She dreamed of him again…

He was standing in a clearing not far from the tea house, tall and beautiful with his thick mane of silver long hair being carried about by a light breeze. His eyes watched her as she leaned against the pillar right outside of her mistress's quarters and was unable to move. It felt as if he had pinned her there with his amber eyes and her soles were glued to the floor. He was adamant about keeping her still, though for some unknown reason, he didn't frighten her. She was transfixed by his lean build, uncaring that he was a member of the demon race. She knew what she wanted, and her heart was aching for the man at the end of the clearing.

Those amber eyes…so far away but so close that she could feel them scanning over her body as if he knew how she looked beneath her soft pink silk kimono. It made her face redden at the thought. Oh…how could you know my skin? Why do you look at me as if you can see all of me? Why…?

This demon had invaded her dreams before, and for that, she wished that she could sleep forever. His face was so full of mystery if he did not see her first, but whenever his amber eyes found her, she could read him clearly. He was shocked, then sad at first as if he had lost the love of his life. But then he would study her face…searching. Looking for any sign of…what? But he would always end up watching like he knew her every secret thought. Who are you…?

She never knew what he looked for in her face, but she was always fascinated by his familiar looks and breathtaking figure. He was always dressed for battle, wearing a pearl white kimono with violet and gold obi. His sword hung proud by his side and his armor looked cold and strong. She had seen no one else like him. Every glance at his stunning eyes sent her heart soaring and she could not help but be confused by him. 'What do you want from me?' She would always ask him, but this demon never spoke a word, only stared.

The night passed her sleeping form by, and she ignored everything as she shifted involuntarily over on her side. She smiled happily and sighed as her jet black hair fell forward and covered her face.

Her dreams also shifted.

This time, she found herself wandering around in a forest, somewhere she didn't recognize at first. And then she found a large tree that struck her memory like a bolt of lightning from a fresh thunder storm.

Every breath filled her nose with the scent of familiarity but she couldn't understand why. She knew everything about the looming oak before her but there was nothing yet to remember…until she found him there again.

The demon from before was hurt. He looked battered and bruised, but something about his quiet demeanor made her think he was not one to be defeated easily. Up close, he was intimidating, powerful and still more beautiful than anything she had ever seen so close. His eyes were closed as if in thought, but in one step toward him, his eyes popped open and he thrust his upper body forward. Crimson eyes glared daggers in her direction while his fangs and claws were bared, ready to strike her down if she dared step closer.

She was somehow unafraid of him. I know you would not hurt me…I know…She did the unthinkable of her species and moved closer.

The demon remained poised for attack for a moment longer before relaxing and leaning back to rest against the oak behind him. Do you remember me…? He whispered low to her.

She was shocked that he had spoken for he had never done so until now. I want to remember…I know that I should know who you are…but I do not know why…

The demon turned his crimson stare away from her and heaved a heavy sigh. I will find you some day…I promise…

Her heart felt as if it were being torn apart. But I am here! Right here! Please, who are you?

You know…His words died, and her world swirled around him, distorting his resting figure and she nearly shouted.

No! Wait…

Her world shifted once again and found herself stranded inside of a world of white light. There were no structures to be seen; nothing in which to hold her up, but she was not falling or moving in any direction. She looked around for a sign of life, but she was the only one until she took a step forward.

The white light discolored before her, and for a moment, she saw a fleeting image of a small demon and another creature that resembled a two headed dragon walking at her as if through a misty cloud. 'Hello?' She asked quietly to gain their attention, but they ignored her. Feeling annoyed, she advanced forward another step and that did it.

The two creatures stopped and glanced in her direction, and both cocked their heads as if confused.

She knew them instantly. In the back of her mind, she could feel their names trying to break free from the prison that she had created for them but for some reason, she couldn't find the keys.

Is that you, Rin? The smaller demon, who was clearly an imp, asked her curiously.

She was stunned. That name…I know that name…Rin…is…me. But who is me? Who am I to them?

She sucked in a frightened bit of air and almost choked on her amazement. 'You know me? Who are you?' She asked him quietly.

The small imp gazed at her with wide, sad eyes, and then turned and walked away with the dragon demon in tow.

