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"Hey? What are you doing up here all be yourself?" asked a young Chinese women her even younger compare exorcist, who was sitting on the top of the roof.

"Hey there Lenalee," Allen gave her the greatest fake smile he could.

She blinked and then sadly dropped the corners of her lips down. She knew when he was truly happy and when it was just a mask to fool the others.

"Uhm, are you okay? You seemed to be down there lately," she said and sat next to him a little closer than the ethics was allowing but she didn't care.

"What? No, I'm perfectly fine," he replied quickly which was even more pointing at the fact that he was laying.

"Allen-kun, stop it! I know you're not so please stop it."


She sighed. "Why do you always have to keep everything in you?" It wasn't an angry question. It was more like a rhetorical one that meant that she got used to Allen battling his fears and pains on his own even know she didn't like it.

He smirked. "I just didn't want to make you sad. I think you got just enough of your own pain Lenalee."

Lenalee looked at the stars. "Hm, I thought you take me as a better friend," she mumbled.

"Lena it's not that!" he assured her quickly. "It's just I… I was thinking about… well dead."

Lenalee confusedly blinked and in another minute Allen got from her a hit.

"AU! Lenalee! "

From the strength of the hit he will definitely have a headache tomorrow.

"You deserved it. How can you be thinking about such things? ''


"No buts! If you keep on thinking about these things, you will surely end up injured," she said really pissed off. Thinking about it he never saw her looking that scary.

"Forgive me. I didn't want to upset you," he apologized sadly with fear on his face.

Lenalee deeply sighed and smiled at him. "It's okay. I just hate talks about dead or this kind of stuff."

"Hah, I'll surely remember that from now on."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Just that I really don't like it when somebody is talking about dead. It's so sad and depressive because it could really happen to us. I mean all the people must die that's just the way it is but…," she left the end unspoken.

"We could really die any day now," he continued.

She nodded. "It's terrible. We're just kids. You're not even seventeen for God's sake. This isn't a life that we deserve. This isn't a life that anyone deserves. I hate it."

"Me too, Lenalee. Me too," he agreed with a sigh.

"Just imagining it…," she shook her head." It's not right."

Allen looked at her. Her dark green hair was dancing in the wind even if it was in pigtails.

"Ever thought about how it could be if you weren't an exorcist and you didn't know about anything?" he asked her.

Lenalee thought about it and extremely blushed.

"What?" asked Allen trying to hold his laugh. She looked unbelievable cute which made him want to laugh but he didn't want to bring her into even more embarrassment.

"Well, if I lived a normal life, I would probably have a fiancé by now. Or at least a boyfriend," she said really ashamed.

Allen made the sweetest smile. "If you want a boyfriend Lenalee, you have him. You could steal any man's heart without even less trying. So that isn't something that you can't have as an exorcist."

"Now you're lying. I can't have heart of every man I want," she said with an unbeliever's look on her face.

Allen brought up his eyebrows. "Did you already saw a mirror? You're gorgeous, beautiful and I don't know, splendid…"

"But that's just a look on the outside. What about my soul?" she asked pretending to be sad, wanted to her more compliments from him.

Allen looked her deep into the eyes. "Soul of an angel with a mask of a beautiful goddess

So innocent I can even dare to speak about it with my sinner lips in my dirty dress

None is allowed to speak about it

It's a beauty to my eyes what will make me cry

Such an innocent so rare before finding another one I would surly die

It's a beauty to my heart that will kill them all

Those demons that hut me in the night

They stay away when they see your light

Shining in the darkness every day and night

Never letting me lose the right side"

He was still looking at her with a straight glance that caused her a shiver through her female body.

She tried to hide it and stayed in absolute silence.

"Are you cold? You're shivering," he didn't know what to say on the topic he just did. What was he thinking? Lenalee is definitely upset and Komui will kill him. He could say that it wasn't what it looked like. It didn't look that much of a love confession. Did it?

"Nah, I'm alright," she assured him with a fake smile of her own but still with a blush she just couldn't hold back.

"If you say so."

They both looked at the shining stars and the bright moon. The silent was unbearable.

"I got too far, hadn't I?" he asked scared of the answer.

What if she liked it? They couldn't just start dating all of a sudden or worse. What if she didn't like it? He's dead. He is surly going to die any minute now.

Lenalee bit her lip and blushed again. "It was beautiful, Allen. No one ever did something like that for me," she said and looked at him with amazed.

"Hm, maybe they didn't have skills to think up a poem. It is hard you now," he said trying to get out of this embarrassing situation.

"Maybe," she said a bit disappointed that caused him pain.

Allen looked at the stars and embarrassed said. "Or maybe no one ever thought about you the way I do."

"Allen-kun…." "Want to go back? It's getting colder I wouldn't want you to get sick." He interrupted her and quickly jumped to the door waiting for her.

"Sure. I wouldn't want you to get either," she said a little bit disappointed.

On their ways to their rooms (that they had right next to each other) they weren't really talking about anything. The shadow of their early talk was upon them and they didn't know how to act.

Lenalee grabbed the door handle. "Thank you, for escorting me to my room," she started.

