Hey! It's reviewgirl911! This is my first HP story and I'm super worried and excited at the same time. Fantasy is not my strong point, and I want to make J.K. Rowling proud. So please take it easy on me! Reviews are always appreciated!

Summary: It's been sixteen years since Voldemort was defeated by infant Harry Potter and ten since Harry Potter went missing. Voldemort has returned, and the wizarding world's future is looking bleak. What happens when Harry Potter is found alive and way different than any of them ever thought he would be? Will he cooperate with Dumbledore? What secrets are in his past? Read to find out!

Albus Dumbledore sighed. It had been a long year at Hogwarts, and things were only bound to get worse from there. Voldemort had returned, and though the Ministry had finally admitted his return, they weren't any more helpful than before. Dolores Umbridge was still High Inquisitor at Hogwarts since Fudge wanted to make sure the students' loyalty was to the Ministry and not to Dumbledore. And there was the issue of Harry Potter.

No one but Dumbledore knew how Harry Potter had been able to defeat Lord Voldemort as an infant, but it didn't stop them for viewing the child as a hero. For that reason, the headmaster had placed him in the care of his Muggle relatives in order to shield him from the fame, leaving a letter to explain the situation for his aunt. Though Professor McGonagall had expressed doubts about placing him there, Dumbledore had reassured her that it was the best place for him. Unfortunately, the old wizard had been wrong. When Harry was six, he had disappeared from Privet Drive. No one knew where he had gone or what had happened. Surprisingly, his relatives hadn't seemed that concerned, shooing away anyone from the Ministry who came to question him. Though there was a full-scale investigation, Harry was never found. The wizarding world went on with their lives, mourning the young hero they had lost.

I've made so many mistakes, Dumbledore thought to himself. And he had. There had been the issue of the Potter's Secret-Keeper and Sirius's imprisonment, not to mention Harry's disappearance. He was snapped out of his thoughts, however, when a young Auror entered his office. "Professor Dumbledore, sir, we've found him," the young man said urgently. Dumbledore stood up.

"Found whom?" he asked lowly.

"Harry Potter, sir," the Auror answered excitedly. Dumbledore stood up and followed the young man. Thoughts swirled around in his head. One thing was for sure. Both he and the rest of the wizarding world were in for a nasty shock.

This was probably one of the worst days of Harry's life. Not only was he stopped from finishing a delivery but there were also a bunch of Ministry baboons questioning him about his whereabouts for the last ten years. He stayed silent, smirking and occasionally rolling his eyes. Harry didn't trust authority figures as a general rule. In fact, he never trusted anyone on principle. He had known since he was ten that people left and betrayed you. It was best to limit your trust to a select few.

"I'm going to ask this again, Potter. Where have you been?" Amelia Bones questioned her face exasperated. Harry was different than she had expected. Lily had been a gentle soul, and James, though arrogant at times, was also charming and personable. Harry was like acid, sharp and stinging. There was something old about him, however, that gave him her pity. His eyes had shadows, like he'd seen too many horrors by the simple age of sixteen. Still, the boy absolutely refused to answer any questions, only giving them the occasional shrug or smirk.

Harry just stared off into space. He was waiting for something, okay, someone to be more specific. When the Aurors had their backs turned, he had sent Hedwig with a note saying where he was to Tess. The black-haired teenager suspected she'd be here soon. The doors opened, and Harry saw Albus Dumbledore and one of the Aurors walk in. He narrowed his bright green eyes at the aging wizard. Fiona had told him he was the reason Harry had been placed with the Dursleys. His mind flashed back to a life before he ran off and found a safe haven in Fiona's house.

"We'll out of here one day, Harry, I promise," a soft voice exclaimed. Harry shook his head. It was useless to think of the past now. You have to live day by day, he reminded himself.

Dumbledore observed the boy carefully. Harry's hair was long and shaggy, his jeans worn out and a leather coat over his white t-shirt. His intense bright green eyes seemed to pierce him. Lily's eyes, Dumbledore mentally reminded himself. The old professor was surprised by how old the boy seemed, much older and wiser than he should be. He wondered what Harry had been through in his live to have those shadows in his eyes.

"Mr. Potter," Ms. Bones said. "If you do not cooperate with our investigation, I will have no choice but to force the truth out of you." Harry narrowed his eyes at her. Amelia Bones was a no-nonsense kind of woman, he knew from his sources. If she had something to use on him, she would've done it already.

"And I would have no choice but report you to the Ministry for violating my rights. You can only give me Veritaserum during a full trial, which this clearly isn't," Harry shot back. He mentally thanked all the Slytherins he worked for in Knockturn Alley for making sure he knew his wizarding rights. Of course, if she did decide to use Veritaserum on him, it wouldn't really be a problem. Harry was a skilled Occlumens.

