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She's here. Actually here. A year of planning and waiting and hoping and she's here, where she was always meant to be, in her fathers' arms. Kurt and Blaine are naturals. They're the most perfect little family I've ever seen. I know that if I'd ever had the tiniest regret or worry during this ordeal, it'd be gone now. Even the most rampant homophobe couldn't possibly say that they aren't the best parents for this little girl. They were always going to be. I'm glad I saw that.

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. It wasn't easy getting her out and into the world, and for that I believe I deserve the credit. So, back we go…

I was still breathing through the contraction when Kurt and Blaine returned with a monster bag of Pedigree. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take them very long to notice that something was different about me. I don't know what could've possibly given it away, it's not like I was doubled over and panting or anything…


Kurt shoved the heavy bag into Blaine's arms and ran the rest of the way down the aisle towards me. As soon as he reached me he wrapped an arm around my shoulders to hold me up and began with the questions.

'Are you okay? Are you in pain? Do you think you're in labour? Where does it hurt? Do you want me to fetch Evie?'

The contraction ebbed and I shakily regained my former standing position, leaning on Kurt heavily for support.

'I'm not okay, no. I'm pretty damn sure that I just had a contraction, and therefore I'm pretty damn sure that I'm in labour. I really need to not be in a supermarket right now…'

Blaine had reached us by this point, and deposited the bag into the trolley before pulling out his phone. Kurt squeezed my shoulders with his strong arm around me and together we made our way to the exit, abandoning our shopping next to the cucumbers.

I could hear Blaine talking to Dr Farmer as we walked, and tried to quell the feelings of panic that were rising in my gut to answer the questions he was fielding at me.

'Yes, she's just had one. Wait a second, I'll ask… Kim, have you had any contractions before this one?'

I nodded before replying.

'I've been having pains all night, I thought they were Braxton-Hicks…'

As Blaine relayed the information to Dr Farmer, Evie came running up to us.

'Oh my god Kim, I'm so so sorry for leaving, are you okay? Do you want anything?'

I shook my head as we continued walking as fast as we could to the car. Evie took my hand and squeezed when Kurt and Blaine helped me into the backseat, a motion that caused my back to scream at me in displeasure for being jostled so forcefully.

'Okay Dr Farmer, yeh, I'll tell her. Alright, see you soon.'

Blaine put the phone down and climbed in after me with Kurt, with Evie sliding into the driver's seat to await instructions.

'Right, Dr Farmer says that we need to go into the hospital when the contractions are five minutes apart and last at least one minute each, or when your waters break. Has any of that happened?'

I leaned my head against his shoulder as I tried to get myself as comfortable as possible considering the fact that I was rapidly nearing the point where I'd be pushing an infant out of a way too small hole.

'My waters haven't broken' I began, 'but that last contraction was definitely at least a minute long. If another one comes along in the next minute or so, then we need to go in. I have apparently been in labour for ten hours already…'

Kurt groaned.

'I'm so sorry we forced you out this morning' he said, 'you could've had a nice pain-relieving bath or something instead.'

I opened my mouth to assure him that I was alright, but my words were cut off when another wave of pain shot across my stomach.

I managed to grunt out 'I think we need to go to the hospital' before Evie deftly reversed out of the parking space and began driving at the edge of the speed limit to get us home, whilst Blaine and Kurt gripped my hands and rubbed my back soothingly.

After a while, I couldn't tell you exactly how long, but I know I had at least two contractions in the time, we pulled into the car park for the apartment building.

'We'll make a quick stop here first. Blaine is going to run in and grab your suitcase and your notes, and then we'll get to the hospital, okay? You'll be fine, Kim, I promise.'

I nodded against Kurt's shoulder and sighed in relief as another contraction ended.

'I can tell that this isn't going to be particularly fun for me…'

'I think' he replied, 'that that is a severe understatement.'

I felt a drop of moisture fall onto my forehead and looked up to find tears making tracks down Kurt's face.

'Why the hell are you crying?'

'It's just…' he sighed, 'you're going to hate us after this. It's going to be horrid and you'll never want to see us again, I know it.'

I rolled my eyes and heaved myself up to lock my gaze with his.

'Yes, it's going to be horrid. I'm going to cry and scream and shout and beg for it to be over. I'm allowed to do that. I'm allowed to do and say whatever I want during this, because I'm the one pushing a kid out of my vagina…'

However serious the conversation, Kurt could never suppress a grimace at that word. It made me giggle before I carried on.

