Thanks for all the lovely reviews for this little story, which was supposed to only be a oneshot. But, because of several reviews that said it felt unfinished, I decided to give it a go and this was the result. Sorry for any mistakes, and I would like to point out that there is an actual lemon in this chapter! So be warned if that's not your thing, it's slash and I would really like to know what you think, I'm still pretty new to writing any type of sex scenes. Anyways, thanks again for all the reviews and please let me know what you think of this.

Humming softly to himself, Harry absently pulled a book off the shelf and examined it before sliding it back into place. Slowly meandering his way through the library, Harry smiled to himself when he finally found the book he wanted and settled into his favorite chair to read.

However, before he could even crack the spine open, the doors to the library slammed open and an excited Draco burst inside. Running at full speed, Draco easily overlooked.

"Harry! Harry where are you! Oh great, I can't even find the idiot when I have the most exciting news!" Smiling softly, Harry calmly called out his friend's name, making Draco shriek and spin around quickly.

"Oh! There you are! Why didn't you say anything sooner?" Draco demanded, quickly coming towards Harry and settled into a chair beside the other boy. Harry just smiled indulgently, turning back to his book, his mind once again captured by the promises this book would hold. Again, though, before he could even open the pages, Draco interrupted.

"I just received the most exciting news from father! There are visitors coming to the castle!" Finally Harry looked up. Living the life he now did, Harry could easily say that he was never left wanting anything. He lived at the Royal Palace, so he had access to any food he desired, Lucius gladly handled all of this clothing matters and his new found friendship with Draco kept him from becoming overly bored. Despite all of this, he was still a fairly young man living in a relatively isolated place with only men older than him, and Draco, for company. He in no way wanted to sound ungrateful, but when Voldemort, Lucius and Severus began talking politics, Harry was left on the outside, and as of late, Draco had been learning from some sort of special teacher Lucius had hired. In short, he was lonely.

"Really? Do you know who it is?" Harry questioned, sitting forward eagerly and staring directly at Draco. Draco hesitated for a moment before nodding slowly. Curiously Harry tilted his head to the side, studying his best friend.

"My aunt, actually. Aunt Bella." Harry's brow furrowed. He had heard vague references of Draco's family, aside from Lucius and Severus that is, but never before had any other family, his mother for instance, been mentioned outright.

"Your aunt." Harry said hesitantly, hoping that Draco would take over. Thankfully he did.

"From my mother's side." He clarified. Mentally rolling his eyes, Harry gestured for Draco to go on. Sometimes, he wondered if his friend purposefully drug this out just to spite him.

"I'm guessing Father hasn't mentioned Mother yet?" Mutely shaking his head, Harry watched, worriedly now, as Draco sighed shakily, leaning back in his chair and tilting his head back, staring up at the ceiling. Harry watched as his throat worked as he swallowed.

"Narcissa Black. That was her name, Narcissa. She was beautiful. Tall, pale and graceful. A perfect lady. When my grandfather set up the marriage, Father has admitted that he was excited. However, it wasn't all to be easy. First of all, Bellatrix, Aunt Bella that is, had always loved Father from afar. When the marriage was arranged, she seemed to snap. To the point that I haven't been allowed to be in the same room with her by myself for as long as I can remember. Either way, when Our Lord began gathering his followers, Father was instantly willing to help. Our Lord stands for everything we believed in, but Mother had been raised differently. She sided with Dumbledore, at least secretly. Her and Father began fighting. This is when Severus stepped in and he and Father grew close again. They had been childhood friends, but had grown apart over the years. The final straw was when Our Lord defeated Dumbledore. Mother was, secretly, working against Our Lord and sold out some information to a group who believed themselves to be the avengers of Dumbledore. Her treason was revealed and she was killed. Father has admitted that, while upset that I no longer had the influence of a woman in my life, he was relieved that she was finally gone.

"Aunt Bella was glad as well, and took some sort of perverse pleasure in trying to win Father over, even though he was firmly dedicated to Severus by then. Now, whenever she decides to visit, things are always tense between Father and Severus." The library was silent after Draco's story, mainly because Harry wasn't exactly sure what to say to the revelation.

