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Winter passed by, and spring arrived. Moods started to approve amongst the students even with finals approaching. More time was spent outside by the lake, sunbathing and swimming. Harry and his friends, however, had another focus: Horcruxes. They had destroyed one years ago: Tom Riddle's diary. Allies at Gringotts confirmed that there was one in Bellatrix Lestrange's faults and were currently taking care of it. Dumbledore claimed to have Slytherin's ring and had sucked the curse out of it with extremely complicated magic he learned many years ago from his old friend and mentor, Nicholas Flamel. The best estimate indicated there were two left that needed to be destroyed before Voldemort could be defeated.

"Maybe it's that snake," Sean suggested one night during a brainstorming session. Everyone was half-asleep and running low on ideas, but Harry perked up.

"Nagini?" he asked. Sean nodded. "Well, it would make sense. That snake's never more than five feet from Voldemort."

"It'll be difficult to kill," Tess pointed out. "It would make more sense to destroy the other Horcrux first and then finish Nagini and him off when he attacks."

"But when will he attack?" Delia asked. "Everything's been too quiet. We've gotten no chatter from anyone, not even Theo."

"Voldemort's playing it close to the vest," Harry explained. "He's not risking anyone finding out and foiling the plan. It's obvious he'll attack Hogwarts, but without knowing when we're basically sitting ducks."

After much more debating and arguing and mind-blowing frustration, it was decided Harry and Tess would go track down the last Horcrux. There were very few clues to what it was except that they knew Voldemort had gone for items belonging to Hogwart's founders (excluding Gryffindor). It was Luna who gave them their biggest lead by suggesting it could be Ravenclaw's lost diadem and providing a book that had a sketch of what the diadem allegedly looked like. Harry and Tess set off to search museums and private jewelry collections while Delia and Sean promised to look at Hogwarts. Delia had begged to go with Harry, but he had refused, stating that Daisy was her responsibility and Horcruxes were his.

Dumbledore was not happy to find out Harry had left the school. An emergency Order meeting was called inside the castle, and the two remaining teenagers were read the Riot Act by the majority of the Order members. Only Remus and Sirius seemed to understand and emphasize with them.

"How could you let them go off gallivanting around the world?" Mrs. Weasley ranted. "What business do you children have tracking down Horcruxes anyway? This war is no place for you."

Delia laughed bitterly. "First off, we didn't let them do anything. Controlling Harry is about as successful as controlling a hurricane, and wherever he goes Tess will follow. Secondly, we may be young, but none of us our children. Tess and I have both seen our parents be murdered, Sean's been to Azakban, and Harry's had more shit go on in his life than most of the people in this room combined. This war was always going to include us."

Curiosity got the best of Sirius. He turned to Sean. "What were you in Azakban for?"

Sean, known for being easy-going and playful, darkened so fast some of the adults in the room shivered. "The Ministry needed someone to take the fall for a crime that one of their people committed. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"When were you released?" Tonks asked, hoping to restore some of her faith in the ever-failing Ministry.

Sean's grin was razor sharp. "I never was," he replied. "Harry broke me out."

"Harry broke you out?" Tonks repeated, unable to believe it. How did a teenage boy break someone out of Azakban?

Sean nodded. "Never figured out how he managed it, but I'll love him forever for it."

"You don't need to," Delia said. "Harry never leaves his friends behind. You know that."

Eventually, the interrogation/lecture ended, but not before Delia and Sean made a few requests. They wanted a team of Auror and Hitwizards protecting the castle and more advanced Defense training for the older students. Despite a little grumbling from Mrs. Weasley, both ideas were agreed upon quickly. The meeting was adjourned, and Tonks followed her boss out of the castle.

"Moody?" she asked.

"What?" he barked.

"Shouldn't we arrest that kid?" Moody turned around and stared at her, his glass eye boring into her. "I mean, he did break out of Azakban."

Moody scowled. "I've done a lot for the Ministry over the years, but I refuse to re-arrest a kid just because the Ministry couldn't clean up its own mess. Besides, if I arrest that kid now, Potter will find out and have to break him out again, and he just doesn't have that kind of time on his hands."

Tonks smiled as they reached the castle gates and Apparated back to the Ministry. Never let it be said that Alastor Moody did not have a heart.

Two weeks later, there was no word from Harry or Tess. It wasn't so unusual as Hedwig, a very distinctive owl, had been left at Hogwarts, and there were few other ways to be contacted at Hogwarts. That wasn't even mentioning the fact that Harry and Tess had a lot of ground to cover. Still, Delia couldn't help but worry, and it was starting to show in her bitten fingernails and the bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Sean worried in his own way, cracking more and more inappropriate jokes until someone slapped him. Even Daisy, who was practically a cartoon character she was so exuberant, was subdued. If asked, she would simply say that she missed Harry.

The additional Defense training was going well. Delia and Sean assisted the rotating Aurors teaching the class, and substantial progress was being made. If there was attack, the Death Eaters might not be defeated easily, but the students definitely stood a chance. More complex wards were put around the schools around with the new guards, but even those wouldn't hold up if Voldemort attacked with a huge army. Hogwarts had also become the Order headquarters, a fact that was both infuriating and comforting to Delia, Sean, and the Weasleys. Ron certainly did not appreciate having his mom at school after a particularly mortifying query on his underwear.

Another surprise addition to the castle was Harry's Street Rat friends. They were all housed in the Room of Requirements, which was designated as the room students were to be evacuated to if Death Eaters did attack the school. There were some risks in that, but it was vastly an unknown room at Hogwarts. Ralph helped with strategy while Pandora assisted Madame Pomfrey with making sure there would be enough potions and medical supplies to take care of anyone who was hurt in battle. Stephanie and her husband stopped by to deliver ingredients but did not stay as they were needed to help prepare in the event of an attic in the Alleys. Isa proved to be a master of disguise, and she helped train students to blend into their surrounding or to just go unnoticed. Adrianna quickly advanced to the top of the students training, and the other little girls brightened Daisy's mood.

All in all, Hogwarts was preparing for battle because, whether they liked it or not, it was going to happen. They just didn't know when.

"Wormtail," a voice hissed.

The nervous man came running into the room. "Yes, master?"

"Your arm." Wormtail held out his arm in nervous obedience as Voldemort stuck his arm into the Dark Mark. "It is time."

"Time, my lord?"

"To take Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore down."

"When, my lord?"

"We attack Hogwarts tonight. All my loyal servants have been summoned. Now, we will truly have control."

"My lord, Potter has been reported to have left the school."

"He will return to fight. From what I hear of the boy, he is a typical Gryffindor: stupidly brave. He will come."

"Of course, my lord."

"Go. Bring milk for Nagini." Wormtail scurried out of the room. Voldemort smiled sadistically, his long bony fingers stroking Nagini's head.

"Tonight you die, Harry Potter," he cackled.