'But, I'm never going to hate you Kurt. I knew what I was getting myself into. I know this is going to be horrible. But at the end of it, I'm giving you and Blaine the best gift I could ever give you. I'm never going to regret it, okay?'

As I reached up and wiped away his tears with my hand, Blaine opened the car door and shuffled back in with my bright purple overnight bag in his grip.

'Okay folks', called Evie from the front seat, 'let's get this show on the road!'

We arrived at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in record time (I suspect speeding was involved in this) and I was gratefully deposited in a wheelchair before we made our way to The Kensington Wing, the private maternity section of the hospital.

Kurt and Blaine had insisted right from the beginning that all my antenatal and postnatal care would be through the private healthcare system and that they would pay for absolutely everything. Usually I would argue this, considering that I have been cared for by the NHS for years with no problems, but the arguments died in my throat when I saw the delivery rooms…

As soon as we reached the reception area of the Kensington, we were whisked off to a room that probably wouldn't have looked too out of place in a five star London hotel (except for all the medical equipment, obviously. Unless the occupant had some sort of kink abou- No. I've gone off on a tangent…). There was a large bed with pristine sheets, beautiful art on the walls and a huge window with views right across central London. Oh, and a plasma TV. And an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub big enough for at least three of me. Three heavily pregnant versions of me. Basically, the absolute best room you could possibly hope to give birth in.

We were left alone for long enough for me to change into a comfy nightshirt and settle myself on the bed to prepare for the next contraction when a middle aged woman and two women and one man in their early twenties, all wearing scrubs, walked into the room.

'Hello dear, I'm Gina' said the older woman, 'and I'll be your main midwife, probably right up until the baby comes if the information Blaine gave to us on the phone was right. We have some student midwives in with us today, and these three are shadowing me on my shift. Are you comfortable with them being here?'

I smiled at the three students, who all looked very nervous (except the tall brunette girl who was just staring at Kurt and Blaine with awe and disbelief).

'Of course, that's fine.' I gestured to myself as I talked to the students, 'I'm Kim, this is Kurt, Blaine and Evie.'

The staring girl inhaled sharply and began to cough uncontrollably, and Blaine crossed the room to pat her on the back. As the coughs died down, she seemed to notice Blaine and turned bright red before blurting out

'Oh my god you really are Blaine Anderson.'

As soon as the words were spoken, she clapped her hand over her mouth. The poor girl looked like she wanted to melt into the floor then and there, but Blaine just grinned and squeezed her shoulder.

'Blaine Hummel-Anderson, actually. And don't be so embarrassed, this doesn't even compare to when Kim met us.' he turned to Kurt, 'What did she do, darling, I can't quite remember…'

'Oh ha ha ha, yes, make fun of the woman who is about to give birth to your child why don't you?' I replied, before turning to the girl, 'I fainted, by the way. In a park.'

She seemed to relax then, and Blaine went over to rejoin Kurt and Evie on the sofa near the bed.

Contractions are mightily inconvenient things, and it cut off my question to Gina about the student's names with its painful grip. Thankfully, Gina is one on-the-ball lady and placed a gas and air tube into my hand with instructions to breathe it slowly, and Evie manhandled me into a sitting position to do so whilst she sat behind me and rubbed my back.

After a minute or so, the pain passed and I flopped down onto the pillows. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kurt and Blaine share a tentative smile, and Gina bustled over to me on the bed.

'Right, may as well get this done now I know that I've got the time' she started, 'I need to examine you, sweetheart.'

I groaned and buried my face in the plushness of the pillow.

'Oh fine, get it over with…'

With strict instructions from me to my band of birthing partners to stay up near my head at all costs, Gina performed a thankfully quick internal examination.

'Well, you've progressed very nicely' she began, 'you're at seven centimetres already!'

I sighed in relief and let the tears in my eyes from squeezing them together too tightly fall down into my hair, before someone wiped them away with a tissue.

'It doesn't surprise me, to be honest' she continued, 'Blaine did say that you began early labour yesterday evening, even if you didn't know it. I would imagine that this portion of established labour is going to go quite quickly now, so try and get some rest, okay?'

'When you say quickly, what do you mean?' asked Kurt as he stroked through my hair.

'I'd say a few hours, probably around three-ish. We can give you some pain relief if you'd like, Kim?'

I nodded vehemently when another contraction began to kick in, and Gina laughed.

'I can give you a medication injection, or I could contact the anaesthetist to give you an epidural?'

'No, no epidural' I replied.

