The Doctor stood next to the priest as he directed his gaze down the aisle.

There was his hunter, Sam Winchester walking down it, his arm linked in Bobby Singer's. The younger man looked breathtakingly beautiful in his fitted tux.

Bobby was well groomed and smiling, happy for the young man he considered a son.

Sam's eyes were only for the Doctor, his face lit up in radiant joy.

His brother sat next to Rose, already starting to flirt with here. She looked faintly ruffled, half-annoyed, half-attracted by the man beside her.

On Dean's other side, Castiel sat in his usual attired, happy for Sam, but not so happy at Dean's flirting.

Jodi sat nearby, smiling at the pride on her husband's face and her own pride for her somewhat of a stepson.

As Bobby gave Sam to the Doctor, he stepped back.

Vowing themselves to each other made the two men, Human and Timelord grin like idiots. When they were announced husbands, the Doctor pulled his lover into a tender and passionate kiss.

Dean made disgusted noises, even though everyone but Rose knew he was a closet bisexual, leaning more to liking men. Jodi and Bobby both had happy tears in their eyes as they hugged each other. Rose's eyes glistened, grateful the Doctor got his happy ending. Castiel just smiled before looking about in confusion at the crying people around him. It was a happy day, why were they crying?

When they broke apart, the Doctor pulled Sam down the aisle, the two of them running for the TARDIS. They disappeared inside, starting their honeymoon.

As the TARDIS faded, everyone waved goodbye, cheering the newlyweds on.