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His Heart

Lavi was walking though a dark tunnel wondering where had his comrade Miranda Lotto and one of the seekers that was with them gone.

It was pretty dark so he had to walk slowly to not hit anything or fall. He didn't want to get more injured than he was. He already had his right arm bleeding enough thanks to an Akuma.

"Miranda? Jonathan? If you guys are here then shout, okay?" he asked into the dark.

Man, were could they be? I hope anything bad didn't happen to them.

All of a sudden he stood. What if something bad had already happened to them?

They split a while ago. Could it really be that something had happened to them?

He started walking faster and before he knew it he was running.

His arm was really injured because with every step he took he felt a wave of a massive pain coming from her.

He cursed as he was running a while and didn't find them yet.

He had a strange felling like when something bad should had happen. He didn't want to even think what could happen to Miranda. She was an exorcist but not a very strong one when it came to fighting. Even know she did her best she just had this really big curse of a bad luck on her. And nothing could be worse when you're fighting an Akuma then having as bad luck as she had.

He got scared. Anything could happen to her. He didn't want to lose anybody and especially not her.

She was worthy of his admiration because of her determination and always wanting to help even know she couldn't. He started to really like her even know he wasn't really allowed to like somebody. He didn't have a heart that could like somebody.

He was trying his best to hide it because his grandpa would really do something radical to stop it, like going away from the Order. He was careful and he always did his best to camouflage his feelings. What else could he do?

Finally he spotted some light coming from the end of his tunnel. He got straight to it and stood in shock while was breathing hard and catching some breath.

Miranda was sitting against the wall that was opposite to the tunnel that he came from staring into nowhere with dust and seeker's coat lying in her arms.

Lavi took few steps closer to her and kneeled down in front of her. "Miranda?"

Miranda blinked and looked at Lavi like she just now found out that he's here.

"Yes? H-he passed away few minutes ago. I wanted to help him but…," she didn't continue.

Lavi nodded even when he didn't know what to say or do.

He could say something cheerful but he wanted to do more. He just didn't know what. He had no experience in these things. As a bookman he wasn't allowed to these things. He really wanted to take her pain away but he couldn't.

Miranda was still looking at him when she all of a sudden she saw his arm.

"You're injured!" she shouted at him like it was his fault without really thinking about it. Then she quickly put hand on her mouth in shame.

"I'm sorry. It was reflex. Does it hurt?" she asked sadly.

"Nah, it's okay. You don't have to apologies. I should have been more careful," he said on purpose not answering on her question. He didn't feel the pain until she didn't remind him about it but there was no way he was going to make her feel sorry by telling her.

Before he had notice what she was doing she already activated her innocent.

"No, Miranda. Cut it out!" he said as his injured arm started to heal.

"Just for a little while. Just to take your pain away for a moment. It won't hurt me," she assured him with a smile.

"You're hopeless," he sighed.

"Better?" she asked.

"A little but I didn't need it," he laid without moving a muscle.

"Well, you don't have to thank me," she replied.

"Thank you," he said quickly ashamed.

"You're welcome." She smiled a bit trying to slowly put dust out of her dress.

Lavi was looking at her his glance was all of a sudden capture by her eyes. The sweet innocence in them had caught him in her trap. He couldn't take his eyes away from her.

Do they do this every time when she smiles? She looks beautiful. Lavi frowned. How come he never notices it before? And how come he was thinking about it now?

"I sorry," she apologized all the sudden.

"Hm?" asked Lavi in confused as he was finally released from her eyes.

"You're mad at me? You were frowning," she explained.

"Oh, sorry about that I was just thinking I'm not mad at you. Have could I be?"

"Glad to her that."

"We should go," he reminded her.

She nodded and sorrowful looked at the coat.

Lavi looked at it too and the two of them were staring at it for a minute silence.

"Come here," he said all of a sudden and touched her waists.

Miranda blinked in surprise but before she was able to say anything he picked her from the ground.


They both were now wandering in the dark tunnels which only light they had was coming from Miranda's innocent.

"Man, I have a feeling like we were going around and around and around and…," "I got it," she interrupted him quickly.

"This really isn't good. How are we supposed to find are way back?" asked Miranda.

Lavi could only guess where she is standing because he only saw a small light of her innocent. He was really regretting that he didn't have any torch or at least some matches.


"Miranda?" Lavi stood and looked around not that he was able to see anything.

He didn't even saw her innocent.