I saw Kurt, Blaine and Evie exchange worried looks.

'I don't want an epidural, but one of those injections would be really good right about now.'

Gina nodded, and went over to the students, before coming back.

'Okay, we're going to give you a diamorphine injection, it should help. I'm also going to have a go at breaking your waters, if that's alright?'

Although I didn't notice that he'd left, I certainly noticed when the male student midwife came back in carrying a tray containing a vial, a needle and ohdeargod a little hook all wrapped in sterile packets.

I've never had a problem with needles or injections, and I was simply too relieved to get some pain relief to worry about receiving the diamorphine.

'Right' said Gina after finishing the injection, 'that'll kick in soon and last around three hours. We may give you another top up later, if you're still not fully dilated by then. But now I'm going to try and break your waters.'

Blaine and Kurt both gasped a little when Gina retrieved the hook, and Evie had enough sense to slap them around the head when it made me start to panic. Truthfully, it wasn't that scary-looking at all, but they're men and I was tired, so it was understandable that we'd be a little intimidated. Thank god for my equally intimidating best friend.

'Ignore those idiots Kim, it's fine. It's tiny, honestly, it's not going to hurt.'

It didn't, thank god, and a few minutes later my waters had gone and Gina had left to go and fill out some paperwork or something, leaving us lot in the room with the three students.

Now, diamorphine is simultaneously wonderful and evil in fairly equal quantities. Wonderful because it made the contractions a lot more bearable, and evil because, well, to put it bluntly… I got kind of high.

Because Gina said that I needed rest, my birthing partners relaxed their fretting over me a little. Kurt and Blaine curled up on the sofa together, talking and laughing and only coming over when I needed them, and Evie was in the chair next to me alternately making some notes for work and fussing over me. It didn't last long though, because once the drugs kicked in, I became a spectacular source of entertainment.

'Kurt!' I hissed, 'Psst, Kurt!'

He looked up from his spot in Blaine's arms.

'Uhh yeh Kim?'

'Kurt, there's a pain in my belly and it won't stop. Come and tell it to stop.'

Kurt threw me a puzzled look before pushing himself off of the sofa and coming over.

'Kim, what do you mean? Are you having a contraction?'

'It hurts Kurt. It's like… Um… Like there's a tiny person inside me and they're squeezing Kurt. SQUEEZING!'

He stifled a giggle into the back of his hand before stroking my hair and glancing at Evie on my other side.

'You're having a contraction Kim. Are you alright? Do you want some gas and air?'

I shook my head and nuzzled it into Kurt's palm.

'You're stroking my hair.'

'Yes' he replied with a smile, 'yes I am.'

'Makes me feel like a cat. I think I'd like to be a cat.'

Nobody bothered to disguise their chuckles at that, and Evie, sensing a brilliant reply, piped up.

'Why would you like to be a cat, Kim?'

I pondered over my answer for a few seconds.

'Because cats have it easy. They just lounge about in the sun and lick their fur and stuff, don't they?'

'I guess they do' she replied, holding back another laugh.

I fell back into silence and everyone went back to their previous positions.

After another contraction had been and gone (a more painful one, might I add), I decided to try the speaking thing again, and this time directed it at the quiet students sitting in the corner with my notes and various notepads and pens.


They all looked up in alarm before the tall brunette girl stood up and came over.

'Are you alright, Dr Miller?'

I scoffed loudly.

'Don't call me Dr Miller' I said, patting her clumsily on the arm, 'that's my father. Wait… No, my father isn't a doctor. But I'm not a doctor either. My boyfriend is a doctor though!'

'That's nice', she answered distractedly.

'Hmm, he is nice. And tall… You're tall for a girl.'

'I know' she rearranged the blankets around my feet, 'would you like anything else?'

'Yes! Yes, I would like to know your names. I don't know your names…'

She sighed in obvious relief that it hadn't been a more embarrassing enquiry, and pointed to herself.

'Well, I'm Chrissie' she pointed to the short redhead girl, 'that's Julia, and that', she gestured to the man, 'is Rob.'

'Hi!' I beamed, 'I'm Kim! And that's Evie, she's my bestest friend. And that's Kurt and Blaine but you' I poked Chrissie in the arm, 'know that because you think they're sexy.'

Chrissie spluttered whilst Kurt and Blaine turned a bright tomato red and the rest of the room snorted.

'Don't worry' I whispered loudly, 'they are sexy. I've seen them naked.'

'WHAT!' shouted Kurt and Blaine at the same time.

