everyone.

'What is going on here?'

"Hi Jer," said a chipper Elena as if sensing his presence and went to go see him. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," replied Jeremy confused to no end, he walked downstairs to the table and took a seat next to Klaus. Bonnie sent a short glare towards him before resuming trying to glare daggers into Klaus' skull. Elena walked over and set down a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Damon and Bonnie before heading back to the counter before placing almost identical plates in front of Klaus and Jeremy.

"I heard you two had fun last night," said Damon taking a bite out of his food giving a smirk to both Klaus and Jeremy. Bonnie's eyebrow twitched, Jeremy rolled his eyes before turning his attention to Elena who was looking at her camera giggling. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Anna looking over her shoulder at what ever was on her camera.

"I believe we did Damon," said Klaus eating the food placed in front of him after making sure that it wasn't laced with vervain. "Why do you point out that fact?"

"So I can join you guys for the next time around," said Damon, this caused Jeremy to choke on the food that he just bit into and Bonnie to glare at him. "You okay kid?"

"W-what?" asked Jeremy unsure of what he had just heard. "And yes I'm fine."

"It seems like Damon didn't mind when he heard the news," said Elena walking to the table with her own food. "Bonnie on the other hand needs to not be going through mood swings seeing as she is having her Time of Month."

"Okay," said Jeremy, he reached across the table and placed a hand on her shoulder. "We kind of broke up remember?"

"HE IS EVIL!" shouted Bonnie pointing towards Klaus munching on a piece of bacon with a smirk on his face. "I DON'T MIND YOU BEING WITH DAMON BUT KLAUS!"

'Okay that went a little too far.'

"Hey there," said Damon, Bonnie glared at him. "He was just berated by his father and threatened by Stephan. He was just trying to figure out his choices."

"With Jeremy," said Bonnie, Jeremy blushed before saying. "I didn't mind."

Klaus pulled Jeremy into a slight embrace, Elena's hand went for her pocket.

'They are so cute together.'

Elena pulled out her camera and took a quick picture of Klaus and Jeremy cuddling, she pulled away and looked at it only to find out that Damon had used is speed and photo bombed in the background but was knocked back slightly by Klaus.

"Damon," whined Elena pouting towards Damon who had just returned to his seat smirking. "You ruined cuddle moment!"

"Can't help it my yaoi fangirl," said Damon before eating his breakfast, Bonnie sighed before looking at the camera.

"Okay show me those pictures," said Bonnie, Elena finished her breakfast before pulling Bonnie off to her room fast. Anna following after them.

'What just happened?'

Damon, Jeremy, and Klaus blinked all at once, before returning to their breakfast confused.

"So when is the next time?" asked Damon causing Jeremy to flush and stand up to rinse off the dish Klaus following him to do the same.

'They are both taller than me!'

Damon's face grew into a slight pout when he realized the height of Klaus and Jeremy. Jeremy was 6'0" while Klaus was 5'11", Klaus turned to look at the pouting Damon and smirked.

"If you keep pouting like that Damon you are going to be a submissive for the rest of your life," said Klaus, Damon sent a glare towards Klaus his bright blue eyes narrowing. "Besides 5'9½" isn't small it is just slightly shorter than the rest of us."

Damon growled but stopped when he saw Klaus smirk and start to move forward but was stopped by Jeremy who said. "Save it for the bedroom you two."

'Did he just say what I think he just said?'

Both Klaus and Damon watched Jeremy walk upstairs to find out what Elena and Bonnie where doing earning a shout. "READ THAT AT BONNIE'S HOUSE! Damon, Klaus, and I are going to have sex."

"Can I watch?" asked Elena earning a quick. "No"

Elena and Bonnie both rushed downstairs with a large box in between them earning an eyebrow raise from Klaus.

"Boys love manga," said Damon, the earned a look from Klaus. "What I found them while snooping around in Elena's room told me not to tell anyone."

"You just told me," said Klaus, Damon looked at him saying. "You're not anyone."

"Come on Jeremy is waiting," said Klaus leading Damon up the stairs.

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