1. Balthazar fucked into the man beneath him, grinning in pleasure at having been the first to claim Loki. He was tight and eager, with a dirty mind to rival Balthazar's own. That he had once been a she had not bothered the angel in the slightest, as Balthazar had in fact, been in a female vessel before.

2. Loki rode the archangel hard, his arms around the other's neck as he whimpered in pleasure. Gabriel was a good, hard ride and was giving it to him hard enough to bruise the boy, but the angel was sure the eighteen-year-old could take it. The youth cried out in pleasure as he felt the archangel come inside him, loving the sensation it brought.

3. Moaning excitedly, I knelt before him, tugging down the slacks and pushing back the ridiculous trench coat to take him in my mouth. Sinking down as fast as I could forced a whimpered 'Loki!' from his lips, his hands tangling in my hair. Humming around him, I worked my tongue over his slit, knowing I was giving the angel a better blowjob than Dean could have done.

4. Lucifer groaned excitedly as he looked upon his new conquest to be; a boy named Loki, naked and tied to his bed. He was staring up at the fallen angel, unafraid. Running a hand down the boy's side resulted in a delicious moan from his lips and Lucifer knew then that this would grow extremely interesting and he was actually excited for it.

5. The rain poured down around us as we ran for cover, not wanting to zap away. When I stopped, Gabriel ran close, cupping my cheek and staring into my eyes for a moment before his lips met mine. We stood there in the rain, kissing each other sweetly as his other hand pulled me to press against him.

6. Balthazar shivered under his lover's tongue at his nipple, moaning his name. It was so good it almost hurt, his nipples so sensitive beneath the talented mouth. Loki sensed the angel's impending orgasm and hummed around the reddened nipple, eager to get him off.

7. I pulled Castiel close by his tie, kissing him roughly. He slammed me into the wall and I knew I was in for some pain-pleasure. His lips met mine again in a harsh, claiming way that forced my lips to part.

8. Lucifer pulled his pregnant lover to him, rubbing Loki's belly gently. He often got sore these days and the fallen angel was incredibly solicitous. Kissing the man's hair, Lucifer murmured comforting things that succeeded in relaxing the eighteen-year-old.