From what he understood, his friend held no fond memories or feelings of his late mother. However, now Harry was worried about the arrival of this Bellatrix.

"Voldemort? Draco told me that people would be arriving at the Palace sometime soon." Harry started, staring out the window and therefore missing the amused look he was given.

"I'm sure that's not all he told you, either." A blush crept up Harry's cheek's and Voldemort have a low chuckle.

"No, he told me about his mother as well, and why he's somewhat worried about their arrival." Voldemort made an understanding sound and reached out, snagging Harry around the waist and pulling him down onto the couch. He had grown rather tired just watching Harry pace, pause and stare out the window, and pace again. He felt as if lately things had been speeding up and he was left standing in the middle of it all, with only this young man keeping him steady.

"Ah, Bellatrix LeStrange." To Harry's displeasure, Voldemort's voice grew very fond at the mention of the woman Harry was already beginning to dislike.

"You know her then?" Harry asked, trying to hide his displeasure. Luckily, he succeeded and Voldemort merely nodded, doing nothing to assure the fears that suddenly appeared in Harry. He was even more worried now.

"Now entering, Miss Bellatrix LeStrange!" Peter Pettigrew's voice seemed very eager, more so than whenever he announced Voldemort, Harry thought snidely. He figured that he was allowed that at least, considering his own seat next to Voldemort had been moved. He now sat on the other side of Severus, sitting across from an empty table setting. He stubbornly tried to push away the hurt he felt, the sharp blow that had crushed him when Voldemort had casually announced that because Bellatrix was such a treasured guest, that she would be given the pleasure of sitting next to him for the night. Harry couldn't help but wonder why he was the one who was moved, when he was supposedly going to be the man's heir. The fact that he was moved aside for a guest was rather disconcerting as well.

Sighing softly, Harry stood with everyone else while the doors slammed open and Bellatrix entered. The room was silent and Harry took the time to quickly assess the woman. In a rather twisted, dark way, she could be considered beautiful. She had a tangle of long, wild black hair that fell down her back. It appeared to be uncombed, unattended to for quite some time, however she somehow managed to pull it off as stylish. She was tall and carried herself gracefully. She had dark eyes, so dark the pupil's were unidentifiable. Her nose was thrust into the air and her mouth twisted into a mocking smile.

"Oh Tom! It's so good to see you again!" Bellatrix cooed, her voice gravely originally, but grating as she spoke in a baby voice, to who, Harry could only guess. He didn't know anyone by the name of Tom. To his shock, however, Bellatrix quickly approached Voldemort and threw her arms around him. Voldemort's own arms came up around her and hugged her tight.

Harry had to fight back angry tears when the woman stepped away, only to grab Voldemort's face in a tight grip and plant a firm kiss directly on his lips. Harry's mouth fell open in shock. Beside him, Severus subtly nudged his side. Turning his face away, Harry quietly sniffled, blinking furiously to try and hide his reaction. Forcing himself to remember his teachings, Harry firmly shoved his emotions behind a door and locked it. As he turned back to face Voldemort and the Bitch, he caught Lucius' gaze and saw that the man was staring at him rather worriedly. Giving a blank stare in return, Harry turned back to the guests that had followed Bellatrix in.

"I see you have brought along some…friends." Voldemort finally drawled when Bellatrix pulled back at last. Turning to face the group of people, Harry was unable to deny his curiosity and his harsh feelings towards Bellatrix were momentarily forgotten.

"Oh yes, some people I've picked up in my travels." She made no move to introduce anyone and simply waved her hand at the table. Immediately servants rushed forward with more place settings and a cold feeling grew in his stomach. She had more say over the servants than he did.

"Please, sit, My Lady. The servants had prepared an excellent meal in honor of your return. Let us eat and then we may retire to my study to catch up." Bellatrix let out a high, tinkling laugh and for a moment, Harry thought he was going crazy as he saw his Aunt Petunia standing in her place before he blinked and Bellatrix was returned.

Harry at his diner silently, completely missing the worried looks his adopted family sent his way. Voldemort missed them as well.

Catching up in Voldemort's study turned into Bellatrix and Voldemort sitting rather close together on Harry and Voldemort's loveseat. Bellatrix was seemed to be in a constant state of giggling and Voldemort had an amused smile on his face the entire time. Harry sat in a chair by himself.