"Hmmm, and I thought you were escorting me," he answered with a smiled.

He was about to close his door when...


"Yes?" he looked out to see what she wanted.

"Want to come to my room?" she asked nervously.

Allen blinked.

"Uhm, why?"

"Well I just… I don't know. I just feel like being with you tonight," she said with pink color on her cheeks.

"I see…," said Allen in deep thoughts.

Should he go? She asked him to. But if he accepts her suggestion, wouldn't he become the same as his master? Wait his master? Why is he even thing about it? Just that he's going to her room doesn't mean they're going to… Because they're not going to! They are comrades and friends.

Allen was quickly thinking about all this stuff at one moment which was Lenalee able to see by the look on his face.

She blinked. "Uhm, Allen-kun?"

"What?" he asked surprised like he had forgotten that she was even there.


Allen was red as a tomato.

"I don't want you to be regretting anything tomorrow."

"So you as well as my brother think that when two young teens different sex are in one room it can only and up in the bed?"

"Well, I think that not all these situations end up in beds but I'm not sure if we should. Besides you want me to sleep with you in the bed…," he said almost whispering.

"What did you say?"

"I said 'were do you want me to sleep' that's what I said," he replied nervously.

"Well, with me I guess," she blushed hard.

Allen swallowed hard. "Y-you sure?"

"If I weren't I wouldn't ask…," she answered and made a little step closer to him.

Staring each other in to the eyes and knowing what it was all about.

They could die. They could die and day now. The war was getting crueler and more violent, just like all wars were. It was bad. It was danger and there was nothing that could save them from it. They were just two teens that couldn't have a peaceful life. They didn't have a childhood; they were losing everything again and again like it was just some kind of cruel God's joke.

Allen glanced at her.

She was beautiful. No doubt about that.

She had long dark green her and dark purple eyes like the wings of a rare butterfly. She looked to him like a one. She was pretty and she liked it to be free like they are. She is like one. She is his butterfly that had the loveliest smile in the whole wide world.

Allen sighted. "You sure know how to entangle a mind of a guy."

Lenalee chucked with a devilishly smirk on her face. "Boys are strong, girls have to be sly. Come," she said and grabbed his hand.

They enter the room and Allen closed the door.

He quietly looked around. "It looks just like mine."

Lenalee stepped to the center and looked at the window that was few steps from her.

It was dark and the city was quiet. Thousands of people peacefully living their life's without and suspicion about what's truly going on.

She hopelessly smiled. What would it be like to have a normal life?


"What would your life look like if you weren't an exorcist?" she asked quickly.

"Uhm,I not sure. I would probably live with my family. I wouldn't have met Mana. I would be definitely different. I wouldn't be such a good person and maybe I wouldn't eat that much," he said.

She turned around. "I don't believe that."

"Why? Maybe I'm really eating that much because of my innocent."

"No Allen! I don't believe you wouldn't be a good person. It's just you. It's in you. Mana didn't give it to you. It was already there. Even if you didn't meet Mana you would still be the politest and kindest person I ever met. You would still be my gentleman," she whispered the last sentence.

Allen was looking at her with a sorrowed look on his face.

He took a few steps to her and reached for her hands. He gently weaved his finger with hers and looked her in to the eyes.

"I'm thought about haven."

"What?" she asked confused.

"Back then, on the roof. I thought about it."

"Why?" she asked after a minute of silent.

"I want to know if I will end up there and if there will be Mana," he explained with a heartbreaking look on his face.

"I see but you shouldn't be thinking about this stuff because you got a lot of time for that. You're just a kid. You won't die that soon," she said more confident than she was about it.

Allen stared at her for few seconds and then nodded with a cute smile. "You may be right. We still have time," he agreed knowing that she didn't believe him.

"Besides as long as I have you I don't need haven. You are my personal one."

"Really?" she asked without thinking. She was red as an apple because of his words.

Allen nodded and let go of her hands, then he reached with them for her face. "You know you're beautiful, right?"

He gently touched her lips which made a massive shiver ran through her body but it was quickly released by a huge warm that was affecting every inch of her.

Then he held her face and moved his head a little closer to hers but then he suddenly stopped.

Lenalee looked confused in to his face and then understood.

He was a gentleman and a gentleman always waits for his permission to kiss a girl.

Lenalee chuckled and closed her eyes.

Allen overstepped the distance between them and softly touched her lips.

She stood there in a shock. She knew he was going to kiss her but now when it was really happening she didn't know what to do. How could she? She didn't have any experience in these things.

Allen liked the fact that she was still so innocent in these things. It made him fell special that he was the first one she let to kiss her. He kept putting pressure on her month until she finally opened it and let him in. He smiled through the kiss and made her head twisted around. She felt more than good when their tongues began the dance of passion.

She moaned in pleasure when his hands made a small journey through her body to her stomach and then gently coated her around her wised.

He smirked mischievously and let go her lips just so he could make a few marks on her neck.

She gasped for air and let out a small chuckle before she started really laughing. "T-that tickles!"

"So? I like it when you laugh. It's like music to my ears."

"Liar," she said blushing.

"No it's true," he disagreed before he once again attacked her mouth.

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