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The feeling of falling while you're dreaming is one of the things I enjoyed the most about dreaming. It made you feel out of control, a sense of nothingness. No control of what's going on around you, much like the animal side of people. It's when you hit the ground from your free fall that hurts.


I don't know if it was the impact or the annoying beeping noise that woke me up.

"Ugh." escaped my lips as I forced my eyes to open. Warm liquid oozed down the side of my face making the pain radiating from my head all the more real. The light was so bright, I squinted trying to see. All I could see was this bright white light. "Ugh." The groan escaped my lips again. I moved my arms forward as they hit the glass in front of me.

"What the-" I muttered squinted even more to try and see. I was still in the cyro sleep container.

"Oh yeah." I said remembering my escape a couple days earlier. I grunted a couple of times until I found the release hatch. I pulled the hatch as the frosted glass in front of me moved up with the help of my combat boot. As soon as the atmosphere entered the container I instantly felt the heavy weight of less air. I sat up and looked around. Sand, dust and light was all I saw. Well that and the evidence of a crash. The Hunter-Gratzner had crashed and the majority of the ship was in front of me, in pieces.

"My fucking luck." I muttered to myself as I began the unbelievably hard task of getting out of the container and standing up.

"Ah!" I yelled as I attempted to stand and my leg buckled beneath me. My leg had cramped up, probably sometime during the crash. I slowly got up minding my leg and exited my would be glass coffin. Falling out of the container instead of gracefully stepping out I grunted between my teeth as my leg shot up in pain. Groggy from the cyro sleep and a little wobbly from not walking. I used the container and got up to my feet. I walked towards what was left of the ship. I could hear a few people talking and moving about. Million's of things raced through my mind and I took one deep breath that probably caused more damage than good and continued forward.

"Hello!" I screamed acting distressed. "Hello!" I yelled again. A mouse of a man stood up on the top of part of the ship and spotted me. I gave him a run for his money and acted like I tripped.

"Ah, shit!" I screamed as the real pain from my leg shot up. Karma bitch. The man was now running towards me along with a woman and a child. I looked down and smirked. As I put on my desperate helpless face again.

"Oh, my God!" the woman said. I looked up as fake tears fell from my face.

"I didn't know there were other survivors. I've been walking for an hour now looking for people. I thought everyone was dead." I said as a whimper escaped my lips. The woman knelt down to my level and helped me up.

"You poor thing." The woman said as she inspected my head wound. "Let's go get you fixed up." she said as she began to walk. I limped after her walking with the man and the kid. The limp was half fake half real.

"The name's Jack." the little boy said.

"Kyra." I lied, shaking the boys hand.

"Paris." the older mouse man said. I shook his hand and we walked on and into the giant hole in the ship. The woman pointed to a box container. I walked over and sat on it. She walked down the cabin and came back with a first aid kit.

"I think we have just enough material to clean the wound. The majority of the med kits and half of this one was taken out with the crash. I'm Shazza by the way." she said with her accent that I couldn't place. She leaned over me and began to clean my cut. I winced a couple of times to keep the faux damsel in distress in check.

"Oh, you might want to have this. It's not much." Paris said as he handed me a bowie knife. I raised my un-cut eyebrow at him.

"There was a convict on our flight." My heart leaped in my chest. "We can't find him." Shazza explained as she stepped back to look clean work. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Him, they were looking for a him.

"Well, thanks." I said. I looked down then back up at the others. I stood up and stuck the knife between my belt and pants. "Are we the only survivors? Well other than this convict." Shazza shook her head.

"No, our captain, a police man, a holy man with his sons and my husband are alive as well." she said as she turned to continue what she was doing. I couldn't help but notice the fresh blood on the entry way of the part of the ship. Before I could ask more about this convict there were gun shots in the distance.

"Zeke!" Shazza yelled and began running. I looked up at the others and decided to run after Shazza. By the time I followed Shazzas screams and found her kicking a man on the ground. A man that I have heard about, a man that would strike fear into people's hearts. Riddick. I looked at the others. There was a woman with short blonde hair holding on to Shazza, trying to make her stop kicking the already passed out Riddick. Who I could only guess was the holy man and his sons were praying by the hole Zeke must have been in. There was another man who was grabbing Riddick's arm and began to drag his limp body. I could faintly recognize him, but from where? I stood there confused at the situation. I looked up at the blonde woman with a confused expression.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Who are you?" she asked threateningly. The Captain.

"My- my name is Kyra. I just found Shazza and the rest, I'm a survivor from the crash." I said.

"Look in the hole." the woman said with disdain. As she helped the weeping Shazza. I walked over as the holy man walked off towards Shazza with his sons. I lifted the tarp and saw blood, Zeke's blood if I had to guess. I jumped into the hole and looked at the smaller hole coated in Zeke's blood. The blood seemed to go into the hole not out. I could hear faint screeches coming from the hole.

"What in the name of fuck?" I muttered just loud enough that I could hear. I stood up straight thinking the screech was my imagination. I crawled out of the hole and walked with the others back to the ship.