'It was just after we moved in. Don't worry, I ran out as soon as I could. You didn't notice me because Blaine was too busy suc-'

Evie clapped a hand over my mouth quickly.

'OK-AY! I think that's enough talking for now, Kimmy…'

'Fine' I said in a disgruntled tone, 'but don't think you're getting the details later.'

Evie flopped back down into the chair before Gina re-entered the room. After assessing everyone's expressions, she raised an eyebrow.

'What did I miss?'

'Okay!' said Gina three and a half hours later, pulling back from the end of the bed and removing her gloves, 'you're at ten centimetres!'

I sighed in relief and looked up to see Kurt and Blaine beaming down at me.

'This is really about to happen, isn't it?' Kurt whispered, 'we're really about to become parents…'

'If I have anything to say about it, then yes. I want this baby out of me as soon as possible.' I replied.

Gina laughed and made a few notes on my clipboard.

'It will be, don't worry. We'll leave it for twenty minutes to let the baby's head drop more, and then you can get to the pushing.'

I nodded and reached for the gas and air as I felt another contraction coming on. The pain relief had faded as expected (probably for the better to be honest) and now I was relying on nitrous oxide, three very attentive birth partners and sheer force of will to get through the pain.

Countless swear words and twenty minutes later Gina pulled on another pair of latex gloves and sat at the end of the bed.

'It's time', she said with a smile.

The various people in the room helped me get into a 'comfortable' position, and finally I was sitting propped up against the many fluffy pillows with my legs apart and people swarming around the room collecting various things that may be needed during the birth.

Evie was perched on the bed next to me, with one arm around my shoulders and her other hand in mine, and Kurt and Blaine were doing the same on my other side. There was a sense of excitement in the air, but it was hard to concentrate on that when all I could think about was the fact that I was about to push a tiny human out of my vagina…

'Okay Kim, with the next contraction, I want you to tuck your chin into your chest and give the biggest push that you can, okay?'

Turns out that I didn't have much time to think about what I was about to do in the end, because only a few seconds later a contraction came. Without thinking about it, I did as Gina instructed and tucked my chin down, before pushing as hard as I physically could.

'Fuck' I breathed as the pain ripped through my lower body, 'fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck'

'Remember to breathe when you need to Kim' said Gina calmly.

I managed to force out 'I am breathing' through gritted teeth before the contraction ended and my head flopped backwards.

'That really shitting hurts'

Gina laughed breathlessly from her position in between my calves.

'Yes, it really really does. But that was a bloody good push, Kim. Just rest and breathe before the next one.'

I nodded and tucked my head into Blaine's arm, taking deep breaths to try and calm myself.

'You're doing so well Kim', murmured Blaine into my ear, 'like, really well.'

I smiled at him and kissed the bit of everyone's arm that I could reach when another contraction started and I began to push again.

Half an hour later and I was exhausted. It seems so easy on TV. It definitely doesn't seem like it takes half an hour. Gina assured me that some of the time it can take a long time to push the baby down through the birth canal. It is a tricky journey after all, she said. But half an hour with very little progress like me? That's not completely normal.

'Kim?' she asked me after another failed push, 'I'm going to call Dr Farmer now. It seems like the baby isn't making as much progress as we'd like, and she's beginning to get distressed. It's probably the case that you need a forceps delivery.'

I couldn't hold in a tired sounding whimper and I looked up at the three people with me. Evie was looking down at me with a slightly forced smile, but Kurt and Blaine's faces were both made of stone, locked into worried expressions, and their eyes threatening to fill with tears.

Gina patted my leg sympathetically before standing and calling someone on the phone by the door. Chrissie made her way to the bed when yet another contraction hit me.

'Don't push anymore' she said, 'you'll just get even more tired. We'll wait for the doctor now before we do anything more.'

I nodded minutely in acknowledgment and grabbed for the gas and air tube. The fun banter of earlier in the day seemed a distant memory as I fought against the pain of the contraction and my own frightened thoughts.

After a few moments, Dr Farmer strode in the door wearing scrubs, looking vastly different to the man I'd grown to know wearing freshly pressed shirts and ties courtesy of Mrs Farmer.

'Now, Kim, Gina here tells me that this baby may be in a spot of bother?'

'Yes' I said in a choked voice.

'Don't worry my dear, we'll get this sorted. One in eight women has to have an assisted delivery, won't harm the baby in any way at all, so don't fret. This baby just wants to have a suitably dramatic entrance into the world, I'm sure. Needs to keep up with her fathers somehow, doesn't she?'

