Title: Under the Gun

Author: S J Smith

Rating: Teen

Summary: Thoughts run through your mind when you're tailing someone.

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.


Michael, come home right now.

Translation – Dad's on a bender, and hitting. Stay away as long as you can.

Families have their own little codes. So do teams. You get into a certain routine with the people who watch your back. I owe you a mojito stands in for 'thanks'.

So when you're stalking a known serial killer, one who has captured one of your team, and is holding him hostage, and your girlfriend training a weapon on him, and not being able to pull the trigger, because you've got to find out where Sam is before she shoots, and her voice is ringing in your Blackberry, "You know I've never missed a shot like this, Michael," all you're thinking is, 'never missed' means exactly what Fi says it means, and it doesn't need any translation at all. Except for the tension in her voice, letting you know she's worried about Sam, too.