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Chapter 7: Gravity


"Tell me," Emily whispers softly in Elle's ear, "tell me what I can do and what I can't. Tell what you want and what you don't."

Elle brings Emily's hand to her bra clasp, nodding against Emily, their bodies pressed close. Emily complies, her fingers making quick work of the metal hooks. Elle slides down the straps, the bra pinned between their bodies.

"I want this," Elle murmurs, "I want you."

Emily smiles, kissing Elle's neck just below her ear.

"Just keep me here with you, remind me it's you," Elle adds softly, her voice catching slightly.

"Okay," Emily replies, her fingers tracing Elle's cheek as she meets her eyes.

Emily takes Elle's hand to lead her to the sofa, Elle's bra fluttering to the floor. Emily straddles Elle's lap, soft eager kisses covering Elle from her neck to the low curve of her breast, her hands anchored on Elle's hips.

Elle's moan is almost growl-like as her hands grip Emily's back. A sudden intensity courses through Elle as she rolls Emily onto her back, the surprise enough to easily turn the tables on Emily.

Elle's hands trace strong possessive lines on Emily's body, teasing lower and lower. Emily's eyes are closed, her head tilted back when Elle's voice cuts through the fog of desire.

"How about you, Emily, do you want this?" Elle asks, her hands now still after her thumb inched under the elastic of Emily's lace boy-cut briefs. Emily's eyes open slowly, turning her head down to meet Elle's gaze.

"Yes, I do," she answers simply and honestly.

Elle's gaze has a burning intensity as she locks eyes with Emily, tracing a light pattern with her thumb before slipping all her fingers under the lace. As Elle's chilled fingers make contact with Emily's flushed sensitive bud, Emily hisses, and when Elle's fingers slide against the slick folds, the hiss turns into a whimper. It's not a noise one would normally associate with the agent, but for Elle it's a discovery she enjoys.

Elle's pace is agonizingly slow as she presses into Emily, enjoying the contortions Emily's face makes when at last her finger is inside her. Emily arches her back as Elle's now wet finger traces back up to her clit. Elle pushes Emily back against the sofa with her free hand, continuing her ministrations with the other. Emily reaches out, her hand atop Elle's, begging for more pressure. Elle pushes her hand away and rests it on the sofa behind Emily's head, the movement a playfully benign act of dominance. Emily's request is granted as Elle's fingers circle harder and faster, leaving Emily gasping as her body quivers involuntarily. Emily locks her fingers with Elle as her breathing becomes frantic. Gasping breaths give way to tremors that rack Emily's body, Elle's hand above her head clutched in an iron grip as she rides out the orgasm. The tremors slow to aftershocks as Emily's head falls limp against the sofa, her eyes fluttering as she tries to look back at Elle.

"Jesus Christ," Emily finally mutters, still panting.

Elle smirks, "Not my first time at this rodeo."

"Yeah, I got that," Emily replies, a hint of sarcasm in her breathless reply.

Elle licks her finger, then traces wet swirls along Emily's exposed breasts, raising her eyebrow at each aftershock she induces.

"College or BAU?" Emily manages between gasps.

"Won't you like to know," Elle replies, her finger tracing lower down Emily's stomach.

"Any dirty little secrets with JJ or Garcia?" Emily asks, looking at Elle out of the side of half-closed slits, her voice deep.

"Emily Prentiss, I believe you'll have to ask them," Elle responds, flicking the elastic of Emily's briefs.

"Oh yes, that's a conversation I'd love to have- 'Hey JJ, have you slept with Elle, because I have!'," Emily says sarcastically before succumbing to breathless giggles as Elle tickles her sides.

"I surrender, I surrender," Emily at last relents as Elle smiles triumphantly, her hands finally ceasing their gleeful torment.

"You don't play fair," Emily tells Elle with a playful glare as she holds Elle's wrists at her sides.

"Never," Elle replies.

"Well, I believe in fairness, and you're still wearing pants while I'm not," Emily teases.

Elle raises her eyebrow. "I'll trade you pants for my bed," she offers.

"That's a deal I can't refuse," Emily murmurs as she wraps her arms around Elle's waist and stands up.

Between kisses and roaming hands they finally make it past Elle's door to her bed. Emily gently lays Elle down on her bed, Elle watching Emily intently as Emily undoes the top button of her pants. Elle moves her hips to help Emily shimmy her pants off, and then Emily climbs back into the bed, leaning over Elle.

"Elle-" Emily says gently.

"Emily-" Elle replies, matching her tone while adding a tone of annoyance.

Emily bites her lip, silently regarding Elle. After a moment she leans down, pressing her lips to the hollow of Elle's collarbone before tracing lines of reverent kisses along Elle's ribs and stomach, lingering along fine white lines to place the lightest of feather-light kisses. When Emily kisses back up to Elle's lips, she finds Elle's eyes shinning, hints of tears that Elle can never admit to. Emily then kisses Elle deeply, clutching Elle tightly to her as they roll in the bed, their bodies stubborn flesh that refuses to become one. At last the needy kiss finishes, and Emily holds Elle in her arms, Elle uncomfortable under Emily's close gaze, but not so much that she wants to break the embrace.

"I would never hurt you," Emily tells Elle softly with conviction, perhaps sensing some of the tension in Elle's body.

Elle rolls her eyes, but in the brief moment after, shows Emily an appreciative smile. Elle then intertwines her fingers in Emily's hair, pulling Emily into another kiss. She kisses Emily now with less need, her tongue slowly exploring every detail of Emily's mouth, from the indentation on Emily's lip from her teeth, to the sensation of Emily's tongue against her's. As Elle's tongue explores Emily, Emily's hand explores Elle, fingers dancing on the small erect buds and the impossibly soft goose-pimpled skin that surrounds it. Satisfied by the low moan that she elicits, Emily traces from under the curve of Elle's breasts, across her faintly visible ribs and taut stomach, resting in the shallow dip beneath.

"May I?" Emily whispers into Elle's ear.

"Yes," Elle whispers back, holding Emily tightly.

Emily's hand slips under the silk, her fingers curling to meet Elle's anticipating warmth. Emily strokes steady curves around Elle's clit, her fingers slick from Elle's arousal. At last Elle lessens her grip on Emily, her muscles no longer under her control as waves of pleasure leave her exhausted and trembling. Emily brushes the hair from Elle's face with her free hand, tracing along Elle's cheekbone until Elle opens her eyes to meet Emily's gaze.

Emily traces harder and faster, keeping her eyes locked with Elle's. Elle's mouth opens in a gasping, muted orgasm, only leaving Emily's gaze for milliseconds at a time. Emily's hand strokes Elle's check as the orgasm crescendos and abates. Slowly their arms move in synchrony, cocooning their bodies in the sheets as they drift off to sleep, still facing each other.