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Izaya shivered as he hugged his jacket closer to his body, trying to protect himself from the cold winds that hit him. He brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his free arm around them while the other held the binoculars up to his eyes. He flicked the small leaver on the side and zoomed in on the large window across from him.

He watched as the two inhabitants of the large apartment finished up what they were doing for the day and turned off the main light, heading for their own bedrooms. Yet, not before one checked in on their unconscious guest, fiddling with cords and various equipment and talking to him like nothing was wrong.

It made him sick.

Finally the brunet closed the door and left the sleeping man alone.

Izaya gave a small sigh as he stood up and stretched, dropping the binoculars into his pocket and shaking feeling back into his hand once again.

He didn't know why he was here, or what he was even doing. He was just content on telling himself that he was curing his morbid curiosity. There was no other reason why he was breaking into his friend's apartment and visiting his worst enemy in the middle of the night. It definitely was not for the reason both Shinra and Celty would have said.


The informant scoffed as he got into the lift and pressed the level to the floor that the couple lived on.

As if he could be in love with a monster like him. All the man ever did was pick things up that should be humanly impossible and grunt like a caveman. He was nothing but a blemish on the beautiful painting that was his human race.

Yet, seeing him injured like that did put some disturbing thoughts into his head. Thoughts such as the fact that maybe Shizuo wasn't as tough and scary as he appeared to be. Maybe he was human after all.

The last thought made Izaya shudder.

He bit his lower lip as he slid the credit card down the side of the door, praying that the ever-alert Celty wouldn't pick up on his presence. He slowly pulled open the door and tiptoed inside. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, but he was soon on his way.

Carefully, he crept past Shinra's room, glad to hear the soft sound of snoring coming from inside the dark room. He was relieved that he didn't have to go anywhere near Celty's room as he could still see the soft glow of light seeping out from under the crack in the door. He froze as he stepped on a particularly squeaky part of the floor, waiting for either one of the apartments inhabitants to run out and find him. Thankfully, no one even stirred and he breathed out a sigh of relief.

Soon he found himself face to face with the room that the monster was currently sleeping in. He tried to ignore the way his hands shook as he pushed open the door and stepped in, closing it slowly behind him.

It was as if nothing had changed.

There he still lay, bathed in the gentle moonlight that came in through the window. His chest rose and fell with steady breaths and Izaya was pretty sure he had never seen such a peaceful expression on the man's face before in his life.

He gave a small smile as he approached the bed and sat down carefully on the edge.

"Shizu-chan," he whispered, "You look absolutely awful."

Of course the man gave no response, yet he continued to talk to him as though the two were having a normal conversation.

"The city has been pretty boring lately, and it's odd not seeing a vending machine fly my way whenever I walk down the main street. Although I can't complain, it makes my job a lot easier."

He gave a quiet chuckle.

"Sorry Shizu-chan, but I'm going to find out who did this to you before you even get a chance to lay a finger on them. Children don't like it when other people break their favourite toys you know. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not doing this to avenge you. This is all for my own selfish reasons."

Izaya hung his head as he reached out and gave the others hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'll only ever say this once Shizu-chan so listen carefully okay? Hurry up and get better soon. I miss having you around…"

The informant frowned as he quickly muttered the last words, slightly embarrassed by the fact he had even said them at all. His eyes scanned the other's body in search of any particular injuries that he could link to certain gangs. However, none of the injuries were really all that special.

His arm was in a sling, most likely broken, and he could see faint ligature marks decorating his wrists and neck. Apart from that, nothing really stood out. Izaya couldn't even tell what had left him in his current state. Although he would admit that he wasn't quite ready to go exploring the rest of the blond's body in search of clues.

"Oh well Shizu-chan, maybe I'll come back and take a better look next time."

Ignoring the voice in his head that told him to stay where he was and suppressing the need to sit there and talk to the bodyguard all night, he slowly stood up. He turned to leave before he suddenly found himself tugged back.

Adrenaline shot through his system as he turned around and met the confused amber eyes of the blond.



Izaya stood there for what felt like an eternity, those eyes never leaving his own for a moment. No more words were uttered between them as both tried desperately to work out just what was going on. The informant jumped as the other slowly pulled him back towards the bed.

"W-what are you doing?"

Shizuo didn't say a word as he quickly pulled Izaya down by the front of his jacket and pressed his lips against the others. The informant's eyes widened as he stumbled backwards, hitting a chair and hearing come crashing to the ground.

He brought his fingers up to his lips as his brain tried desperately to make sense out of what had just happened. Yet, it came up with nothing.

Hearing Shinra and Celty rushing around on the other side of the door startled him out of his thoughts and panic set in.

There was no escape…

Any second now, Celty and Shinra would come through this door and find him here in Shizuo's room. He had no excuse as to why he was here and his brain was barely functioning enough to come up with one.

He swore as he quickly jumped into the closet on the other side of the room and prayed that they wouldn't need anything from inside of it.

Soon he heard the door open and Shinra's gasp as he noticed Shizuo.

"S-Shizuo! You're awake…"

"Shinra… Where am I?"

Shizuo's voice came out all groggy and Izaya could hear Celty's fingers hitting the letters on her PDA.

"Oh," came the short response as Shizuo read the message.

"Do you remember anything? Who did this to you or –."

"I remember everything!" Shizuo yelled and Izaya heard something else crash. "I'm going to kill him! Kill kill kill kill…"

"Shizuo you need to calm down."

"You try and fucking calm down after someone tried to kill you!"

"Shizuo!" came the shocked scream as a loud thump echoed through the room. "You can't get up yet! You've been asleep for over two weeks."

"I'll kill him Shinra!"

"Celty we need to sedate him…"

Fingers typing.

"I know Celty… But we have no other choice."

Izaya quickly squatted down as the closet door was pulled open and a box quickly retrieved.

"I'm sorry Shizuo."

The room soon fell quiet and Izaya listened while the two sorted the blond out and checked that he hadn't done himself any damage.

"He'll be okay for now Celty, I'm going to go back to bed."

Izaya jumped as the closet door was slowly pulled open and a PDA quietly pushed in.

[Did he say anything to you? Did anything happen?]


Izaya swallowed.

[Oh, okay then.]

Celty got up and left, closing the closet door behind her as she returned to her own room. The informant waited a full hour before even daring to move an inch from his hiding spot.

What had just happened? Why did Shizuo kiss him? Why did he enjoy it?

Thousands of questions swirled around in his head, yet he would be lying if he had said that he wanted to know the answers to any of them. He wished that he had never found Shizuo's body in that stupid alleyway, that everything could just return back to normal.

However, he knew that they wouldn't…

He gave a sad smile as he slipped out of room and walked back towards the front door.


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