Crossing his arms, Harry turned to look out a window, wondering if he was simply overreacting. After all, their relationship had hardly been going on for very long and Harry knew that it would take Voldemort some time to get used to it. However, the fact that he had so easily been tossed aside, by a woman no less, was upsetting.

"Harry?" Blinking quickly, Harry turned to face Severus, a questioning look on his face. Severus frowned to himself. Although he would never say so out loud, he had come to look at Harry like another son, his other being Draco. The fact that Harry was obviously in pain over His Lord's thoughtless actions brought Severus pain as well. He wanted nothing more than to fix it all so Harry could be the happy, smiling boy he knew and, dare he admit it, had come to love.

"Yes Severus?" Harry voice brought him from his troubled thoughts and Severus gave a very slight shake of his head, focusing back in on the young man before him. Harry's usually bright green eyes were dull, without their usual sparkle. This only worried Severus further.

"Our Lord has never before had to change his actions because of a relationship. Give him some time to work this out." And for Lucius and I to speak with him. Severus thought dryly. Harry, however, seemed appeased. He gave Severus a smile and stood up from his chair, before sitting down next to Severus on the couch he had chosen.

With a small smile on his face, Severus wrapped his arm around his son, in everything but blood, and met Lucius' gaze across the room. The heated look in his lover's eyes made Severus's heart quicken and he returned the man's lustful look. It was astonishing that doing something as simple as comforting Harry made Lucius want him more.

"Oh Tom, it's been much too long since we've spoken." Bella's grating voice cut through the relative silence and Harry winced, pressing his face into Severus's shoulder. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed with his Voldemort and fall asleep pressed up against the man. When he glanced over at the man in question, however, Harry's heart nearly stopped.

Voldemort had stretched out on the couch, legs propped up elegantly on the table in front of them and arm stretched out on the back of the couch. Bellatrix was snuggled down in the open space, and as Harry watched, his lover's arm dropped down and wrapped around the woman.

Closing his eyes tiredly, Harry stood, pushing off Severus's hands and ignoring his family's worried looks, he walked out of the room quickly.

"You must be the Harry Potter that everyone is speaking about." Looking up curiously, Harry studied the boy in front of him for a few moments without speaking. The boy had to be about his age, however he looked extremely different. Where Harry had pale skin, this boy's skin was colored dark chocolate. He had surprisingly light brown eyes, which were piercing in their intensity. A smile curled up at the edge of his lips and Harry was reminded of an animal getting ready to pounce on it's prey.

"I am. Who are you?" Harry finally questioned. He had already gathered that this boy was with Bellatrix, which already put him in a bad position in Harry's mind, however he was willing to see what the boy was like before he judged him completely.

"My name is Blaise Zabini." The young man held out his hand, which Harry somewhat hesitantly took. They shook hands and Harry felt a blush rise in his cheeks when Blaise was slow to let go. His fingers gave one last caress to Harry's palm before sliding away. Blaise's smile grew.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Blaise. Can I ask how you are liking your stay so far?" Harry asked politely, beginning to walk back down the hallway. Blaise dropped into step beside him.

"From what little I have managed to see of the Palace, it's lovely. Dinner was lovely, it's been quite some time since I've had food cooked so well. However, I find that I cannot wait until night falls when I will be able to crawl into bed and sleep." Blaise gave a self-decrepitating laugh and Harry followed suit, laughing softly.

"I can understand. Was it a long travel here?" Blaise simply nodded in answer, offering now further explanation. Harry knew better than to ask for one.

"Very well, I will show you to a spare set of rooms and you may settle in." Blaise gave him a grateful smile, which had Harry blushing darkly again. They walked in a comfortable silence until they reached the residential wing of the Palace. Quickly locating an empty set of rooms, which weren't that far from Harry's own, although Harry refused to admit that it was done on purpose.