We all laughed gratefully at the comforting nature of the obstetrician, and my worries eased substantially at the fact that he didn't seem to be concerned in the slightest. After a few minutes of sorting through equipment and signing documents, we were all in much better moods. Evie always did say that Dr Farmer reminded her of Santa Claus, and I could finally see what she meant. The man was just as much a miracle worker as Saint Nick himself.

'Now, I'll talk you through it. First we will give you a local anaesthetic into the birth canal. Won't get rid of the pain entirely like an epidural would I'm afraid, but we don't have time to give you one of those and it is easier to push without one.

Then we'll give you an episiotomy, and I'll attach the forceps to the baby's head. Then with each contraction, you push and I pull and voila, hello baby Hummel-Anderson, alright?'


'Yes Blaine?'

'Yeh, what's an episiotomy?'

Dr Farmer chuckled.

'We have to make a cut in the back of the vagina to enable us to get the forceps in. We'll stitch it up under local anaesthetic after the placenta is out.'

Blaine's face turned a beautiful shade of green, and Kurt patted him on the arm.

'This is why men don't have babies' replied Dr Farmer.

After he left to go scrub up properly, I grabbed Blaine's hand and pulled him close to my head.

'I swear to god Blaine Hummel-Anderson, if this permanently wrecks my vagina you are sending a handwritten letter of apology to David, got it?'

He merely gulped in response before stepping back so that Chrissie and Rob could cover my legs with sterile sheets.

'Okay' said Gina after all the preparation had been completed and I was successfully anaesthetised, 'against my better judgment I'm going to let all three of you stay in the room, but you stay up near her head okay? I know it'd be nice to see your baby be born, but from now on the lower half of Kim's body is a sterile zone, and you need to stay out of it. I'm sorry.'

'Doesn't matter, I don't think Blaine was particularly interested in looking down there anyway' answered Kurt jokily, and was rewarded with a playful scowl from his husband.

'Okay then, I think we're ready.'

Minutes later and the room was swarming with people. As well as Dr Farmer, Gina, the three student midwives, me, Evie, Kurt and Blaine, there was also an anaesthetist, two medical students and a neonatal team. Basically, a lot of people, most of whom were there to look at my nether regions. Thank god I got a wax at that spa day Evie and I went on.

'Righty-ho Kim, I'm going to attach the forceps now' said Dr Farmer from in between my legs (which were now in stirrups, how dignified…).

There was a painful stretch and I could feel the cool metal of the forceps locking around the baby's head. It was the strangest feeling ever. Well, I know now it was, but it didn't register at that exact moment because of the bloody pain.

'All done. With the next contraction, tuck your chin into your chest and push as hard as you can, and I'll pull as much as I can, and we'll see how this goes, alright?'

I nodded sharply and looked up and Kurt, Blaine and Evie. All of them were smiling huge, encouraging smiles and it gave me a renewed sense of determination. By hell or high water, this baby was coming out now.

And it was indeed coming out now, because no sooner had I had the thought than a contraction arrived and all of a sudden the room was in chaos. Everyone was telling me to breathe, and push, just harder. Everyone was milling around and I couldn't make heads or tails of anything, so I did what my body was telling me to do and pushed like I didn't know I could. Out of the haze of my pain and concentration I heard Dr Farmer's voice drifting towards me, telling me 'you're doing good Kim' and 'the baby's coming, I can see her head' and 'oh she's definitely got hair, lots of it in fact, looks black and curly' and then there was a groan from Blaine and then…

Relief. Emptiness. And the sound of a baby crying...

I didn't even realise that I'd closed my eyes, but I opened them to find Kurt and Blaine sobbing fat tears of joy, and Evie clutching my hand with a huge smile on her face, and a nurse carrying a little wrinkly thing towards us and ohmygod she was there, breathing the same air as her fathers for the first time, and she was perfect.

'We recommend skin-to-skin contact in the first few minutes, which one of you would like to?' asked the nurse, addressing Kurt and Blaine.

'Both of us' answered Blaine, pulling his shirt off as instructed with Kurt following suit. I heard an appreciative sigh flow around the room, and noticed that all the women (and the anaesthetist) were gazing at their bare chests. I breathed out an 'I told you they were sexy' and the nurse chuckled before placing the snuffling little baby into Kurt's waiting arms. As soon as she was there, she opened her eyes and gazed up at the men above her, unable yet to fully understand the love they had for her, but still seeming to know that she was right where she belonged.

