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I stretched when I walked from the Albiore to Sheridan, telling the others to hurry it up because we might not have much time.

What happened if the same person who made Pyra go berserk was doing that to the other dragons? I couldn't let that happen to the dragons, they'd been on Auldrant for thousands of years before us, protecting the passage rings. It was unfair to them, and Auldrant was now home for all of us.

I frowned, hoping we made it in time, but my thoughts went back to Kairi. Before we landed, she threw up the rice-ball I had made for her to eat...Jade was more curious as to why she was acting like that, so he was going to rent a room at the inn while the rest of us went to see the dragon in the Meggiora Highlands, Hedra.

Alicia stayed with Kairi, Jade, and Noelle. Sync wanted to stay with Kairi as well, but he knew we needed his speed and skills, especially in the case that we were too late and Hedra was already in a rage.


When we got to Meggiora Highlands, there was already someone there.

He wore a robe similar to the kind almost everyone in Yulia City wore, but his had a high collar that covered most of his face. His eyes were also covered by large glasses. His hair was messy and black, and his bangs covered most of his forehead. Really, there was virtually none of his face visible.

When we got closer to him, I saw that he had red eyes like Jade's, but something about this man's eyes seemed wrong.

I approached him cautiously, "Um, excuse me but you shouldn't be here. It's dangerous."

"Something's been off around this area, so I just wanted to check it out, that's all," he said, smiling at me.

I frowned, something really wasn't right with this guy. He gave me a bad vibe, but I just shook my head.

"We should take you back into Sheridan where it's safer..."

"Whatever you say, I was just curious. Is it that bad to be curious?" the man shrugged with a smile. His smile kind of creeped me out, but as the Fon Master it was my job to make sure everyone was safe, so I tried to ignore how much he was creeping me out.

We brought the guy back to Sheridan, telling him not to return to Meggiora Highlands no matter what. By the time we got back to Sheridan it was already getting late, so we decided we would have to stay the night in Sheridan before heading back to see Hedra. As Luke would say: Man, what a pain.

We headed back to the Inn to see Jade and Kairi sitting down at a small table talking until we walked over to them.

They were surprised to see us back already, but Kairi was smiling brightly and the first to reaction she gave to seeing us was hugging Sync, who blushed a deep red. I giggled behind my hand.

"So tell us, Jade. Was it a poison or something else that got to her?" Guy asked.

He just pushed his glasses up more on his nose with a slight smile, "It appears as if Kairi will not be able to join in on are fights anymore."

"What?!" everyone asked, shocked by this news.

"Why not, Colonel? Is it that bad?" I was worried something was wrong with Kairi, but I was really shocked when Kairi told us what it was.

"I'm Pregnant."

Sync turned even redder in the face, almost redder than Luke's hair. He was shocked silent by the news, but we all congratulated them anyway. It was cute how shy they were being about it.

"Jade told me I should head on back to Baticul and stay with Luke and Tear."

"That is a wise choice."

"I'll take you back, Kairi." Noelle walked to her side, giving her a smile.

"I want to go too!" Alicia said, hugging Kairi's waist happily, "I'm going to be a big sister!" Everyone laughed at how excited Alicia was about being a big sister, even Jade chuckled slightly.

Noelle took Kairi and Alicia to the Albiore so she could take them to Baticul. We saw them off, and Sync looked a little upset to see Kairi go right after hearing he was going to be a father.

I sighed as we reentered the inn. We were all exhausted from going to the Meggiora Highlands and back. If only that creepy guy wasn't hanging around the Meggiora Highlands, then we would have been able to see Hedra. The news of Kairi being pregnant shocked me too. I definitely didn't see it coming.

I turned around to face the others with a serious look, hands on my hips.

"Let's eat some food then rest up for tomorrow! It'll be a big day tomorrow, so get as much sleep as you can."

Guy laughed, "Wow, Anise, you sure are pumped for tomorrow, especially when we might end up fighting Hedra."

"Sorry, I'm just so excited to hear Kairi is having a baby...especially yours Sync." I gave him a sly look, teasing him. It worked like a charm. For the third time in less than an hour he blushed a bright red.

"S...shut-up!" he was pissed off at me teasing him, but it was kind of fun seeing him like that.

After dinner, I went into my rented room at the inn for the night, saying good night to Guy, Sync, and Jade. I laid down on the bed holding Tokunaga close to me, hoping Hedra wasn't going to go berserk while we rested up.


I was up and ready to go see Hedra early in the morning. I quickly woke up Sync, Guy, and Jade, and we left immediately.

We got through Meggiora Highlands to the Sephiroth as quickly as possible, not wanting to wait any longer to see Hedra. It took us a while to find the secret passage leading to where Hedra was, and when we did, we were completely shocked as we entered it.

