Drabble one- Trig

Trig: (adj.) In good physical condition; sound; well.

Fastion and Brienne never sparred. They fought, while only taking care to keep from killing each other.
And as sadistic as it may sound, both took great pleasure in beating each other senseless.
And winning, of course.
They fell into the rhythm of the the fight; striking, dodging, feigning, blocking. The angry sound of steel and ragged breaths. Deffend, counter.
She avoided a blow and countered, grim determination plastered on her face: in her set jaw, knuckled brow, downward quirk of her lips. Fastion wore that same stony facade he always did and- wasn't it Karigan who called him Granite Face?
She was becoming distracted.
The tip of his blade grazed her cheek and she hissed; then she made up for it with a good hard jab to the ribs with her elbow.
"Hells," Fastion hissed, backing away. He called for an end, retrieved his sword and then peeled back his jerkin to reveal his rapidly bruising side... and a well muscled torso.
"Cracked something?" she asked. He shook his head no.
He said some thing dry and witty and she would have glared, but her eyes were fixed on his exposed stomach and refused to move- the traitors! At least she could blame the flush of her cheeks on hot weather and sparring.
She couldn't possiblybe thinking of him that way. They were 'siblings'. Their love was purely platonic and would of course remain that way.
"Again," Fastion said, drawing his sword. "You won't get lucky twice," he added with a cheeky wink.
Who was she kidding?


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