"If there is anything you find you need, there is a string next to the fireplace, simply pull it and the servants will be alerted. I hope you have a good sleep. Goodnight." Before Harry could turn to walk to his own rooms, Blaise drew his hand in quickly. Without warning he bent over and place a lingering kiss on the back of his hand, making goose bumps appear and run up his arms. Giving an involuntary shiver, Harry pulled his hand back quickly and gave Blaise an uncomfortable smile before spinning around and taking his departure quickly.

Unknown to him, Blaise watched his entire walk, head tilted to the side for the best view, a shark like grin spread across his face.

With one final moan, Voldemort stilled above him. Harry shifted uncomfortably when the man made no move to pull out. The slight movement was enough to have Voldemort falling loose and Harry grimaced slightly at the wetness that leaked out in response.

Leaning down, Voldemort dropped a light kiss to his lover's forehead before dropping down onto the bed next to Harry. He knew that things had been busy and that he hadn't spent nearly enough time with his Harry, but he rather hoped that things would be different tomorrow. With that last thought, Voldemort's mind turned off. Rolling away from Harry, Voldemort fell asleep.

Next to him, Harry shivered as a cold feeling settled in his heart. Aching and sticky, he slowly climbed from the large bed and padded into the adjoining bathroom. Since their physical relationship had started, it was the first time Harry had been forced to clean up himself and going through the movements himself felt like a blow. When he finally entered the bedroom again, Harry frowned. Voldemort had rolled over in his sleep, settling in the middle of the bed instead of his usual side. Normally, Harry wouldn't have had a problem with crawling in next to the man, but tonight, it just seemed too intimate for some reason.

Pulling on his underwear, Harry grabbed a pillow and settled onto the couch in the room, pulling an extra blanket over himself. Just as he was getting ready to drift off to sleep, a tear slipped down his cheek, splashing silently against the couch.

Things continued on in much the same way for days. Harry fell further and further into a depression and Voldemort continued to not notice. Each night, they still had sex as they once had done with such love, and each night, Harry crept to the couch and made sure to wake before his lover did.

As Harry and Voldemort's relationship steadily deteriorated, Harry and Blaise's seemed to grow. They spent hours together in the library, either sitting in silence or chatting lightly between themselves. Harry had wondered once, if what he was doing was in anyway wrong, but then he had walked in on Bellatrix hugging Voldemort tightly and his resolve had firmed. If his lover was allowed to have such a relationship with another person, than so was he.

"Harry? Are you okay?" Blaise's voice cut through his thoughts abruptly. Harry shook his head a few times to clear it of the fog that seemed to have taken up a permanent residence in his mind.

"Of course Blaise, I'm fine." Lying had become much easier, as had his evasion tactics. Lucius and Severus had become worried to the point that they took every chance they had to try and corner Harry to get him to admit something that Harry would rather not speak of.

His newly found friend scoffed and Harry turned away, hiding his face from view. Blaise was there, however, grabbing his chin with gentle hands and forcing him to meet those hypnotizing brown eyes.

Before he knew what was happening, Blaise's lips were covering his own, moving gently. Harry sat in shock for a few seconds, before, to his shock, he found himself beginning to kiss the boy back! Mentally Harry tried to rationalize what he was doing. Despite the fact that he and Voldemort still had sex every night, he couldn't remember the last time his lover had kissed him. Truly kissed him, with feeling behind it.

It might explain why, when Blaise started to pull away, Harry gave a soft whine and followed those sinfully soft lips, trying to get closer to the one person who made everything seem a little bit better.

Quickly stalking down the hallway, Severus snarled quietly to himself. Harry had managed to evade him yet again. When Bellatrix had arrived, Severus had known that something was up. Usually whenever the wicked woman found her way to the Royal Palace, she was much more out of control. She usually started several fights with different members of the staff and had once been found whipping an innocent kitchen hand. Voldemort had not been pleased and had forced her to leave for a longer period of time than usual. However, the entire incident seemed to have been forgotten and Voldemort had gladly welcomed the woman back. Severus could only hope that Voldemort had at least stopped himself from welcoming her back into his bed.

Turning a corner, Severus pulled himself into an abrupt stop at the sight of Bellatrix and Blaise Zabini in the hallway ahead of him. Narrowing his eyes, Severus stepped into the shadows and prepared to watch.

