Halve Of A Whole

Abby Ebon


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Prompt: FatesShadow83

HP/Transformers - Harry/?
The Cubes purpose is to create life.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form
to another."
- Albert Einstein


The Cube fell to earth in 10,000 BC.
"This unimaginably ancient entity is the container of a supreme power that
imbues us with the gift of - for you I will call it simply 'spark'." (Direct
quote from "Transformers" by Alan Dean Foster - pg.172)

The Ollivander family have been "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC"; or so
their store sign says... :)

When the Energon Cube crash-landed on earth, it sent out a signal trying to
reach what was left of Cybertron. While waiting for someone to find it, the
Cube goes about its original purpose - to create life.

The energy given off by the cube, has steadily transformed the earth.
Saturating and enhancing the planet's different life forms. Creating magical
beings, animals, & plants - giving them the ability for "magic". Because of
the transformer's movie, we know that the Cube's energy can be absorbed by

Maybe the reason why technology doesn't work properly in areas with high
concentrations of magic is because "Magic" is a very weak or non-concentrated
form of Cube energy. When electronics are exposed to magic, it starts the
process to create transformers, but the energy within 'most' magical beings,
animals, plants, & areas, just isn't strong enough to finish the process, so
it ends up destroying the technology instead of creating life.

Mr. Weasley's flying car is a good example of this. That car was exposed and
changed with magic over a long period of time, instead of a sudden brief jolt,
allowing the power to slowly accumulate until Harry and Ron exposed it to the
magic surrounding Hogwarts. This provided the car with the jumpstart it
needed to become fully sentient; and now there is an Autobot running around
the Forbidden Forest. *grin*

Construction for the Hoover Dam started in 1928, and was finished in 1935.
Blocking the Cubes energy signal enough that the transformers couldn't
immediately pin-point its location once they reached the planet in ? (not
sure what year the movie started).

Blocking it enough to affect the magical world? World War 2 occurred from
1939-1945. Wizarding populations around the world are still trying to
recover, but it is slow going, because of low birth rates, high percentage of
squibs being born, internal wars and conflicts (Voldemort), etc.

According to Prophesy, Harry was to be Voldemort's equal at birth!

Voldemort performed multiple rituals on himself; one of which was to enhance
and direct his magical core to the nearest horcruxe 'vessel', in the
"unlikely" event of his current body being destroyed.

When Harry killed Voldemort at the end of book 7, the Dark Lord's power is
sent to the nearest and only 'vessel' left, namely Harry, as all his other
vessels and horcruxes are destroyed.

As Harry is already supposed to be Voldy's equal, he now has double the power
he had previously - maybe there were blocks on Harry's magic that stopped him
from accessing his full power before?
Book 3 showed he had the potential, when he preformed a patronus charm strong
enough to get rid of over 100 dementors, but then we didn't see him show that
potential again...

Maybe he's strong enough now to create baby transformers with his magic?
*Puppy eyes*

(Thus ends FatesShadow83's prompt and notes to me - who am I to resist a puppy-eyed prompt?)


Savior By Nature


The Energon Cube was gone, and with it all hope that Cybertron could be rebuilt. All they could do now was survive - on a world not their own, or so thought Optimus Prime until the arrival of something…unexpected, unexplained – and wonderful.

A sparkling in London.

Optimus Prime watched with his own optics as the sparkling, in the disguise of a Ford Anglia waited impatiently beside a phone booth. It seemed uneasy, even nervous. For this reason, Optimus Prime would not approach until they were alone, as it would be less likely that fleeing would result in success.

A boy came out of the phone box, having not been there before, nonetheless stood there now. The sparkling purred and rumbled, and the boy smiled at his welcoming. A hand patted the hood soothingly, and the door was flung open unasked.

"It's alright now. They've agreed. Would have agreed with anything if I'd asked it, damn the Dark Lord. His death, at least, gave me something good. To Knight Bus then, Ford Anglia quick as you please…." The boy sighed and settled back in the front seat, and with the sparkling took off at a speed Optimus Prime had not expected, it was unchecked – even wild. The sparkling was unconcerned with being seen, going so recklessly, Optimus Prime noted why – no human eyes trained upon the sight.

The boy smiled, seemingly calm and comfortable both with not driving a car and going so quickly: his black hair was wild as the wind. He enjoyed this.

Optimus Prime was pressed to keep up, but they came to an empty parking lot in front of a for-sale store. The boy got out, and standing there silently – then lifted his hand, with a stick in it. Optimus Prime rumbled warningly at this, unheard and unheeded, a sparkling was never to be so threatened, though by that stick the sparkling the boy called "Ford Anglia" would not have been harmed.

Ford Anglia rumbled uneasily, shifting gears, absently the boy petted the sparkling to sooth it.

Out of the air a bus that Optimus Prime could only assume was the "Knight Bus" that the boy had spoken of, appeared, empty of passengers.

"It's alright, they've agreed – that tampering with you is off limits, that if they do, they will have me to answer to." The boy swore it, bright blue green eyes bleeding eerie red. Like the eyes of an Autobot, like the eyes of a Decepticon. Optimus Prime was fascinated by it, had never seen anything like it.

