Harry took the news of the miscarriage better than anyone had anticipated. He was still devastated about it but it seemed that there were undertones of relief that despite not having the child that had grown inside of him for the past several months, his ordeal was finally over and nothing tied him to Ron. As for the youngest male Wealsey, he was promptly arrested and easily sentenced to having his magic stripped along with sitting in a tiny cell surrounded by dementors. His life expectancy was drastically cut with no magic to help support the extra years normal wizards held over normal muggle men so his next few decades would be easily spent in complete and utter misery.

Neville curled up on the couch of the common room while struggling through yet another potions essay with Hermione doing her best to help him through it without actually writing it for him. While Harry was recovering behind the sterile walls of the hospitals, he had a hard time in concentrating without the nightly ritual they had formed. Without Harry leaning against his knees or his head against Harry's chest that lulled him to sleep made the world seem a bit duller. Neck deep in books, parchment, and ink, neither Gryffindor's noticed the portrait hole open up and to reveal a slightly drawn with lack of sleep Harry stepping through. Ginny was the first to cry out in shock as her friend staggered slightly through the common room which brought Neville's attention upwards. He quickly made his way to his feet, reaching Harry just as he swayed on his feet in a dizzy spell.

"Harry, what are you doing here? You aren't supposed to be out of St. Mungo's for another few days yet!" Neville chastised. Harry smiled weakly at the reprimand but didn't fight when he was carried over to a cleared out couch. He stretched out while his joints popped lightly when he settled into their familiar positions while most of the eyes cautiously watched them and many ears turned their way in an effort to hear any new gossip.

"I couldn't stay in there any longer so I checked myself out. I'm well enough to be out and because of my 'celebrity' the healers didn't say otherwise. I hated not being able to be in my own bed and in a familiar place- being away from Hogwarts was doing me more harm than good," Harry replied. "McGonagall gave me the rest of the week of classes to catch up on what I've missed already. Don't give me that look, Neville, I'm honestly fine!" Neville cautiously looked down at the small form that curled himself in his lap but held his tongue despite his desire to speak. He laced his fingers through the unruly hair that stood up at odd angles, most likely from lying in bed for the last few days.

"Go to sleep Harry, you look like you've been awake for the last three days if the dark circles and bags under your eyes are anything to go by," Neville commanded lightly. Harry obliged with a loud yawn and the most adorable look on his face as he slowly closed his eyes.

"Neville, I would marry in a heartbeat," Harry murmured gently. "I just need to get you a ring." Neville's eyes widened in shock at the sudden statement from a sleepy Harry but Neville learned that anything his boyfriend said in this state usually rang true. He learned over the last months that a sleepy Harry was a very truthful Harry despite him not really remembering what he had said.

"I'll hold you to that, Harry. Once we are done here at Hogwarts, I'll be getting you the ring though as I want everyone to know that you are mine and mine alone," Neville replied to no one in particular. "Though the sound of Neville Potter does have a nice sound to it if you ask me."

Note: Sorry for the delay in uploading this chapter and the shortness to it. I've been going through a lot recently and haven't had the motivation to write anything.