As I heard a loud Indian cry I gasp and pull away from the one I love and took my first kiss; John Smith. He is British and has come to take gold from our land but sadly we don't have any. My people and his hate each other with a passion but only if they talk they would understand each other like John and I do. The person who did the Indian cry was Kocoum. He has asked my hand in marriage and is always so serious. My best friend thinks he's handsome and he is but never smiles just fights like a warrior.

As he tackles John down I kept calling to Kocoum to stop but he doesn't listen. John kicks him off but Kocoum rolls then lands on his feet to grab his knife and tackles John again. I finally try to push Kocoum away from him but his strong arms pushed me down to the ground. I then see another man from john's village with one of those horrible weapons. I quickly try to pull Kocoum away from John just in time before that other man got ready to shoot. Then I hear a loud bang and Kocoum grabbing and breaking my necklace to be pushed into the river. Was I too late?

"Kocoum!" I cry as I run to him not caring about the necklace or John. Kocoum lay's there motionless and I get up to run towards that other man but I get blocked by John. "You killed him!" I cried. "Pocahontas!" John cried in my ear but I tried to pull away from him to get to the other man. "He killed him!" I said angrily. "I-I didn't mean to. I just wanted him to get off John." That other man said in a shaking voice. "Thomas get out of here!" john told the other man as I pull away from his grip to kneel down and lay Kocoum's head in my lap and brush his hair out o his face. As Thomas run's away I hear the warriors coming. What will they think when they know Kocoum is dead trying to protect me? What will father think? As I see the warriors pin down John I look down to see Kocoum moving his head slowly and opening his eyes. He was alive! I saved him just in time! I kiss Kocoum in the forehead and tell the warriors he is alive. They look at me like I was crazy but when they saw Kocoum stir they knew I wasn' crazy. They carried him while pulling John away. I walk behind them now worrying what father will say.

When we finally got to the village; Kocoum had his eyes open but then took short naps. I now held his hand from time to time but he always pulled my hand away or just didn't care if I held it. Why was I blushing and worrying so much for Kocoum? Did I really like John or was he just another adventure and when I look just around the river bend it shows me my true feelings for Kocoum or am I just to confuse from all of this happening?

When father looks at my face to see my emotions he knows he wants an explanation. When I was going to tell him the warriors already explained their side of the story. "Kocoum went to find Pocahontas and saw this man try to attack her and he pushed him in the river hitting his head." They told him. Father gives me a mean look and all I could do was look at the ground. If me and John had never met this wouldn't have happen. "Where is your mother's necklace? You have also disobeyed my order for leaving the village! If you hadn't then Kocoum wouldn't be hurt!" he yelled. "I was only trying to help!" I cried wit tears starting to form in my eyes. "Silence! These people do not wish to make peace! Now we have tried to reason with them but there greed has taken control. We must fight for our land with these savages!" he yells. The warriors did the Indian cry and started the beating drums and getting their supplies ready for war. I go down on my knees and place my hands by my eyes so the villages wouldn't hear me cry just yet. I hear footsteps come closer and I look up to see Nakota with a sad face. "I was only trying to make peace! Kocoum was only protecting me. I just wish this never happen." I said with a tear dropping down my eye. "Pocahontas…I sent Kocoum to look for you. I was worried and I'm your best friend and you were with one of them that I thought he would trick you. I'm sorry." Nakota said kneeling down and grabbing my hands. "It's ok I believe you but at least I wanted to say goodbye." I said looking down. Nakota grabbed me and pulled me up to take me to where two warriors were standing side by side a hut. They stared at us like we were going the wrong way home. "Pocahontas wishes to see the eyes of the man who hurt Kocoum." Nakota said with a serious voice. They looked at me for a minute then one of them sighed and pulled the cover up so all I could see inside was darkness. "Hurry up." one of them said and I stepped inside while Nakota stayed outside.

All I see is a bright light in the middle and darkness all around. John was tied up in the light by the large pole that holds up the whole hut. I quickly run towards him and kneel by his side to see that he was bruised and possibly burned by us. I warp my arms around his waist and pull my head into his chest. He moves and I pull away to see his eyes open. "John, I'm so sorry this happened to you. If we never have met this never would of happened." I said hugging him again. "oh don't worry about me. I've had way worse than this. I can't really think of where but I have had worse in any adventure I had." John said calmly as if it was nothing. "I have to go but I will find a way to make you free and bring peace to our villages." I said getting up and slowly walking to the cover. John nods and I walk out to see Nakota waiting. "Sorry it took so long but go home for some rest I'll go see how Kocoum is." I said with a smile making sure she doesn't see my mixed emotions. "I can go with you if you want-"

"It's fine Nakota. I need to go alone. Please let me do it alone." I said grabbing her hands making her unworried. She nods her head and starts heading towards her house as I go the other way towards the medical hut. I take a peek inside to see Kocoum resting alone. I quietly step inside and kneel beside him moving the falling hair on his face to the side. He looks even more handsome whe he is sleeping. I keep stroking his hair so happy and safe that he is alive. If I missed at any second later he would o died. As I start to drift off; someone comes inside and I turn around to see my father. I turn around to look at Kocoum who awoke with a sad face. Here comes the all mighty lecture of a father and chief.

'I am not going to lecture you, but you are my daughter and should know that when a chief gives orders no to leave the village when enemies are near us. You do not disobey orders." He said in a stern voice. 'I know but I was only trying to help by not fighting anymore. I didn't want anyone hurt." I said not turning to him. "I know but even if this didn't happen we still can't reason with them. I'm sorry." He said in a kind of sad tone. We didn't say anything for a few minutes then he says something that shocked me more than when he told me that Kocoum wanted to marry me. "Kocoum will be fin for tomorrow's ambush in the war. Before sunrise you and Kocoum will be married." As he says this father leaves for us to discuss.

I am reveild tha he is awake and can go back into battle but why are you forcing to marry this time and tomorrow before sunrise! Kocoum shows no emotion to this…does he not realize I will lose half my freedom and dreams from the dream giver or is he still upset that I ingored his feelings and fell for another. "I know you love that white demon but he isn't right for you. In time I know you may fall for me too. I can give you great protection and a good hut just please give me a chance." Kocoum grabs my hands and holds them tight seeming never to let go. I blush and pull away quickly standing up and folding my arms to my chest. 'I-I do have feelings for John but I'm starting to have feelings for you too. I_I will marry you…it's the least I could do so my father doesn't feel dishonored and in time maybe I can feel more for you but I will be at our wedding before sunrise." I run away to the river to cry. It was the farest I could at least go. My dreams have already been given up. So much has happened in one night that it felt like my adventures and dreams never happened in months. I slowly walk home and lay on my bed. As a few more tears fall I close my eyes hoping the night stays young and long for my last hope of freedom.