She almost ran for them. No! Come back! I am Rin! I am! She struck something hard. Her vision was momentarily filled with sparks and wondered if she had contacted a wall. She blinked rapidly and noticed that she was still surrounded by white light, but there was no wall before her. Instead, she saw a tall figure.

It's you…

The silver haired demon had found her once again in her labyrinth of dreams, but something was different about him. Instead of being dressed in his battle armor, he was clothed in only a jet black kimono and robe, with an intricate white design around the collar and sleeves. He watched her staring, and moved toward her.

She was frightened. He was only a few feet from her, but there was something keeping her from reaching out to him. An invisible barrier separated them and refused to give beneath the weight of her searching hands.

She watched him, desperation filling her chocolate brown eyes. Help me…

He stopped just shy of a few inches from her and she took his image into her mind and saved it for her reality. I cannot help you…He lifted his own hand and placed it close to hers but there was something solid like glass keeping them apart. Do you know me…?

I…I think I do…but I just don't know…help me…

He watched her sadly, not daring to say another word.

She felt her body tremble with emotions that she had never felt before. Desire, love, heartbreak…loneliness. AH! She looked down at her stomach and was horrified by her discovery.

Within the center of her body, she found an object protruding from her kimono. Blood seeped through and drenched her front and she felt her body weaken. No! Not this…not again! Her body weakened and her knees buckled despite her desperate attempt to keep herself up. She looked up at him once more with pleading eyes. Help me!

But he could not. He could only stare in painful silence as he watched her fall to the ground, saturated with thick, crimson blood. In the distance, a distinct baby cry could be heard in her mind as everything began to fade. I will find you…my Rin…my love…

Her last thoughts were of his beautiful face, which she would never forget. His amber eyes were glistening, but he only allowed one single tear to fall…

"NO!" The young woman shot out of her bed as if she were set on fire, with her right arm outstretched and throat screaming her dreamy words. "No…" Her chocolate brown eyes were wide in desperation, no trace of sleep left within them as she noticed that the morning light was spilling into her bedroom.

"Miho, what is wrong?" A large, gentle woman bustled through the door covered with fresh tea stains all down the front of her deep blue kimono. The woman's hair was gray and up in an intricate bun at the top of her head, but at the moment, stray strands were growing wild from sudden fright. "I nearly threw the tea pot! Look at me! Tea all down my kimono and not a drop to drink!"

Miho closed her eyes to hide her obvious amusement. "I'm sorry, madam. I was just dreaming again."

The older woman huffed and placed her hands on her hips and fixed her with dark eyes. "Of course you were." She sighed heavily. Her face was withered and wrinkled, but her eyes were kind if she was not annoyed. Unfortunately for Miho, that was not the case. "Now get up and go to your lessons. Kasumi is waiting for you." She walked out of the room without a second glance.

"Alright, Yuuki-san." Miho whispered under her breath and sighed. So much for sleeping late. She threw her blankets off of her heated body and welcomed the cool breeze that the autumn season provided through her open window. After a few seconds of soaking it in, she dressed herself appropriately in a new white silk kimono and crimson obi. Underneath, she made sure that her under kimono was situated properly, with red collar showing, before completing her outfit for the day. My dreams were much more active last night than usual. Perhaps I should refrain from eating sweets before bed? She thought for a moment. Nope! She giggled internally and then sighed again. I have not heard anyone use that name in so long…I had almost forgotten that it was mine…Rin…

Author's Note: Alright you guys, here it is, the new epilogue and this time, no sad endings. Is anyone able to figure out where Miss Rin has ended up? I changed her name, but she knows that 'Rin' is her name also. Miho means protected, guaranteed beauty. I thought it was fitting.

Of course, you guys know that I love dream sequences so this epilogue is full of them.

And also, of course, a lot of you guessed right, Rin has been reincarnated, but not like the situation with Kikyo/Kagome. You will just have to keep a look out for the new story that will be up shortly.

Again, I thank all of you for being so patient with me. I know a lot of you were upset that I had taken a pretty sad turn with A Small Twist of Fate, but hey. Not all stories have happy endings and I am glad that some of you were able to keep that in mind. I am also glad about how many loyal fans that I have. It is amazing to wake up every morning and see my email inbox full of new fans adding my story to their favorite's lists, and adding me to their author alert lists. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate knowing that I am not as bad a writer as I once use to think that I was. Thank you all!

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