Amelia sighed. She could already tell this boy was smart and cunning. She was reminded of both Sirius Black and Severus Snape. Harry had the dangerously good looks Sirius had possessed before Azakban and the sarcasm and cynicism of the Potions professor. She would never admit it, but the former Hufflepuff couldn't wait for the Hogwarts staff to meet him. Amelia wanted to see what they'd make of him. She sensed great potential and power along with coldness and damage. She was snapped out of her thoughts when a girl appeared in the room. The girl was brown-haired and extraordinarily beautiful with bright blue eyes and a sly smile, dressed in Muggle clothes.

Harry looked over at his friend. "Took you long enough," he snorted. Amelia Bones and Dumbledore exchanged a surprised look. The jab was almost... affectionate.

Tess glared at him. "I just got your note five minutes ago. I packed our stuff and made my way here," she stated.

"Where you followed?" Harry asked. Tess rolled her eyes. Harry was paranoid to the worst degree.

"No," she replied casually. "And no news from anyone," she added before Harry could ask her.

"Mr. Potter, who is this?" Amelia asked Harry suspiciously. She didn't know how the girl had entered the castle, and it made her curious.

The girl smiled at her. "Tess McKinnon," she introduced herself. "And I'm guessing you're Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." She looked over at Dumbledore. "And you're Albus Dumbledore."

"Thank you for stating the obvious," Harry snapped.

"Well, some of us have manners. We all can't be Mr. Cool-Broody guy," she shot back with a smirk.

"And may I ask how you got into the castle, Miss McKinnon?" Dumbledore questioned with a twinkle in his eyes. He had a feeling this girl could be the key to getting to know Harry.

"A house-elf serving here," Tess answered cautiously, not wanting to get Dobby in trouble. Dumbledore seemed to accept this answer. Harry gave her a quick nod of approval.

"Miss McKinnon, how do you know Mr. Potter?" Amelia questioned.

Harry and Tess exchanged a tense look. "He's my best friend," she answered. "I've known him since I was eight. We survive together."

"How did you two meet?" Dumbledore asked curiously. He had a feeling this girl could help him figure out the enigma that was Harry Potter.

Tess glared at the old coot, as Harry so aptly named him. "He rescued me," she stated vaguely.

"No guardians?" Amelia asked, looking at both teenagers. Tess avoided her gaze, looking at Harry, but the black-haired teenager kept her gaze. His look seemed to say 'I'll fuck with you if you fuck with me.'

Tess shook her head. "My parents died in a Death Eater attack six years ago." She didn't mention Fiona and Phineas, mostly due to Harry's warning look.

Amelia waited for Harry to answer. He just stared at her. The head of the DMLE sighed. "How long have you been on your own?" the Hufflepuff questioned. Harry shrugged. He wasn't about to answer any of their questions. The Ministry had already made his life hard enough as it was.

Tess rolled her eyes. Harry never trusted authority figures, and the fact that this woman was a Ministry worker made things even worse. The black-haired boy had hated the Ministry ever since their friend had been unjustly thrown into Azakban for a crime he didn't commit a year ago. Of course, they had managed to get him out, but the friend hadn't been the same since. "Six years," she replied casually.

Amelia frowned, the numbers not adding up in her head. There was something they weren't telling her. Before either she or Dumbledore could ask another question, Harry interrupted. "Am I free to go?"

"I'm afraid not, Mr. Potter. You're a minor, and you should be in school," Amelia responded disapprovingly. Harry snorted.

"England's school system is crap," he stated bluntly. "Most British wizards couldn't find their own asses with a compass. You don't teach warding, Muggle defense, or healing, all of which are things that Death Eaters utilized in the last war. Half of the useful gray spells are outlawed for being too dark. Your average 6th Defense student would get their asses kicked by a 3rd year student at Dumstrang."

Dumbledore's jaw dropped. Tess held back a giggle. That sounded like the Harry she knew, or at least she used to know. These days, she didn't know which one she'd get: the quiet, brooding Harry, the out for revenge Harry, or the normal Harry she had always known. Tess remembered a time in their lives when there had only been one Harry, one who'd laughed more and been able to see the good side of things, people. The two friends had been forced to grow up quickly, but Harry had bared the heaver of the burdens so that she wouldn't have to. It had, however, came at the price of his childhood, his innocence.

Tess changed the subject. "I'm hungry. Is there food in this place?" Harry shot her a look which she ignored. Dumbledore smiled. This would give him a chance to probe deeper into Harry's mind. And so the two nomads headed to the Great Hall with Dumbledore, unsure of what would happen next. All they knew was that the Hogwarts staff was in for a bit of a shock.