"Is the plan working well, Blaise-y?" Bellatrix cooed, a finger coming up to tickle under Blaise's chin as if he were a small child. Severus sneered. Blaise made a noise in the back of his throat, shoving the hand away impatiently.

"My end of the deal is going perfectly. I have him ensnared enough that he tried to go further than the kiss. What about Voldemort?" Blaise questioned, darting a look both ways to make sure they were still alone. Severus inhaled sharply, suddenly much more interested in whatever the couple had to say.

"He wanted more! Oh the little slut! This is simply perfect! I almost have Tom back in my clutches, before long he will take me to bed and I can gain my rightful place as Queen." A snarl twisted at Severus's lips and it was a trial trying to force himself to remain hidden and not give himself away too soon.

"And I will have Potter at last." Blaise sneered. Bellatrix let out a shriek of laughter and leaned closer to the boy, beginning to mouth at his jaw line. Severus watched long enough to know that they were more than business partners before he departed, in search of His Lord.

Severus found Voldemort sitting in his study, bent over his desk, a determined frown on his face. Upon entering the room, Severus cleared his throat several times before His Lord glanced up.

"Oh, it's simply you Severus, I was hoping Bella was around. Well, get on with it, what do you need?" Voldemort asked impatiently. Severus took a deep breath and prepared himself for the battle he was going to have to fight. He knew His Lord well enough to know that the man was completely under Bellatrix's thrall. It was coincidence that he had overheard the conversation when he had.

"My Lord, as I was searching for Harry, I stumbled across a couple and managed to overhear their conversation. What I've heard worries me greatly." Severus began, remaining standing. Voldemort finally pushed away the papers he had been studying and fixed Severus with a much more interested look. Severus gulped quietly. He had the feeling that this wasn't going to end well.

"They spoke of seducing you and Harry separately, one in order to get the crown, the other simply for Harry." Voldemort's expression had grown thunderous and he had stood up abruptly, shoving his chair backwards and staring at Severus intently.

"Who?" The word was spoken so quietly, Severus almost missed it. However, he didn't miss the rage swimming beneath that single word, carefully held back. He knew that when he revealed the people in question, there were two options as to what might happen. Voldemort would snap and have Bellatrix and Blaise both killed. Or Voldemort would snap and kill Severus.

"Bellatrix LeStrange and Blaise Zabini." There was a shocked silence before Voldemort reacted. He threw his head back and laughed a shriek of laughter with a hint of insanity to it. Severus began backing towards the door.

"Oh Severus, I'm afraid you will have to be punished for this betrayal. To think that I would believe my most trusted adviser is trying to seduce the crown from me." To Severus's shock, His Lord waved a hand at the study door and it slammed closed. Wide eyed, Severus stared at the man he had once trusted with his life. Fear began to build and he tried in vain to stop himself from shaking. With a dark smile and a crazy look in his red eyes, Voldemort began approaching Severus.

Sitting out in the gardens, Harry suddenly let out a low moan of pain and a hand came up to clasp his forehead. The lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, the one that he had received the night his parents had been murdered, was aching fiercely, sending bolts of pain through Harry's head.

With a quiet cry, Harry stood, stumbling to his feet. Painstakingly he began a slow trek to the doors to the Palace. Harry lost all track of time as he made his way inside the Palace. Time seemed to creep by as Harry stumbled blindly along the long hallways, low whimpers escaping his throat.

"Harry? Harry what's wrong?" A frantic voice interrupted his pain filled thoughts and Harry stubbornly blinked his eyes open, only to find Draco standing in front of him, worriedly staring at him.

"Draco…it hurts…Voldemort…" Harry trailed off, a sharp cry escaping him as the pain increased drastically. He was unable to answer any more of Draco's questions, so Draco did the only thing he could think of, he began pulling Harry in the direction of His Lord's study, determined to get his brother in all but blood help.

Draco let out a shaky laugh when they ran into Lucius on the way. At quickly explaining what he knew, his father easily scooped Harry up and began a fast walk towards Voldemort's office, Draco working to keep up.

"We're here Harry, Voldemort's just inside, he'll help." Lucius whispered soothing as soon as the dark door came into view. Picking up his pace, he reached the door quickly and tried opening it. To his shock, he found that the door was locked and began frantically beating on it as Harry's cries increased.

