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JJ prays. Soft, sweet whispered prayers, mumbled under her breath at dinner, in the dark bedroom once Emily's breath slows. JJ never talks about her faith to Emily, never asks Emily to go to church with her. If anything, she tries to shield Emily from her faith, knowing how badly Emily was hurt by the church.

Emily slows her breathing on purpose at night to hear JJ's prayers. She listens to JJ thank God for her, for the gift of this amazing woman and their love. JJ doesn't hesitate to believe that God sanctioned their love, that the love between two women is any less holy than any other. JJ's faith is strong, as strong as her goodness.

JJ's faith is unlike any Emily has ever known. There is no place for anger, guilt, or punishment. With JJ there is only forgiveness, warmth, and peace. Sometimes Emily thanks God for JJ.