To say that the final battle was downright dirty and a very drawn out process would be the understatement of a lifetime. Too many people had died in the name of the cause of killing off Voldermort but to have the bastard dead was a relief off of Harry's shoulders. He was no doubt glad to have the responsibility of saving the world off his shoulders but he would trade the relief for having Remus, Tonks, Fred, and many others still alive. The nightmares and the faces haunting his dreams seemed to plague his dreams on a nightly basis and the dreams seemed to even haunt him during the day when he tried to focus on classes. The only time he had felt any relief was when he was in the Room of Requirement with the conquest he had conquered for the night. He had worked through many of the Slytherin males who seemed to be more than willing to open their legs after being under the rule of pureblood parents and the fear of Voldermort. Thankfully none of them were much into kissing and telling but after a few months of one night stands, he had run out of partners and he needn't dare move on to any others from the others houses lest his secret be made public.

He sighed as he watched the hub of the Gryffindor Common room celebrate the most recent victory on the Quidditch Pitch over the Hufflepuff's which had pushed them into second place just behind Ravenclaw. Despite being the captain, he was content on sitting back and simply watching everyone else bask in the glory of their hard work and long practices. Apparently the free flowing amount of firewhiskey being passed around amongst the house made everyone hungry and daring which caused most of those tipsy or flat out drunk to make their way to raid the kitchens. This left only Harry along with Neville and a handful of first and second years who looked a little overwhelmed with all the noise created by the rowdy team.

Neville stretched the most recent line he had written and groaned in frustration. He threw down his quill on the low table before him, giving up on the herbology essay for the moment. He stretched out his arms and cracked his joints that had locked up in the strange position he'd forced himself into.

"You alright, Neville? What has got you all up in knots tonight?" Harry asked. He dropped to the floor next to his fellow Gryffindor and looked at the parchment on the table over slumped shoulders. There were more scratched out areas than actual essay, indicating the hard time he was having.

"This herbology essay is giving me a difficult time. Normally, I can write it with ease and get it done quickly, but tonight the words aren't coming," Neville responded. He rolled his shoulders in an effort to work out the kinks which Harry picked up on quickly. He placed his hands on Neville's shoulders and began to help ease the tension that lay there. Neville moaned lightly as Harry worked his magic on his shoulders and upper back as he pushed himself further into the hands. He leaned back and placed his head on the crook of Harry's neck who then wrapped his arms around the small waist before him. Neville smiled and lifted his face up to meet Harry's in a searing kiss that suddenly overtook him. They stayed like that for several heartbeats until Neville came back to himself in a flash of consciousness.

"Why did you stop?" Harry asked breathlessly. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that, Neville." Neville's face lifted in response to the admission that Harry offered and he lifted his face once more to mesh their lips together. Breaking apart once more, they couldn't seem to keep the smiles off of their faces at what was beginning to happen between them.

"So, now what? I really like you, Harry and if you really do feel the same, I would like to see where this could go," Neville said. Harry nodded and placed a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

"What about going to Hogsmead this weekend together on a date?" the raven haired boy offered. He stood up and stretched out his hand to help Neville up off of the ground. They linked their arms together as they slowly ascended the spiral staircase up to the shared dorm room that was currently empty of the rest of the seventh years. Neville moved towards his own bed at the opposite side of the room but was stopped by Harry's hand grabbing hold of his elbow.

"Would you mind if we shared a bed tonight?" Harry asked, his eyes slightly sad. "I've been having really bad nightmares recently and I think having someone next to me might help me actually get some sleep tonight." Neville obliged with a slight nod and stripped down to his boxers before crawling into the bed next to Harry. Harry pulled the curtains closed before he curled up tightly against Neville's chest with his head sitting directly on top of the rhythmically beating heart. The slow rising of his chest and the light heartbeat that could be heard seemed to lull Harry to sleep with a peaceful look on his face that Neville hadn't seen on his friends – boyfriends? – face in some time now. He ran his hand through the unruly hair that couldn't be tamed despite numerous attempts via magic and muggle methods but it seemed to fit Harry's personality perfectly. Constantly chaotic with very little peace in his short life but Neville hoped that with the possibility of a blossoming romance between them, Harry could find a bit of peace.

"You are beautiful Harry, I hope that we can be of some comfort to each other," Neville whispered against the pillow as his eyes began to fall heavily in need for sleep. "I really do care about you and I hope that I can make you happy."