This is just an intro chapter. This story was originally on the Thor page (so I kind of catered to those fans but luckily, now there's an Avengers board) and I plan on fixing some of beginning chapters over time. I know they're not the best, haha. And obviously, most of this was written long before the Avengers movie came out so for the most part it's not very close at all and it probably never will be, haha. I really apologize for any inconsistencies and like I said, hopefully I'm gonna get around to making the earlier chapters much better than what they are now. I don't own anything except my character, Charlotte.

The Bifrost had crumbled and Loki thought for certain that he was dead. He looked around, confused, as he realized that he was on ground. Where was he? His eyes fixed on a figure running toward him. Midgard, this is where he was. Of course, he was destined to fall here. Thor would be coming back here though, as soon as another Bifrost was created. He wanted that woman, Jane. Loki would deal with him then.

The figure arrived in front of him and had long auburn hair. Loki was immediately jealous of it. It was a girl or a woman, really. She had an innocence about her that made it difficult for him to decipher her age. She had huge green eyes, the same color as his. Her big eyes combined with her wild hair and short frame made her appear bird-like and terribly young.

"Are you okay?" she asked, bending down near him since he had yet to move. He nodded. The girl had an accent different from his own and different from Jane's, he was certain. Her lips were pouty and it looked like she had trouble ever actually having them touch. It annoyed him how imperfect she was compared to any of the maidens he'd known in Asgard. Her teeth were crooked. He winced. She wasn't at all ugly by human standards, he was certain, but she wasn't on the same level as Sif or his mother. Well, she wasn't actually his mother, was she? He snapped back to the girl.

"I am fine," he responded, although he really wasn't. The girl pressed her lips together, surprising Loki. He had thought they were too plump to touch. She moved towards him again, clearly not believing him when he said he was fine, and her hair fell into her face. She fought to push it away from her eyes and he almost glowered. The one perfect thing about this girl was her hair.

"Do you know Thor?" she asked next. Loki openly grimaced at the newest mention of Thor. Her accent was really grating on him now but other than the accent, she spoke well. And she knew Thor?

"Yes, how do you know him?" Loki asked her. His voice came out as a groan, not as the usual melody it had. This fall had injured him and the girl knew it.

"I know Jane," she responded. Her eyes were so large and innocent, Loki wasn't sure the girl comprehended who he was or even what Thor had been.

"Do you know who I am?" She smiled down at him in an almost mischievous way. Her hand moved to touch his stomach that he'd been unconsciously guarding.

"I'm pretty sure I do," she said, looking down at his midsection as if she could see through his armor. "Now lemme take you away from out here. S.H.I.E.L.D. is monitoring this area for stuff exactly like this ever since they learned about where Thor came from. Please come with me. I won't hurt you." After hearing her accent a bit longer, it was sort of endearing. But she was stupid if she thought she could hurt Loki or that Loki was even frightened of her. This girl had no idea who he was after all.