"My Lord! My Lord, it's Harry!" Lucius cried. Draco let out a frustrated breath and before Lucius could react, he shoved his father out of the way and ran at the door, slamming into it. Lucius watched with wide eyes as Draco charged the door several more times before a splintering sound was heard and the door burst inwards. What was exposed to their eyes was a terrifying sight.

Severus was laying on the ground, writhing in pain from an invisible assailant. His mouth was opened wide in a soundless scream and Lucius felt his heart contract at the sight. Even worse, however, was the sight of Voldemort standing over his lover. The man was pointing at Severus, a crazed look on his face as he supposedly caused the pain Severus was feeling.

At the same moment that they entered the room, Harry let out an earth shattering shriek that had Lucius stumbling to his knees in shock and pain as he ear's protested at the sudden, grating noise. Despite his best efforts, Harry fell from his arms and in shock he watched as the boy stubbornly began to crawl towards Voldemort.

Pulling himself up, Lucius pulled his son close to his side and backed up against the wall, trying in vain to protect themselves from whatever might happen.

Harry could hear screaming. His head ached and his throat felt as if it were on fire. He wanted nothing more than to curl up with Voldemort, his Voldemort, and sleep for the next month. However, he felt a pressing need to just keep moving, to keep going. So he crawled. Unable to get to his feet, Harry moved forward on hands and knees, somehow aware that his lover was near, and that Voldemort needed him. A distant part of his mind was also aware that Severus needed him as well, that the man he saw as a father was being hurt.

He paused when he felt resistance against his head, stopping him. Blearily he forced his eyes open and looked up, recognizing his lover's pants. With shaking arms, he wrapped himself around Voldemort and began climbing his way up the man's body, fighting to stand on his weak legs.

Once fully standing, Harry moved closer, wrapping himself around the man and laying his head on his lover's shoulder. Pressing a gentle kiss against the man's pulse point, which Harry vaguely registered as beating erratically.

"I love you, Voldemort. Please, come back to me." Harry whispered softly. In that instant, every cold night he had slept on the couch was forgotten, every snub that had occurred, was forgotten.

Pressing himself closer, Harry very gently reached out and wrapped his hand around his lover's outstretched wrist. Without thought, his thumb began moving in small circle's on the man's exposed skin. He felt a shudder work it's way through Voldemort's body.

"I need you here." Harry whispered quietly. His lover shuddered again and slowly, as if he was fighting himself, his arm began to drop. Harry carefully intertwined their fingers, feeling the man begin to shake. Wrapping his other arm around his lover's waist, Harry waited.

"Harry?" Voldemort questioned, sounding very much like a scared child. Harry made an affirmative noise in his abused throat and gently began leading them towards a couch.

"What's going on?" Voldemort questioned again, beginning to panic. Harry felt as if he could feel his lover's pain. With a gentle shove, he pushed is lover onto the couch, immediately following before Voldemort could begin to panic further. Settling himself onto the man's lap, Harry wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and pulled him close. Voldemort's arms came up to tug Harry closer, his hands fisting in the back of Harry's shirt in his desperation. Harry steadily pushed on Voldemort's head until his lover gave in and rested it on Harry's shoulder. Against his will, Voldemort felt tears beginning to build up in his eyes.

"Shhh, just let it all out, lover. Everything will be taken care of." Harry whispered gently. He continued to soothe Voldemort as the man shook with the force of his sobs. Harry just patiently continued to pet his lover's hair gently, letting out a little breath in relief when he felt the man go lax with sleep.

Removing himself slowly, Harry moved Voldemort so he was stretched out on the couch. Finding a blanket, he tenderly tucked the man in, then turned to face Lucius. He found the man in much the same position with Severus. Except Severus was unconscious.

"Draco, call a medic. Lucius, come with me, we've got some scum to take care of." Harry's voice was steely, leaving no room for objections and as both Malfoy's moved to follow Their Lord's little lover both marveled at the same thing. Sometime during the entire ordeal, Harry seemed to have found his courage. He would make the perfect ruler for the people if it was needed.