As Kurt and Blaine held their little girl between them and unabashedly cried into each other's shoulders, it registered that I was still on a table with my legs spread and my vagina in full view of multiple people.

'Um' I began with a smile, 'can someone do something about this please? I generally don't put out so much until you've bought me dinner first …'

After I was sufficiently stitched and cleaned and the many people that had been in there for the birth had left the room, I finally had a chance to hold my biological daughter. After she'd been weighed (8lbs 3oz) and measured (22 inches), the nurse had helped Kurt and Blaine put a nappy on her, wrapped her in a soft pink blanket and handed her to them, and they hadn't let go since. They'd held her through phone calls to friends and family, signing paperwork and holding my hand as the anaesthetic wore off and I winced through receiving my stitches. I couldn't blame them of course. After all that it'd taken to get her here, I wasn't surprised that they never wanted to let her go.

But, they gave her to me. They placed the little bundle in my arms and taken pictures and I'd marvelled at her tiny fingers and perfect miniature fingernails and her beautiful everything. I've always thought that newborn babies are kind of ugly, but she wasn't. She was remarkable, and in more than one way.

'You know' I began as I looked down at her sleeping face, 'she looks like you, Kurt.'

I wasn't wrong. Through some genetic miracle, the baby before me had inherited every similarity that I shared with Kurt, from our shared skin and eye colour (very very pale, and blue-grey, though his are far more captivating) to our similar jawline. Add that to her long lashes and black curls and very Blaine nose, and she looked like the biological child of the both of them.

'I know' whispered Kurt reverentially, 'it's incredible…'

'She's incredible' said Blaine, 'and so are you Kim. We're never going to be able to thank you enough.'

'Nah' I said, stroking the backs of her tiny hands, 'you don't have to thank me. I did this for me as much as you. I get to be cool Aunty Kim now.'

I smiled as I placed their child back into Blaine's arms, and they moved to the sofa, where Kurt sat across it, leaning against the arm with Blaine and the baby between his legs and his arms wrapped around both of them.

'So, have you picked out a name yet?' I asked.

'No', sighed Blaine, 'we've thought and thought and nothing has come up that's right.'

'We have her second name' said Kurt, 'she's going have 'Elizabeth' as that, after my mom, but a first name? We're completely stumped.'


We sat in silence for a few minutes, with the only sounds being the cute little contented sniffles coming from the baby, when my stomach grumbled loudly.

'Oh god Kim, you've not eaten for hours!' exclaimed Kurt, 'do you want us to go and get anything for you?'

I contemplated as Kurt wriggled from behind Blaine to grab his wallet.

'You know, I could really go for a slice of Victoria sponge right now. I'm properly craving it all of a sudden.'

'Sure, I'll just pop down to that tea room thing-'

Kurt had stopped dead still with his wallet in his hands, and turned to look at Blaine. After a few seconds of silent communication, they both grinned.

'Oh god, what have I missed this time?'

'Her name' Kurt replied.

'What? When?'

'Just now' he said, 'Victoria. That's her name.'

I raised an eyebrow.

'Are you sure? I mean, it's really old fashioned. Victoria Elizabeth?'

Kurt put his wallet back on the table and kneeled on the floor next to his husband to look at their daughter.

'Yes. That's her name. I mean, we'll shorten it to Tori, I'm sure, but… It's perfect.'

'And besides' Blaine smiled, 'we kind of started off this adventure with a Victoria, didn't we?'

I wracked my brain for a few seconds before remembering what I was carrying in the park that fateful day.

'You're naming your daughter after a cake?'

'Yep' nodded Kurt, 'Victoria Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson. Welcome to the world.'

So. I'm on my own now. Kurt and Blaine have taken Tori for her postnatal work up with Dr Farmer, and Evie has gone back to our house that we haven't lived in in months to clean up a bit and start moving things in so that we can go straight back there once my week in hospital is over. I'm a bit sore and moving is hard, but all things considered, I'm doing well. I've got my plasma TV and a slice of the cake for which my friends child was just named, and I'm happy.

It's been a long road, and I'm glad it's over. I'm glad that my body is mine again, and I can drink caffeine and the occasional glass of wine. I'm glad that things can progress in mine and David's relationship. I'm glad that this little girl is finally where she's meant to be, and that Kurt and Blaine finally have the family they were always meant to have.

So I'm glad it's over. But I'll never regret that it happened in the first place.

Because I'm just a giving person, remember?

And this time, I gave the greatest gift of all.

And it's done. See you soon for the sequels!