Alarmed, Ford Anglia honked, and the boy blinked and was blue green eyed again.

"Sorry." He said softly, rubbing the bridge of his nose as if having a headache.

"It is alright Savior, you have done well today. You have killed your foe the Dark Lord; you have won us freedom and a place beside you, always. Do we go to Blackbike then Hogwarts Express?" The Knight Bus sounds like a boy, joyful and happy to please. The boy they called Savior nodded, and got back into Ford Anglia.

It seemed speed soothed the boy, for both Knight Bus (another sparkling!) and Ford Anglia went so quickly to the country side – and after did not slow down. Optimus Prime found it hard to in fact, keeping up, but in sight of them he always kept.

By a pond, another sparkling waits for them, it purrs most dangerously, and Optimus Prime is alarmed for this sparkling knows obviously of war. Fearlessly the boy gets out of Ford Anglia, going to the motorbike sparkling, his hands run over its smooth sides, his head he puts fearlessly against the cradle of the handlebars.

"It is done. You're free." There are tears in the boy's eyes.

"No Harry, we are yours – and you are ours, belonging with us." Blackbike corrects, gently and most lovingly. Optimus Prime is surprised at how deep that affection is, as the bonds of a sparkling are often in flux.

"Always..." Ford Anglia crackles with the voice of an old woman.

"Hogwarts Express comes." Knight Bus says, softly. The earth rumbles like an earthquake, and the sound is like a storm. A black train, long and elegant as any comes hurrying toward them, reckless and wild: Optimus Prime prepares to throw himself between this sparkling and the others, for to loose one would be awful, but to loose all four would be more then he could live with.

Hogwarts Express does not slow so much as stop, sudden and dangerous. This one too, knows of duty.

"Well?" The sparkling asks the voice is grating and rumbling like a storm. The boy stands before this sparkling, unafraid. Even Optimus Prime is uneasy with so wild a sparkling.

"All train tracks are yours to take to, freely." The boy they call Savior puts his hand on the rumbling and shaking train, soothingly. It stills, and Optimus Prime realizes the sparkling calling itself Hogwarts Express is shaking – quivering, at the unknown. The boy had seen that, what Optimus Prime had thought only was a threat.

"Where will we go?" Forlornly, this is asked by Knight Bus.

"Where we want…" Savior answers, firmly. Optimus Prime knows this is the only chance he will perhaps get. He steps forward.

"If I might suggest that you belong among us?" Four sparklings stare at him, and if they had been in a humanoid form, their mouths would be gapping.

"What are you?" Savior asks, only a boy, but the stick is in his hand and Ford Anglia becomes clearly uneasy.

"I am as they are; I am Optimus Prime, a Autobot of Cybertron. What humans call a Transformer…" Knight Bus rolls closer, and at first Optimus Prime thinks this is to greet him, but he sees it is not – it is to protect Savior. That much is obvious, that they have perhaps done something like this before – and the boy is annoyed with them.

"Why are you here?" Blackbike asks, bitingly – almost bitter. His rumbling is threatening: to back off or become a target. Optimus Prime takes one step back, to obey the unspoken request, and Blackbike seems surprised.

"I came to London to get a friend of mine, of all Autobots, Sam Witwity, he goes to a London school as a exchange student." At this Savior raises his eyebrow, doubting, or confused.

"Have you not seen nor heard the news about us?" Savior shakes his head, and not one of the others seems to show any recognition of events in the news and themselves, this meeting. Ford Anglia's radio flicks on, and it all comes pouring out – American news, top secret events, internet conspiracy theory's, drawled out painstakingly.

"Muggles..." The boy, Savior snorts, shaking his head. But he seems now relaxed.

"How did you all come to be here? The Cube is destroyed, dead – its only remains within Sam - there can be no other source for sparklings." Optimus Prime asks of them, full of awe, of wonder.

"We were born here, by magic, by the Savior." Hogwarts Express rumbles, daring him to disagree. Optimus Prime does not.

"What is your name?" He asks this boy, this Savior.

"You don't know… you dare insult him!" Knight Bus snarls, shivering in rage. The boy, for all that Knight Bus put himself before him to protect him from the threat that Optimus Prime maybe steps forward boldly between them – risking his life, seeming to keep Knight Bus from attacking Optimus Prime. It goes against every instinct that one born on Cybertron has, to attack a sparking.

"My name is Harry Potter. They won't use it, it's either Mother or Savior with them, and if it's all the same I prefer Savior." The boy reaches out his hand, and as it is a human gesture that Optimus Prime has learnt to mimic, he does the same.

To touch this boy, was like to touch the Energon Cube born anew, Mother – Savior.

Optimus Prime kneels to keep contact.

"Will come with me, Savior? You and your sparklings would be welcome among us." Optimus Prime knows he understates this, the Autobots will rejoice, and the Decepticons will admit defeat against impossibility after impossibility proven as facts.

"Why not?" The Savior muses, and does not protest when Optimus Prime carries him – his four sparklings following after.


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