It was horrible, Hedra was on the ground bleeding like crazy. Luckily, he was still breathing when we all quickly ran to his side. His voice was rough but gentle at the same time, kind of in between Jade and Guy's voices.

"...So you are the humans...Boreas sent to see me..."

I reach my hand to Hedra's snout, tears threatening to spill, "Hedra, please stop talking! You're hurt!"

Hedra chuckled, making the area rumble slightly, "Do not fret, young human. The person who did this to me could not kill me in time. You four humans came just in time, he took off as you approached."

"Anise, I know it's hard, but we have to go back and send a letter to Natalia. Maybe she can heal Hedra." Guy told me, while he put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me. I shook it off, not looking at any of them.

"I wont leave Hedra! I'm going to make sure he doesn't get anymore hurt."

"Very well, Anise. Guy, Sync, we'll be leaving now. We need to send a letter to Natalia as quickly as possible." I watched Jade, Guy, and Sync walk away, leaving me with Hedra.

"Why do you care for us dragons, young one...?"

I looked into Hedra's pained eyes "Because, I'm a Fon Master. Even if I wasn't I'd still care for all living beings...I just can't stand seeing anyone else die before my eyes..."

"...I see, you have seen so many deaths for a young human...But I will tell you what I know. The enemy that is turning our kind into wild monsters...He is a human man. I could not see his face, but I could see his eyes, they were filled up with anger, evil, and he was a twisted person. Why he is doing this to our kind is beyond me... There is one dragon that could help you more, but she is very secretive. No one knows her whereabouts. She once lived in one of the passage rings, like the rest of us, but due to certain circumstances, she had to find a new should know the place, Fon Master."

I frowned, trying to think of the place. Then my eyes widened in realization, "Y-you mean...don't tell me..."

"Yes...Akzeriuth. Where the Sephiroth Tree supporting it was destroyed. The dragon inhabiting that area disappeared with it. None of us know where she could be, we are not even certain she is still alive."

"But there has to be a way for us to see her! She's probably the only dragon that can stop this person, and might know why this guy is doing what he's doing... And it's my duty to protect the people and any living beings, I don't want to be helpless anymore! I want to protect everyone!"

"...I do want to protect my brothers and sisters, young one... But many years have taught me that sometimes you cannot save them all, that's the harsh truth."

I gasped softly, remembering Ion reaching his weak hand to me as I watched him die, but I was too scared to run to him before he disappeared. His last words stayed with me forever; I would never forget them. "You don't have over me...any more...Anise... Thank you...for everything... My most...cherished..."

The tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared at the ground.

"You lost someone dear to you... You must have locked away those tears to be strong for that person, you shouldn't hold it all in, Fon Master. That special person would not want you to fret or be sad...look at me, a dragon giving advice to a young human girl..." Hedra gave a painful chuckle, "Prunia would laugh at how soft I have gotten over the years... Wipe those tears, before your friends come back and see you like this... You do not wish for them to know you are still guilty for the special person that died, am I correct?"

I nodded, using my long sleeve to wipe the tears from my face, I heard footsteps coming closer to me, and I turned around to see it was Guy. I stood up on my feet.

"Did you get to send off the letter to Natalia, Guy?"

He nodded with a smile, "Don't worry, Noelle came back just in time when Jade finished the letter. She should be almost back to Baticul by now."

I smiled back at him, still worried, "Thanks Guy...I'll stay here for the night. Can you tell Jade and Sync that for me? I don't want Hedra alone, what happens if the person who hurt him comes back to finish the job?"

Guy frowned when I told him what I was going to do, but he sighed when he saw I wasn't going to back down even if he said no, "Alright...but stay safe and keep a sharp eye, that person might come back and try to hurt you."

I smiled, "I won't let him hurt me Guy, you're talking to Fon Master Anise here. I'll be fine, so don't worry so much."

He sighed "That's what I was afraid of...Okay, just be on guard." I nodded as I waved to him, watching his back disappear from my sight before walking back over to Hedra.

"If you wish, you may lean on me while you sleep...I'll stay awake until the sun rises..."

I nodded and sat down, I took Tokunaga off my back, hugging it close to my chest, then leaned my body against Hedra's scaly one. He was actually pretty comfortable...for a dragon. I slept well for once, I always dreamed of the same thing; Ion dying before my eyes, and me not doing anything to help him. I just watched him take his last breath. This time I dreamed of happy times with the others, and how they forgave me for everything I did.

I hoped when we figured this out and stopped that guy from doing anymore damage, everyone could relax again. And then Kairi would have a healthy baby and Sync would be a good daddy...if he doesn't freak out at first. I couldn't wait to see Natalia soon either, she would be so happy to know Kairi is pregnant...

Without knowing, red eyes watched the Fon Master Anise sleep soundly, a wicked smile spread across the unknown's lips before it also disappeared in the darkness of the place...


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