Two hours later found Harry laying in his bed, with Voldemort draped over him. The man was still sleeping, which after what they had discovered hardly surprised him. When they had found Bellatrix, giving Blaise a blowjob, by the way, she had begun to scream out obscenities and scream incoherently. When Harry had stepped out of the shadows, she had become crazed, kicking and clawing the guards holding her. Without urging, she had begun to yell out how her plan should have worked, how they were so close. Even when Blaise began yelling at her to shut up, she had ignored it and continued giving away their entire plan in her mindless rage.

Harry shuddered, remembering the crazed words, and knowing that the entire kingdom had been close to having a madwoman ruling them. Thousands had been scheduled to die, all because they weren't 'pure' according to Bellatrix's ravings. The plan started with one Peter Pettigrew revealing any information Bellatrix needed. Once prepared, they moved, intended to seduce Voldemort away from Harry and Blaise was to seduce Harry. They worked to create a crack in their relationship, to being to separate them. Once Bellatrix bedded Voldemort, she had planned to wiggle her way into the title of Queen, and once she had gained enough power to retain the crown without Voldemort, he was supposed to die. The only way she found to get Voldemort away from Harry was to subtly begin to give him small amounts of the dark magic, to make him think that his powers as King were increasing. Voldemort had fallen for it, high on the feeling of power for the first time and had begun to distance himself. Harry, on the other hand, was going to be given to Blaise, who apparently held a grudge against Harry for something he couldn't even remember.

According to Blaise, who once he realized they were to be sentenced to death, had begun to scream as well, Blaise's parents had left Blaise with a sitter to leave in search of wealth. They had stumbled across the Potter family while desperate. They had just survived a harsh winter in the woods and had no other options. Apparently, in the struggle, Harry and Blaise's parents had both been killed, but Harry had is own opinion's on what happened. From piecing bits and pieces together, Harry gathered that Blaise's parents had been well practiced in the strange magic that Voldemort had momentarily used. His parents must have been teaching everything they knew to Bellatrix, who had been the sitter assigned to Blaise. In their desperation, his parents had given away their only trick, the dark magic they somehow controlled. Harry's parents had died, but Harry had survived. Blaise's parents were never to be found again and Blaise, under the biased teachings of Bellatrix, had formed the opinion that Harry was the cause of it. While Harry wanted to deny it, he had a strange feeling that the boy was correct. There was no other explanation for the strange pain he had felt through his scar, which he guessed he must've gotten during the struggle, probably from dark magic, when his lover had begun using the same magic.

Afterwards, Lucius had questioned Harry, wanting to know how Harry had known what to do. Harry had merely shrugged, but now in the privacy of his own room, wrapped in the arms of his lover, Harry allowed himself to wonder. The only explanation he could think of was the power of love. Despite how corny it sounded, Voldemort had only begun to come back to himself when Harry had admitted his feelings towards Voldemort.

"What has you thinking so hard?" Voldemort questioned quietly, his voice hoarse as he ran a finger down the furrow in Harry's brow. Harry startled silently, unaware his lover had awoken.

"I've been thinking about the entire situation." Harry admitted, before settling further in the bed and beginning to tell the entire story to Voldemort. Once he was finished, Harry worriedly eyed his lover. Voldemort was shaking and his red eyes were glowing slightly. Taking a deep breath, Voldemort forced himself to calm.

"What is it?" Harry asked gently, running a hand up Voldemort's bare back. He shifted in response, pushing down his arousal and forcing himself to focus on the concerned expression on Harry's face instead of all the bare skin sliding against his own.

"It's happened again. Harry, I would like to apologize for never once sharing anything about my past with you. If I had, this entire mess may have been averted." Sitting up, Voldemort reluctantly admitted to himself that this was a serious conversation that needed to be held in a more serious setting than being sprawled across his young lover.

Harry followed suit, sitting up against the headboard, leaning back against it and watching Voldemort with curious eyes.

"Much like yourself, when I was young, my parents both died. However, the situation was quite different. There were rumors that circulated when I was younger that my mother who was only a commoner, used love potions to marry an upper class man of good standing. Whatever the truth is, I was raised as an abomination. By then, my father had been disowned and couldn't return to his family and my mother had been shunned by any friends she had once held. I fit in neither social class. It all changed when my mother died and my father followed soon after. No one was willing to take me in. I was forced to live on the streets and I fell in with the wrong crowd.