"Mira, are you ok?" he asked worried.

"Yes, I am. I must have slipped," she answered quietly not sure if he heard her.

Lavi sighed and reached his hand to (where he was guessing) she was lying.

"Can you stand?" he asked and gently touched her face.

He gently stroked a place little lower from her left eye.

"S-sure I can," she replied her voice shaking.

"That's good," he said with a strangely sad voice.

This wasn't right. He shouldn't be doing this to her. He shouldn't be showing her that she's special to him if he wouldn't be able to stay with her but…

It was hard.

It was really hard because his hand was acting on his one. Even know his head was yelling at him to cut it out he just couldn't. It's really dark. There's no way someone could saw them, so there's nothing bad about having a sweet moment with someone you like, right?



"What's wrong?" she asked sadly and touched his hand with her own.

She heard how he sighed and then she felt his arms around her shoulders as he pulled her in to a tight embrace. She felt his warm breath on her neck as he smelled her hair. It didn't felt bad or painful how would she expected it fells when someone's so closed. She really liked it and thought that she could get used to it until…



"Why is your hand trying to unclasp my bra?" she asked with the calmest voice she could.

"Well… couldn't help it," he said truly and she started laughing.

Lavi stood.

She laughed because of him. It's his laugh. It belonged to him.

He placed his nose once again into her hair and smiled. Strange. He never realized that her laugh was such a peaceful thing. Did she always have this kind of laugh? Or is he really falling for this unlucky woman? Who knows? And in the matter of fact, who cares?

"No seriously Lavi, stop doing it. It's banned," she said with a severe voice and she slightly pulled away from him.

"But what if it fells nice?" he asked innocently.

"Puppy eyes that I can't see and begging won't help," she informed him with a calm and gleeful voice.

"Ok." He said slowly and pulled away.

They both got up and started to walk. Miranda activated her innocent again so they could see something in the dark.

Lavi started to feel bad again. He shouldn't do what he did. It just wasn't right to do things like that to a comrade and a friend that she was. Besides he was a Bookman. Or better say he was going to became one. He shouldn't do things like that. He was only supposed to be a Bookman's apprentice for her, and she was only supposed to be ink on paper for him, right?



"Don't feel bad about it. It felt kind of nice back then," she said with an embarrassing laugh.

He smiled. Even know he couldn't see her face he was sure she was blushing madly like always.

Bookman told him that a heart is for a Bookman useless that they didn't or shouldn't have one. But from the time he got to the Order he started to think he had one. Or at least he started to grow one in him.

All of his friends. Each one of them was a piece of his heart. Every time he was with them he felt like a little something inside of him had started to grow and he was sure that one day it's going to be a real human heart. Someday.

"You really like it?" he asked hopefully.

He heard her laugh again. "Lavi I taught you were more self-confident than that."

"Oh, yeah I thought too," he shook the back side of his head. "Thanks."

Miranda turned around and stood there for a while without any moving.

"You, ok?"


"Mira?" he shook his hand in the front of her face and made a face. "Hm? Oh I'm fine just that people usually do not thank me for anything," she explained with another nervous laugh. "Besides, you're really acting strange today."

"Is that so? Well maybe your right I been too much thinking I guess. "

"What was it about?" she wanted to know what's bordering him.

He looked at her face and tried to see it but it was still dark so he had to use imaginary. "About stuff I shouldn't worry about right now."

"And what are they?"

He just quietly stepped closer to her and took her hand to pull her closer.

He kissed her.

In that one kiss he put everything. All his deep feeling for her for all his friend and comrades just for all of them were put in those warm brushes of their lips. All the passion and love he had in him he tried to make her fell and understand it.

She gasped hardly and clumsy returned the kiss also tried to express her deep and shy feelings for him.

It took a while and in the end he gently bitted her lower lip. She felt weak and she had lost her balance but Lavi caught her just in time before she could fall.

"Are you ok?" he asked catching air.

She lied her whole weigh on him and whispered something.


"…sorry…," she repeated still gasping.

He started to laugh.

Miranda blinked and in confuse.

"You're really useless but I think that that's the part I like about you the most," he laughed.

"Good," she smirked. "That's one think that I'm really good at."

He took her hand and they finally got out of the stupid tunnel.

He looked into her eyes. Again they shocked him thanks to their beauty. "You know I might be the first Bookman in history with a heart."

She smiled softly. "Well you always were a rebel. Besides history is about changes, Junior."

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