Out of Hand – Part 2

Puck arrived to school earlier than normal the next day to be sure he had time to complete his task. After over hearing Rachel and Shelby's conversation yesterday, he was up all night trying to work through what he felt seeing Rachel so upset. He'd seen her sad before, but this. This was sadness mixed with anger and a lot of pain. He didn't like how he had caused that. Not one bit.

Around three in the morning Puck ended up falling asleep and the dream that he had made it all come together. The weird thing was he had this dream before. Except last time he thought it was God telling him to get into Rachel's pants.

This time though, was different. It lasted longer. This time Rachel spoke to him. With a simple smile she simply said, "I will always be here for you Noah."

Once the final word left her mouth, he woke up.

He knew, now more than ever that he was in love with Rachel Berry.

But he wasn't going to tell her that. Not just yet. She was still with Finn, but if the last few weeks were any indication, the couple known as Finchel would be over soon, for good this time.

He finally saw her walking towards the west wing of the school when he called out, "Rachel! Wait up!"

She stopped and turned to see him jogging towards her. A look of anger flashed briefly and then she quickly plastered one of her signature smiles that he loved so much, even if this one was fake.

"Good morning Noah, I'm sorry I can't talk I have to find my moth-Shelby," she recovered quickly.

"It won't take long, look," he scrubbed the back of his neck nervously, "I just want to apologize. I know you know about….well."

Rachel held up a hand, "Noah, I accept your apology. But it doesn't mean that I can forget. You having sex with my mother, it's just-"

"Whoa! No! I am NOT sleeping with her!"

Rachel's mouth opened but no sound came out. She finally regained her composure, "But Quinn said-"

"Quinn is off her rocker, you know that. And I am not going to deny that I DID want to sleep with her, but after hearing what you said yesterday-"

"Shelby told you," she said defensively.

"No, I-I was there. I heard all of it with my own ears."

"Oh, well…I have to tell you that I am on my way now to tell Shelby that she can't leave Lima. I can't let you lose Beth. Not again. It was selfish of me to say that."

"You were angry, I get it," shrugged Puck.

"I meant all of the other stuff though, about you," she said quietly.

Puck smiled sweetly at her, "I know Rachel. You've always had my back. Sometimes I think I forget that because I don't want to step on Finn's toes."

Rachel shook her head, "Noah, Finn needs to deal with the fact that I can be friends with whomever I chose."

"Yeah well, I can't blame the guy. We are pretty hot together," Puck winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"Yes, this is true."

More students started filing into the hallways, "Well, I'll let you go find Shelby."

"Yes, thank you, I'll see you at lunch?" she asked as she checked her watch.

"Yeah, I'll be there."

She smiled brightly at him causing his stomach to do a flip he was accustomed to whenever she was around.

He watched her walk down the hallway and around the corner.

"One day," he whispered to himself. With one last look, he turned around and headed towards his locker.

The End

I really want Rachel to be more angry with Puck than this on the show. Maybe some yelling, screaming and hitting, him taking it cause he knows he deserves it. But what came out just seemed right for this story.

I hope you all liked it.