"Back in my youth, I was known as Thomas Marvolo Riddle. Tom, as you've most likely heard Bella call me. Only she was allowed to call me that because she was part of the crowd I fell in with when I ran the streets. Bellatrix LeStrange, Fenrir Greyback, Adrianna Zabini, and Walden Macnair. We stumbled upon a secret text which gave a ritual for unimaginable power. Of course, being the naïve children that we were, we preformed it. Greyback and Macnair both died immediately after the ritual, the magic being too much for them. However, Bella, Adrianna and I all survived it, with this new dark magic that was both terrifying and exciting at once. We began a war path, picking off anyone who bothered us. Of course, there were flaws in our plans. We were caught once, and Bella went made, killing all the police men in question and then fleeing the country. After witnessing such destruction, I convinced Adrianna that what we had was wrong and we both agreed to swear not to use the power anymore. We went our separate ways. I eventually changed my name to Voldemort and worked to become King, hoping the change the way things were, where three young children could kill innocent people and not get caught. Using that horrible dark magic turned my eyes red, permanently, no matter how long I with stained from using it.

"My only guess is that when Bellatrix began feeding me the dark magic again, the dormant magic inside of me reacted and began to come to the surface again. I was drunk on power and could easily ignore the signals that something was wrong. I'm sorry, Harry, for even beginning to ignore you when she arrived." Voldemort finished. Harry was left breathless at the quiet pain heard in the words. Wordlessly, he leaned forward and hugged his lover tight, doing everything in his power to comfort the man.

Slowly they moved back so they were laying against the pillows again. Harry began stroking a hand down his lover's side, a wordless act of comfort. His lover made a small humming noise, turning his head to the side, he began peppering kisses along Harry's neck and Harry giggled slightly at the ticklish feeling.

Unwillingly Voldemort smiled at the sound, his arousal growing. Shifting slightly, Voldemort let out a startled breath at the feel of his lover's erection digging into his thigh. Teasingly, he began to rub his leg into the hardness, delighting in the breathless whimpers his lover began to emit.

When the teasing pace continued, Harry growled out in frustration, reaching out and wrapping his legs around Voldemort's hips. Before his lover could react, Harry spun them over on the bed. Smiling down at the shocked face, Harry moved back so he was positioned over the man's arousal and pressed himself against it. He began to rock back and forth above the man, small moans escaping his parted lips.

Harry was growing desperate. It wasn't enough. Growling, he reached out and began unbuttoning Voldemort's shirt. His lover's dark chuckle reached his ears and Harry moaned again, abandoning the shirt and leaning down to shove his tongue into that sinful mouth. Voldemort made a surprised sound before returning the kiss eagerly. Harry went boneless at the pleasure running through him. This was how it was supposed to be. This was how they were supposed to be.

Without warning Voldemort rolled them over again and before Harry could begin to react, his lover had reached down and pulled Harry's legs up around his waist and was thrusting harshly against Harry. Letting out a shaky moan, Harry thrust upward and the two moved in perfect unison.

Twining his fingers into Voldemort's hair, Harry pulled his lover down to bite at his neck, trying to muffle his increasingly loud sounds. As he felt himself growing close, he began clawing at anything in reach, the sheets underneath him, the shirt on his lover's back.

It was with a particularly hard thrust against him that Harry came with a loud moan, shaking and muttering his love to Voldemort. After only a few more pushes against his sensitive lover, Voldemort followed soon after.

Collapsing on top of Harry, Voldemort tucked his head into Harry's neck and pressed a gentle kiss on the younger man's pulse point. Harry shivered and Voldemort burrowed closer to hide his sudden smile.

Despite the tiredness setting in, Harry forced his arms up to wrap around his lover as he gently began to run his fingers through Voldemort's hair. As he began to drift off to sleep, surrounded by his lover, Harry marveled at his luck in life. He lived in a Palace, full of anything he could ever need. He finally had a family who accepted him and loved him for who he was. And finally, he had a lover, who had battled his own inner demons to be with Harry. Life was good.