Lancelot lay in his King's chambers, clean and naked as a babe as he awaited the arrival of Arthur. Arthur was probably bidding Guinevere good night. None knew that Lancelot was the High King's bedmate and it was nice.

The door was flung open and in strolled Arthur, halting and gasping at the dark beauty on the bed. "I shall never tire of this, love."

Lancelot smiled. "I am glad, my King."

Closing the door, Arthur slowly moved to kneel on the bed, already tugging at his tunic. "Have you readied yourself?"

"Aye, I have." Smirking, the man spread his legs as he pushed his fingers into himself, showing how he was open and oiled.

Arthur moaned as he suddenly pinned Lancelot beneath him, kissing him hungrily. "It has been far too long."

"Barely a day, Lord." The darker man laughed, kissing the King tenderly.

"As I said, too long," Arthur murmured against his knight's neck.

"Would you have me in your bed all the day, ready to be taken by you? Or rather that I protect and serve you?"

"I would rather you lay here, always ready for when I come for you. It takes too long to remove your armor."

"Speaking of clothes, you wear far too many." Lancelot rolled them over, splaying his naked body over his Lord's before he shimmied down to work at Arthur's sword belt. Reverently removing Excalibur and its scabbard, Lancelot moved away to set them down on the table before returning.

"I have grown hot, but I fear it's the room." The King smirked softly, enjoying the subtle innuendos the two exchanged as he reached to pet the dark hair of his lover.

"It has only begun to grow warm. I pray that you do not faint from the heat." Lancelot pulled off the young King's leggings, throwing them to the ground as he licked at Arthur's cock, humming happily.

"T'would be a s-shame." He moaned happily, his eyes closing as his fingers tangled in Lancelot's hair.

The knight suckled at his lover's cock, still humming as he watched Arthur's face for signs of his pleasure. "L-Lance…."


"I want to be inside you. Now." Rolling the two of them over, Arthur pinned the smaller man beneath him, kissing him hungrily as his hand went to the man's ass. Slipping a few fingers inside, he groaned excitedly.

"P-please, love." Lancelot begged against Arthur's lips, his hips rolling and pushing down on the King's fingers.

"Aye…" Fumbling for the bottle of oil, the blond coated himself quickly before lining up. He sank himself in slowly, right up to the hilt as Lancelot's ass clenched around him. "A-always so tight. How?"

"A secret, love." The knight moaned as he urged the larger man to move, wanting to be claimed like he had been their first time. They'd both been drunk out of their wits and he had been hurt but he was owned at the end of it.

Arthur began to speed up, burying his face into the other's neck as he snapped his hips forward roughly, pulling a whimper from the tough man beneath him. "A-Arrrrrrrthur! Y-yes!" He thrusted even harder, his hands gripping Lancelot's hips with bruising force as the man squirmed underneath him.

The knight was lost in the pleasure-pain of it all, whimpers and moans spilling from him as he tried to get away. He didn't want to get away, just the pain made him instinctively struggle. "O-oh!" Nothing aroused him more than Arthur's brutal claiming of his body and it wasn't long before he was coming hard, groaning as Arthur filled him.

Panting, the King let himself collapse on top of the smaller man. "Y-yes. I shall truly never tire."

"Nor I, love."