Sweet Caroline

By Tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: Don't own the Vampire Diaries

Summary: For ishi_chan at the Vampire Diaries Free-For-All Comment Ficathon: Part 3 (p.7). Caroline runs into Klaus and Tyler and Klaus decides to have some fun at the two teens' expense.




Caroline froze when she saw Tyler walking across the street. She was surprised to see him back in town. After homecoming and their consequent break-up, he had skipped town yet again. No one knew where he was though they all suspected he was with Klaus.

It looked like they were right.

Eyes wide at the sight of the two hybrids, Caroline whirled on her heel and headed in the opposite direction, praying to anyone who would listen that they not notice her.

She probably shouldn't have prayed out loud.

"Did someone say my name?" She heard a familiar British voice ask from behind her. She had only heard him speak once, but listening to him talk as he stood over Tyler watching him die was more than enough to ingrain the sound into her mind. "I know you. Yes, you're Tyler's ex. The little baby vampire."

Despite realizing how futile it was, she tried to run away using her vampire speed. She barely made it a foot when Klaus was in front of her. "Please don't," She begged.

"Don't what, sweetheart?" He asked with a smirk, reaching a hand out to play with a small section of hair before tucking it behind her ear, smiling even wider when the action made her shiver in fear.

"Whatever it is you want from me, I can't help you," Caroline tried again.

Klaus folded his arms behind his back, "Now what makes you think I want something from you?"

Caroline nervously glanced to the side, hoping that despite everything, Tyler would still come to her rescue. She was to be disappointed however as Tyler was studiously avoiding looking over at the two vampires' interaction.

Klaus let out a chuckle, "It looks like I'm the one doing something for you," He said in amusement, moving closer to the blonde. Caroline didn't dare move a muscle, her eyes squeezed shut as her body tensed, ready for whatever kind of pain he was about to inflict on her. Her eyes flew open in shock when she felt a warm pair of lips over hers. She looked up to meet amused crystal blue eyes looking back at her. "It appears my little hybrid is still quite fond of you," He said lowly causing Caroline to look over at Tyler who was now visibly restraining himself from coming over, "And I can see why," he grinned, "You taste quite sweet, little Caroline."