Unexpected – adj. Sudden or Unforeseen

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The tall man walked swiftly along the path, smiling slightly at the sound his hard soled boots made on the stones beneath him. He paused for a moment as a strong wind suddenly blew around him – if felt almost as if some massive invisible bird had flown past its gigantic wings stirring the air. He snorted at such foolish thoughts and continued on his way but before he could take a step he heard a new sound on the wind, almost like muffled screams. His curiosity piqued he followed the sounds on the breeze to a nearby ruin.

It was deserted; moss and lichen covered every surface – up the walls, over the floors and even covering the large stone table near the center of the room. He tried to locate the source of the noise but as he entered the room the sound cut off suddenly. Looking around for a moment he shrugged and turned to leave when a low sob echoed through the room. He whirled around eyes focusing on the table. He was sure the sound had come from there – hurrying over he discovered the "table" was in actuality an altar – hesitating for one moment before shoving at the capstone. It yielded with surprisingly little effort.

A gasp escaped his lips when the slab fell to the ground

"Gods, Karigan?" he whispered, seeing her familliar but bruised face. She was barely conscious, murmuring about mirrors and Mornhavon and Blackveil; her eyes stared unfocusedly at him, she tried to whisper his name as he lifted her from the tomb. "Shhhhhh," he said soothingly as he carried her out of the building. "It's okay."